Does United Airlines Charge for Bags

United Airlines provides passengers with a free baggage policy which varies according to the fare type. Also, the dimensional limits must be followed to enjoy the permit to carry bags for free. This includes both carry-on and checked bags. However, specific terms and conditions apply to different travel classes. 

Passengers are advised to cater to pre-confirm the size and weight limit under United Airlines baggage policy to avoid paying extra. There are other benefits given for specific items and fare classes. It allows the business and other cabin passengers to carry additional bags and items in comparison to the Economy class. Continue reading to know more on the query- Does United Airlines Charge for Bags? 

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What Are The Terms And Conditions To Carry Free Bags On United Airlines?

United Airlines baggage policy

Business and higher cabin class passengers are permitted to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item on board, with size limits of 22x14x9 inches for carry-on bags and 9x10x17 inches for personal items. Additional items such as wheelchairs, canes, jackets, cameras, and food are also allowed. 

Basic Economy class passengers have restrictions and may be required to pay a $25 fee for carry-on bags. Whereas the checked bags must adhere to a size limit of 30x12x20 inches, and weight limits vary depending on the travel class and membership status, ranging from 50 pounds to 70 pounds. Exceeding the prescribed limits may result in extra baggage charges. 

Although there are various fare types in United Airlines, it has divided them into two when referring to the size limit. Whereas, the limit for the weight is different for each of them. Refer to the dedicated section to know more about  United Airlines baggage policy.

United Carry-on Bag Limit

One personal item and one carry-on, along with a few additional items are allowed to be carried on the flight. This is applicable to the business class and other higher classes. Whereas, for the economy class passengers the quantity limit is one personal item bag. According to the United Airlines carry-on, additional prices are not charged on the carry-on bags. Instead, those that exceed the limit are transported as checked bags.

There is no weight limit but it should fit in the space upside or in front of the seat. Check the table to know the standard size limit for all fare types depending on what bag is allowed in your cabin. 

Bag Type Dimensional Limit 
Carry-on Size: 22x14x9 (inches)
Personal items Size: 9x10x17

United Airlines Checked Bag limits

Each cabin passenger can carry one piece of a checked bag. The bag size should be  30x12x20 inches. Refer to the tables for weight limits for each fare type. 

United Airlines free Checked bag Weight limit 
United Economy 50 Pounds or 23 Kilograms 
Premium Economy 
United Business class70 Pounds or 32 Kilograms 

Mileage Members of United Airlines get the additional benefit to carry some heavy weighing bags. Check the limit for the same. 

United Airlines free Checked bag Weight limit 
Premier Silver 

         70 Pounds or 32 Kilograms 
Premier Gold 
Premier Platinum 
Premier 1K
Star Alliance Members Economy Class: 23 Kilograms or 50 Pounds
Business Class: 70 Pounds or 32 Kilograms 

Overview of United Airlines Fee

Calculate Additional United Airlines Bag Charges 

 It is suggested to use the United Airlines website and the baggage fee calculator to determine the exact fees.  Add the extra bag and pay during purchasing the flight ticket for better deals and to avoid time wastage at the airport.  However, you can also buy the same at any time after the confirmed reservation. 

Calculate Additional United Airlines Bag Charges 

Moreover,  the luggage should be packed according to the guidelines of the airline. There are restrictions on various items. On the other hand, specific instructions are mentioned for carry-on and checked bags. These include restrictions on lithium batteries, liquids, powders, and fragile items. Special provisions are in place for traveling with pets, minors, lap babies, and certain items like music and sports instruments.


If you are also concerned about does United Airlines charge for a bag, then the answer is a big No. However, bags that exceed their permitted limit in terms of size, weight, or quantity, are surely charged. The prices vary according to various reasons and can be calculated via the online website. You can also refer to the ticket counter to purchase the additional luggage limit. Yet, if you are interested in carrying bags for free, then look at the detailed policy under which United passengers can carry the bag for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does United Airlines charge for checked bags?

United Airlines does not charge for checked bags if they are within the permissible limit of the airline baggage allowance. Any bag in terms of weight, size, or quantity shall be payable. 

How much is the United Airlines baggage fee?

There is no United Airlines baggage fee until the luggage size or dimensions exceed the described limit.

What is the price charged for extra checked and carry-on bags?

The extra fee for additional bags on United Airlines is subject to fare type. 
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