Is United A Good Airline

United Airlines is surely one of the good airlines operating in the U.S. and worldwide. It does not have fancy features but is significant and sufficient enough. According to the current data, it served approximately 69.4 million passengers in 2022. The new statistics must be higher only. 

Is United a good airline to fly is more of a personal answer as per your expectation. Yet, a majority view speaks in favor or against the airline’s standard performance. It is even the world’s largest in terms of destinations flown. Comfort is its overall statement. Apart from this, there are several factors that indicate the quality of an airline and must be discussed as each passenger has their own set of expectations. 

So without further delay, let’s evaluate the points to determine how and why is United a good airline.

HeadquartersUnited States of America
Airline Address233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, 60606

Parameters Justifying How Good is United Airlines?

Parameters Justifying How Good Is United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the major carriers in the United States. It has a century-old history and has gained passengers’ trust. Also, consistency is one of the good things about this airline.  Since 1931 when it started its operations, it has strived to maintain a good quality of services and products. Over the years it has improved and is appreciated by its customers. 

The following are the parameters that indicate is United a good airline to fly. 

United Airlines History and Growth

United Airlines began its operations in 1931. It is centered at Willis Tower in Chicago and has additional eight bases in other regions. The airline accounts for the most number of destinations and gains the tag of the largest airline. Presently, it flies to 238 domestic and 118 international destinations. In total, it serves 48 countries across the five continents. 

In 1927 William Boeing started laying the foundation of the airline and eventually flew its plane in 1931 and since then there has been no turning back. Undoubtedly, it has its own highs and lows but with good supervision and authority, its quality improved and it has bounced defeating the odds, and finally attaining a reputation in the industry and amongst the passengers. 

Before Boarding Relaxing at United Club

Before Boarding Relaxing at United Club

United Club is the lounge service for the passengers that can be used to rest, relax or work while waiting for the boarding announcement. There is an eligibility criteria. But, luckily there is more than one provision to rest at United Club. Evenmore, the higher cabin passengers are permitted to enter the space with one additional companion. 

Fly Business, First class passengers, Star Alliance members or partner airline passengers, and one time entry pass holders are allowed as guests in United Airlines. The one time pass is valid for a day and the entry is given after checking the  15-code sent on mobile or the boarding pass.

Flexible Policies for United Passengers

Whether it’s United Baggage Policy or check-in, the policies are quite flexible. If you have flown with the airline, you might know about the three-free bag permits where you can carry two carry-on and personal bags with no additional cost. However, it is not applicable to Economy class passengers. Again with a but, such passengers can carry up to one personal bag for free and additional charges for carry-on is 25 Dollars. 

Coming to other policies, United Airline check-in is also relaxed with online and offline mediums. Nowadays, the boarding pass can be sent to the email address and saved on the phone. The airports have scanners where you can show the pass barcode and clear the security line. Even there are good provisions for cancellation and other important provisions which directly affect the passenger’s overall trip experience. 

Yet, the rules are not so flexible that they can be manipulated for false activities. A good balance is maintained.

United Airlines Fleet and Cabins

United Airlines Fleet and Cabins

United Airlines fleet includes a range of Embraer, Airbus, and Boeing aircraft. There are narrow and broad-shaped aircraft with comfortable, Wider seats and leg space. There are a variety of seats and cabins. Even to increase the convenience at affordable rates, United has Premium Economy Plus seats that have up to 15 cm of legroom and are present at the front offering easy access to the main gate. 

The onboard experience is enhanced with additional features and services like WiFi, snacks, and a display screen to watch entertainment shows and programs. There are even special accommodations by United for unaccompanied minors in order to ensure a comfortable and familiar feeling. 

Reliability and Safety Standards

United Airlines was ranked among the top 20 airlines in the world out of 300 airlines in terms of safety, and services. United Airlines is a safe and reliable airline, and it is certified by IATA and follows FAA rules and guidelines. Its overall accident record has low fatalities and injuries. It would have been of no benefit if the airline was not safe and only good. But, here it qualifies both the standards with great scores. It has an additional safety protocol or strategy that has various sections where rules to operate are formed, monitored and analyzed. According to the report, changes are suggested and implemented on a timely basis to keep the performance of the crew and staff updated to ensure a smooth and safe journey. 

Digitized and Innovative

United Airlines plans to reach a sustainable green way of operation by 2050. It wishes to expand its innovation and technology in a new direction considering the changing environment of the world. Not only this, its fleet and regular day-to-day operations are highly influenced by modern and advanced technology. 

The crew is trained by Virtual Reality programs so that they can experience the possible risky and difficult situations in a much more real way and adapt to practices that will be essential for a quick and timely response to handle, manage and gain control over the situation. 

Many accidents which it has witnessed are reduced to minor incidents due to a well-experienced and skilled staff. So, United is not only using innovation to make the air journey more convenient but also safe.  

United Airlines is a Star Alliance Member

United Airlines is a Star Alliance member which enables it to serve passengers with a vast variety of services. The partner airlines’ resources like the lounge, main airport hubs, and others are easily accessible allowing more freedom and comfort during a journey. Not even that, the passengers can fly to approximately 200 plus locations between Austin and Zanzibar via codeshare flights of airlines under this alliance. 

The Mileage Plus members even get the opportunity to earn miles or reward points for flying with United or its partners. Other minor features are also shared between the airlines. Moreover, as the alliance is very old, there are certain set standards that an airline must qualify to be a part of it which United clears and joins the group. 

Overview of United Airlines


Is United Airlines Good is such an important question as individuals plan and spend on their trip. So, it should be no less than perfect. United Airlines is rated as one of the top airlines in terms of safety standards. Additionally, United clears the product and quality standards and is very well appreciated by the passengers. Hence, with great customer reviews in both, United excels as a good airline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is United Airlines Good?

United Airlines is a good airline with great customer feedback. 

Is United a good airline to fly internationally?

United Airlines has the largest network of destinations and is completely reliable, safe, and good to fly.

Is United Airlines reliable?

United Airlines is reliable and safe to fly which is also certified by FAA and IATA.

What is United Airlines ratings?

United Airlines received a 3-star rating from skytrax. It is also rated as 7.9 out of 10 in Global Airline Ratings for its on-time performance.
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