What is Baggage Allowance on United Airlines

United Airlines allows two bags, one personal item on board, and one checked bag for free. This condition is different for Basic Economy class passengers. Also, the size and weight limit of the bag is predetermined by the airline, if exceeded additional charges are applicable. 

TSA rules are followed by United Airlines. Hence, it is very important to check what all items are allowed to be carried and under what conditions. There are tons of baggage policies and it is hard to read them all. Don’t worry. Here is a detailed description of what is the baggage allowance on United Airlines. 

United Carry-on And Checked Bag Terms And Conditions

United Carry-On And Checked Bag Terms And Conditions 

United Airlines carry-on is generic for all travel classes except the Basic Economy. While its checked bag weight dimensions are different for all the fare types or cabins. It enables passengers to carry free bags. Only if the quantity or the dimensional limit is exceeded, then additional charges are applied. 

In order to enjoy United free baggage allowance, check out the prescribed limits and pack your bags accordingly. The bag would not be submitted for take off if there is any failure to follow the terms and conditions. 

United Carry-on Bag Weight and Size Limit 

United Carry-on Bag Weight and Size Limit 

United Airlines all class passengers except the Basic Economy can carry one carry-on and personal bag for free. Additionally, you are allowed a few more items for free. So, in total, you will be able to carry two bags, and a few personal items on board. The size limit is described below. 

Bag Type Dimensional Limit 
Carry-on Size: 22x14x9 (inches)
Personal items Size: 9x10x17

The size dimensions include the wheels and the length of the handle. Also, there is no specified limit, but the carry-on and personal bag must fit in the overhead bin and the space in front of the seat, respectively. 

As mentioned previously, United Airlines allows carrying personal items apart from the two bags described above. Here are the items that are permitted in the flight. 

  • Wheelchair 
  • Canes 
  • Crutches 
  • Jacket or Coat 
  • Camera
  • Things to Read 
  • Food or things purchased from the airport 
  • Car Safety, stroller, or child safety harness 
  • Diaper bag with the breast pump 

Economy Class Carry-on Baggage allowance 

On the other hand, basic economy class passengers are allowed to carry one personal item bag for free.  The size and weight limit is the same for this travel class. A $25 fee is payable by passengers who wish to carry on bags in the Economy class. Only flights on routes to the Atlantic, Pacific, or South America are allowed one carry-on bag for free, along with the personal item bag. It is an exception to the economy class baggage allowance. 

United Checked Bags weight and size limit 

United Airlines allows one checked bag of size 30x12x20 inches. The weight limit is different for all travel classes and the MileagePlus members. These are the members of the loyalty program that is created to reward the airline’s frequent passengers.  Evenmore, as the airline is part of the Star Alliance group, the passengers with this alliance members are also entitled to free baggage with an extended weight limit. 

With the same size limit, the following prescribed are the weight limit for passengers of varied fare types or travel classes. 

United Airlines free Checked bag Weight limit 
United Economy 50 Pounds or 23 Kilograms 
Premium Economy 
United Business class70 Pounds or 32 Kilograms 
Polaris business class 
United Airlines free Checked bag Weight limit 
Premier Silver 

         70 Pounds or 32 Kilograms 
Premier Gold 
Premier Platinum 
Premier 1K
Star Alliance Members Economy Class: 23 Kilograms or 50 Pounds
Business Class: 70 Pounds or 32 Kilograms 

Any bags beyond the defined quantity, size, and weight limit are payable under United Airlines’ extra baggage allowance. 

United Airlines Economy Class Baggage Policy 

As  previously stated, the free checked baggage is only one per passenger. However, the Economy class tickets who are also Premier Gold members can carry 2 bags of 32 Kgs each between the routes on the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

On the other hand, few selective international routes are entitled to a total of 3 additional bags for  the Premier Club members. Each bag can be up to 70 pounds or 32 kgs heavy.

Calculate United Airlines Extra Baggage Allowance

United Airlines Baggage Allowance 

Individuals who will soon be flying with the airlines must refer to the above-defined limits to carry free checked and carry-on bags. If the weight or size of your bag is exceeding the limit, then it will be payable as an extra bag. The fee will vary according to various factors like destination, fare type, weight, and size of the bag. 

Use the Baggage fee calculator feature to evaluate the prices for your bag. Visit the official website, and there will be a dedicated page for it. You can simply search United Airlines baggage allowance and click on the calculator link to reach the page. An interface like the above will appear on the screen. Enter all the details including to, from, dates, cabin, and membership status. 

Finally, click on View  Bag charges and get the exact amount you will have to pay on your next trip. You can even prepay the checked bags. Follow these steps and reduce the time wasted to submit the bags with this feature. 

  • Visit the United Airlines website. 
  • Choose the My Trips section. 
  • Enter your booking reference or confirmation number in the section. 
  • An icon for the Prepay bag will appear on the screen, click on it. 
  • Fill up the details asked on the page and click on continue. 
  • It will show the total payment for your bags, pay accordingly. 
  • After arriving at the airport, leave the bag at the counter. 

United Airlines Provisions for Items and Their Packing

United Airlines is very committed to its passengers and staff’s safety.  That is why it has a detailed policy distinguishing items from safe and hazardous. While some sharp objects that can be harmful are very useful like sports equipment. Hence, for such items, there are packaging instructions. Keep reading these summarized guidelines that must be read carefully before preparing your bag for the next trip. 

Carry-on Bags 

Here are the points which you must keep in mind while packing the carry-on bag items.

  1. The lithium batteries must be removed for smart bags when carrying it in a flight. 
  2. The gels, sprays, and liquids can not be more than 100 mL or 3.4 ounces. Also, these must be additionally packed in a clear, transparent, and quarter-size bag. 
  3. For domestic flights (within the U.S.), United Airlines passengers can carry powder up to 12 ounces or 350 mL. Quantity exceeding this limit must be packed as a checked bag. 
  4. A musical instrument that can be packed in hardcover and kept in the overhead bin or the front section of the seat will be accepted as a carry-on. 
  5. Passengers are advised to buy a ticket for the items that are too fragile and are easily breakable. 
  6. Lastly, medications, vapes, e-cigarettes, syringes, etc can be carried as carry-on, only if they are properly packed and covered in a hard case. The syringes that are required to be injected during the trip can be used on the flight. The passenger must ask the staff to help them dispose of it properly. 


  1. Aerosol and other items are not allowed as carry-on but can be carried as checked-in when packed properly without the risk of being spilled. Rules for prohibited items as checked items are listed on the TSA official website. 
  2. Musical and sporting items must be packed tightly so that no sharp edge of the instrument is exposed that can eventually hurt the staff. The size and weight must be within the defined limit. Else, it will be transported for an additional fee as extra baggage. 
  3. Provisions for fragile and electronic devices and items are also prescribed in the guidelines list of the airline. 

Other Special Provisions: United Airlines abides by the TSA rules. Passengers who will be traveling with a pet, minor, or lap baby must read the special provisions especially formulated for them. Some other categories like music and sports instruments are also given extra attention and guidelines due to the shape and size of the item. Check the website once to confirm the currently effective rules for the item you will be carrying as checked-in or carry-on. 


United Airlines has a very flexible baggage policy. It allows three bags in total to be carried for free. Out of which, two are allowed on the flight and one is approved as a checked bag. Moreover, a few more personal items like wheelchairs, kids’ diaper bags, breast pumps, cameras, etc are allowed on board. Use the above content as your personal guide to understand what is baggage allowance on United Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I take 2 bags on United Airlines?

United Airlines allows two bags on the flight for all travel classes except the basic economy. The rules differ in terms of quantity, weight, and size for the economy class. 

How much is 2 checked bags on United?

United Airlines allows one checked bag to be carried for free if it is within the size and weight limit prescribed by the airline. 

Does United allow 2 free checked bags?

No, United Airlines does not allow two checked bags for free. The charges must be applied for the third bag according to its size, weight, destination, and fare type.

What is the baggage allowance on United Airlines’ economy?

United Airlines baggage allowance allows passengers to carry two bags on board and one checked bag for free. The dimensional limit must be applied to qualify for this provision. 

What is the extra baggage charges on United Airlines?

United Airlines’ extra baggage charges vary according to the destination, weight, size, and fare type. Use the online baggage allowance calculator to find the exact prices.
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