How to Check in on Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic passengers can check in via the website, mobile application, or the airport counter. The online check-in service is considered to be the fattest and most convenient due to flexible access of anywhere and anytime. The opening and closing hours for the online and offline check-in are different and should be followed strictly to avoid denied entry without the boarding pass. 

Even more, the mobile app allows you to scan the passport for the most instant check-in and retrieval of a boarding pass. The steps on how to check in on Virgin Atlantic using the above-stated three methods are slightly different. Let’s explore the three methods and choose the most convenient as per your travel needs. 

Virgin Atlantic Check in Policy

Virgin Atlantic Check-in Ways And Policy 

Virgin Atlantic suggests passengers check in online as it is the easiest. Also, you can also add more services, and select or upgrade a preferred seat with great discounts. There is also no need to print the boarding pass and you can just download or save it for verification purposes at the airport.

While there are a few destinations where online check-in mobile is not available. That is why it becomes essential to use the kiosk or airport counter service to get your boarding pass. Read the steps for various ways to check in on Virgin Atlantic and the terms and conditions associated with each of them. 

Virgin Atlantic Offline Check-in 

Virgin Atlantic Offline Check-in 

Airport kiosks or ticket counters are two ways to do offline check-in. The counter closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. Passengers are advised to reach early, at least 2-3 hours before the flight takes off time. Depending on the destination and route type, a time limit is set for passengers to reach at the airport. 

For flights scheduled from Barbados to St Vincent and Grenada, the passengers should arrive 2 hours before departure. Whereas, for the flights originating from Grenada and St. Vincent to Barbados, the timing for check-in starts 4 hours prior to the plane departure. 

Additionally, Airport check-in is the only option for passengers flying between the Caribbean and other inter-island destinations with Virgin Atlantic. So, prepare your time accordingly and reach the airport as per the defined timings. 

Now moving forward, let’s jump on the steps on how to Virgin Atlantic check-in at the airport. 


There are multiple kiosks present at the airport. You can use the interactive airport guide to find the exact location and reach there accordingly. Next, follow these steps.

If it is a Virgin Atlantic-specific kiosk, the directly use the check-in portal. Else, choose the airline first and then…

  • Enter the booking confirmation or e-ticket number and name. 
  • It will log in to your account and show all the flight details. 
  • Read the details carefully and confirm it.
  • Also, add any extra services if available and proceed to continue.
  • The boarding pass will appear on the screen. 
  • Click on the print command and the check-in is complete. 

Airport Counter

Airport Counter

At the Airport counter, the airline staff takes over and finishes all formalities regarding the check-in. Just share your booking confirmation code and name for easy login and the pass will be handed over to you in just a few seconds. Here, the line can be lengthy and tiring, so try using the kiosks or reach early at the airport. 

Also, if you will be adding any service or baggage during check-in, remember to carry an alternative to cash payments. As the airline does not accept cash in to order to offer a contactless service. 

Virgin Atlantic Online Check in

Virgin Atlantic Online Check in

Virgin Atlantic online check-in starts 24 hours and closes 70 minutes prior to departure. You can use the mobile application or the website to check in and get the boarding pass. If you do not have a printer, then save the pass and later get it printed from the airport kiosk or counter.

Even more, passengers can get boarding instantly by using and scanning the mobile application. The steps are detailed in the later section. 

A gentle reminder as we move forward to learn how to check in online at Virgin Atlantic. The online check-in is not available for inter-island and between Caribbean flights. Hence, these steps and process is not valid for your trip if you are flying from any of these regions. 

Virgin Atlantic Check-in via Website 

  • Visit Virgin Atlantic’s official website.
  • Find and click on Check-in. 
  • Enter your login details like the booking confirmation code or e-ticket number and the name in the blank boxes. 
  • A new page will appear with the flight summary
  • Zoom in and out and confirm all the details are correct. 
  • Additionally, you can also add your bags, upgrade or change the seat, and add Advance Passenger Information.
  • Click continue if all the details are correct and you have added your preferred services. 
  • The boarding pass will reflect on your screen with a few options.
  • Use the Print command or directly download it for later verification purposes.
  • The boarding pass can be printed at the airport via kiosks or counter. Else, you can also use the mobile application for check-in which is way more easier and faster. 

Mobile Check-in  

Mobile Check-in  

Passengers can use the mobile application for online check-in for Virgin Atlantic. Bring your passport and scan it using your mobile phone and the airline application to instantly get the boarding pass. Download or print it as per your needs. This is one of the most convincing ways of checking in online. Do remember to finish it 70 minutes before flight departure. 


The steps required on how to check in on Virgin Atlantic are clearly defined in the above-detailed concept. The passengers depending on the destination and route can choose the available check-in option. While the majority of them all three available. However, for inter Island destinations and the Caribbean, the online-in does not work or is not available. The passengers must reach the airport early if the check-in is via the ticket counter or kiosk. While those who used the online methods can be slightly late. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to check in online at Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic policy allows three ways to check-in including using the airport ticket counter.

What are the ways for Virgin Atlantic check-in?

Mobile applications, websites, and airports are the mediums that you can use to check in for Virgin Atlantic.

How soon can I check in with Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic passengers can start the online check-in 24 hours before the departure.

How does Virgin Atlantic online check-in work?

Enter the booking confirmation number and name to log in and confirm the flight details for Virgin Atlantic online check-in. 
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