Is Vietjet Air Safe

Vietjet is recognized as the safest airline in the world. The airline also received 2 International awards for “Value Airline of the Year” and the “Top 10 Best Low-cost Airlines” by AirlinesRatings. The airline takes care of many factors that ensure the safety of every member available inside the aircraft. All these factors will be highlighted on this page to clear any of your doubts. 

VietJet Air Brief Analysis

VietJet Air Brief Analysis

Vietjet is a Hanoi, Vietnam-based low-cost airline, founded in November 2007. The airline started its operations in December 2011 and has operated 5 bases. These bases are Da Nang, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City, and Nha Trang. Vietjet Air operates with a fleet size of 84 aircraft and covers almost 60 destinations around the globe. By providing high-quality service and top-notch safety, the airline is now ranked as one of the safest airlines in the world.

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VietJet Air Safety Rating

VietJet Air Safety Rating

VietJet Air received a safety rating of 7/7 stars in terms of passenger and crew safety which answers that is Thai Vietjet air safe. Also, the average age of the fleet does matter. Vietjet is using the youngest fleets in the world with almost 3.7 years of average age. While providing a safety rating or considering whether the airline is safe or not, authorities check some pre-defined criteria that must be fulfilled by the airline in order to receive the highest ratings. These criteria include the audits from the world’s aviation governing body ICAO, IATA, and analysis of previous pilot-related incidents and airline crashes.

Vietjet Air Reviews

Vietjet Air Reviews

Vietjet is a certified 3-star low-cost airline that maintains extremely high quality at the airport, and onboard product, and provide top-notch staff service. Still, travelers ask whether Is Vietjet Air good or not. The airline receives the service rating for both cabin and ground staff. Seats, amenities, food, and beverages are included in the product ratings of the airline. Below are the Thai Vietjet Air safety rating, airport and product ratings, and reviews received from the passengers:

Airport Services – HanoiRatings and Reviews (Stars)
Check-in waiting times3 Star
Boarding Efficiency (Standard)3 Star
Transfer Service Assistance3 Star
Boarding efficiency (Skyboss)3.5 Star
Staff assistance on arrival3.5 Star
Transfer service assistance3 Star
Baggage delivery times3.5 Star
Onboard ProductRatings and Reviews (Stars)
Seat comfort3.5 Star
Cabin safety Information/Video3.5 Star
Comfort items: cost of blanket, pillow3 Star
Cabin cleanliness3 Star
Washroom cleanliness3 Star
Selection of buy onboard F&B4 Star
Quality of buy onboard F&B3.5 Star
Prices of buy onboard F&B4 Star
Selection of pre-order F&B4 Star
Quality of pre-order F&B3.5 Star
Prices of pre-order F&B4 Star
Cabin Staff ServiceRatings and Reviews (Stars)
Attention to cabin safety4 Star
Service skills and Proficiency3.5 Star
Speed and timing of service3 Star
Enthusiasm and friendliness3 Star
Cabin Staff Services3 Star
Interaction with customers2.5 Star
Language skills3 Star
Cabin presence and attention3 Star
Responding to customer requests3 Star
Quality consistency among staff3 Star

Many travelers ask how safe is Vietjet air. Vietjet Air safety is rated with 7/7 stars in terms of passenger and crew safety. It provides top-class services and ensures the complete safety of the passengers traveling with them. The airline also received a 3-star rating in terms of products and services. These ratings show how good is Vietjet Air for its passengers. This page includes all the related information about Vietjet and answers on is Vietjet air safe or not. Check all the related information before planning your next travel with Vietjet Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Vietjet Air good?

Vietjet Air is considered a good airline which is rated as a 3-star airline with decent onboard and staff service. 

How good is Vietjet Air?

Vietjet received a 3-star rating in terms of its services, and 7/7 star safety rating. 

How safe is Vietjet Air?

Vietjet Air is one of the safest airlines in the world with a safety rating of 7/7 stars. 

What is the safety record of Vietjet?

Vietjet has a technical reliability rate of 99.64% which is the safety record of Vietjet Air.

Has Vietjet ever crashed?

Vietjet Air hasn’t faced any fatal incidents till now. The airline has only had few non-fatal incidents due to pilot errors.
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