How to Change United Flight

Are you scrolling to learn how to change United Flight? If yes then this article will stop your scrolls and guide you step-by-step so that you can change your United Airlines Flight in just a few clicks. Some people might think that changing United Flights is a difficult process. But don’t worry because it’s not!

United Airlines is one of the largest airlines that operate in the United States, a Star Alliance member and is headquartered in Chicago, United States. This article will give you a detailed brief on How to change United Flight, Its policies, fees, and other important information. Read the complete article before you next travel and plan accordingly for your future trips with United Airlines.

United Change Flight Process

United Change Flight

There are many ways that help you in the United Airlines Change Flight process. The United Flight change process is similar to the booking United Flight process with miles. You can change the United Flight via phone or through the United mobile app. Below are the details mentioned to change a flight on United Airlines. Passengers can change United Airlines flights through both mediums i.e. Online or Offline as per United Airlines policy. Follow the below-mentioned steps to make it done quickly:

Change United Flight Offline

One can directly call 1-800-419-8246 to make changes to their United Airlines Ticket. After calling, passengers will have to provide their booking reference number and flight details. Customer care staff members will then be able to help passengers in all possible ways. Passengers can also ask for any charges if applicable for this change in flight.

Change United Airlines Flight Online

Changing the flight online is one of the most relevant methods now. Anyone can do the same by following some simple steps and can be done even sitting at your home or anywhere. Follow the below-mentioned steps to change your United flight online:

  • Visit United Airlines official website (
  • Log in to United Airlines
  • Click on the “My Trips” option
  • Access the bookings by entering a 6-digit reference code and the Passenger’s Last Name
  • Select your preferred flight
  • Tap the “Change Flight” option and make changes
  • Flight Change email will be received on the passenger’s email or phone.

Note: Actual prices reflect at the time of making the modifications. These depend on many circumstances like the type of ticket, change date and time, fare difference, etc.

United Airlines Seat Change Guide


Many passengers think that they can’t change their seats after the assignment on United Airlines. But let us tell you that anyone can change the seat assignment. Keep a few things in mind while changing your seat:

  • Log in to your United Airlines account on the official website
  • Select the “Change Seat” option
  • Proceed to change from the available options

Note: The cost can slightly vary depending on the type of seat and length of the flight.

United Airlines Change Flight Fees

United Airlines’ changing flight fees is one of the most common doubts nowadays. Below is the complete information on the United Airlines change flight fee: 

Change Flight Fee for Economy:

  • $49.50 for Domestic Flights
  • $99.50 for International Flights

United Flight Change Policy

United Flight Change Policy

If you are traveling or planning your next travel with United Airlines, It can be a plus point for you if you check all the policies thoroughly. This can make a big difference in your trip and you don’t need to ask anything from anyone. Your journey will become very smooth and relaxing without any hassle. Check the detailed information about the United Flight Change policy:

  • Modification done within 24 hours of reservation will cost nothing for all the booked tickets
  • Change within the US and Canada Travel Itinerary will be free excluding the Basic Economy fare
  • Changes can be made an unlimited number of times including the different fare amounts each time 
  • Future flight credit will be received by the passenger in case of a lesser fare difference amount for a newly changed flight
  • No standby fee will be charged if an earlier flight is taken by the passenger on the same day
  • MileagePlus Premier members are able to book seats without paying any change fees for an early flight
  • Changing fees will be applicable to group flights that have been purchased through the Group Counter in United Airlines

24-hour United Airlines Flight Change Policy

The 24-hour change flight United Airlines policy is the same as the 24-hour cancellation policy. There will be no charges applicable if the change will be made 7 days or more before departure and within 24 hours of the booking made. All these policies are applicable for all the tickets purchased except Basic Economy.

United Same Day Flight Change and Non-Refundable Tickets

If the passenger wants to change the United Airlines flight on the same day, then it will be payable even after the fares are the same for both classes.

Apart from this, MileagePlus Premier members can make the changes for free when the original fare class is available on the new flight.

Non-refundable tickets can be changed free of cost and not a single will be charged. However, passengers only have to pay the difference in fare, if applicable.

If there will be any non-refundable ticket that passengers want to change on the same day, then it will be chargeable as follows:

  • General or Silver-tier member – $75 USD 
  • Gold, Platinum, or 1K member – $0 USD 

Change Policy for Refundable Tickets

For refundable tickets, there will be no amount charged for the change flight. However, if there will be any difference in the cost due to costlier tickets, then it will be payable. 

For the change from higher-priced tickets to lower ones, the amount will be either deposited to the original mode of payment or will be awarded as a Travel Credit which can be used for future travels.

United Change Flight Policy for Standby

Any passenger can fly standby without paying incurring standby fee irrespective of ticket type or class of service they purchased for those flights departing within 24 hours.

It also possible for a passenger to not wait/stand by and confirm the seat on a different flight. Below are some of the points to remember:

MileagePlus Elite status holders, which are also known as Premier members are able to confirm a seat. This can be done with the same departure and on the same day. 

General non-members are able to confirm a seat within 24 hours on another flight. Fare difference will be applied even for the same fare class.

Get on the Standby List

You can get on the Standby list in United Flights through the official website, visit the airport kiosk, or visit the United Airlines representative at the airport. To make it done online follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the app or at a kiosk
  • Click on “View flight options”
  • Track the standby status on the United Airlines App or
  • Keep an eye on the gate’s display screens for new flight

United Airlines Flight Change Policy for Basic Economy Fares

If you booked a Basic Economy Ticket, then it’s not possible to make any changes to it even if you try within the 24-hour slab. These tickets are completely non-refundable and changeable with some exceptions. If it’s really compulsory, then one can cancel the booking within 24 hours which is free, and buy a new ticket.

United Change Flight for Free

Change Flight for Free

Most passengers often ask whether there is any policy available or not in which they can change the United flight free of cost. Passengers can change United Flights for free by keeping these things in mind:

  • Must be a United MileagePlus Account and can use miles to book a new flight
  • Passengers can cancel the flight and rebook again within 24 hours of the original flight time
  • United Credit Card holders can get a refund if the flight is canceled at least 21 prior to the flight departure


Change United Flight process is not a very difficult task but can be done in some easy steps. Anyone can do it on their own through the website/app or by calling their customer service number. Most changes are free if done by following the guidelines and some will be charged based on the fee slab even after changing within 24 hours of reserving a ticket such as United Basic Economy Class.

On this page, passengers will get all the information including the guide on how to change United flight, their fee slab, same-day flight change, United flight change policy, and other required information. This guide will help travelers in all the possible ways to make their future trips relaxing and hassle-free with United Airlines. Happy Journey!

FAQs on United Change Flight

Can you change your flight on United Airlines?

Yes, you can change your flight on United Airlines by calling or through the official website/app or by calling directly.

How to change a United flight without a fee?

To change a United Flight for free you need to have a United MileagePlus Account and used miles to book a new flight. Additionally, United Credit Card holders can cancel at least 21 days prior to the flight departure.

How to change a United flight seat?

Change your United flight seat by logging in to your United Airlines account on the official website. Select the “Change Seat” option and proceed to change from the available options.

how to change United flight in app?

To change United Flight in the United App, Go to My Trips and select “Change flight”. Select “Edit” to update your flight and choose a new flight.
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