What Terminal at Heathrow is Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Airways is at terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport, London. Terminal 3 can be easily recognized as Virgin Atlantic, as it reflects a vibrant tapestry of colours and cultures with an unmistakable presence of Virgin Atlantic, reflecting the airline’s bold and spirited identity, epitomized by its iconic shade of bright red colour.

Navigating the airports can become a very stressful part of the journey when you are already running late or even when you are a first-time traveller or a frequent traveller. If you have a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow Airport, and you are stressed about which terminal heathrow virgin atlantic flights operate if are travelling for the first time from this airport. For your convenience, we have outlined all the important details;

Virgin Atlantic Terminal Heathrow Airport Details

Airport NameLondon Heathrow Airport (LHR)
Airport Address234 Bath Road, Harlington, Middlesex, UB3 5AP, Greater London TW6, UNITED KINGDOM
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Terminal 3 is located a few miles away from major motorways. The process to reach Terminal 3 is easy if you are coming by road from M25, which is around 5 miles away, and M4 which is around 2 miles at a distance.

London Heathrow Airport, you can directly arrive at Terminal 3 at the given address-

  • Terminal 3, London Heathrow Airport, Middlesex, TW6 1PZ

Please note that you will not be able to find any visitor parking at the virgin atlantic heathrow Terminal 3 office. You are advised to take short-term car parks provided at the airport to reach terminal 3. 
Heathrow parking is quite expensive, so make sure you carry some extra cash for the parking or use one public transport option.  Heathrow Airport is interconnected to multiple public transport options allowing you to use convenient access to Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport.

Several options at the airport allow you to use easy access to terminal 3, whether you prefer the train, tube ( a London underground), bus, or transport to suit your travel requirement and preference. 

Public Transport To use for Heathrow Airport Terminal 3

  • Mainline Train station
  • Tube stations serving each terminal
  • A variety of bus operators

By choosing one of these options of public transport you can avoid the hassle of parking and can enjoy a pocket-friendly and smooth journey. The Heathrow terminal recommends that Virgin Atlantic choose public transport to avoid the unnecessary issue of parking and explore Heathrow Airport with ease and convenience. 

How to Access the Self-Service Check-in at London Heathrow Airport

At terminal 3 you can use the self-service check-in option to select the airlines. Near the standard check-in desk, you can access the self-service kiosk or check-in online if your airline offers you this service. To avail of online check-in easily some airlines have dedicated applications, log in your details, and after that, you can download your boarding pass this process saves extra time and is hassle-free.  

Virgin Atlantic Arrival and Departure

Arrivals: At Terminal 3 the arrival area is located on the left at the north end of the building on the ground floor. Upon arrival, you can access the Heathrow flight arrival information including scheduled time, delay, cancellation, and destination.

Departure:– All the Virgin Atlantic and Delta flight share Terminal 3 for departure and arrival, passengers can use the signboard to locate their departure location.

Terminal 3 mainly serves long-haul flights to locations such as the US, South America, Asia, and some European destinations.

What are the Extra Services Offered at Terminal 3 Heathrow Airport

Terminal 3 Heathrow Airport

At terminal 3 you will get access to many facilities and services to ensure you have a pleasurable trip for Virgin Atlantic Airlines. This terminal is vibrant and lively, here you can allow yourself to shop, have a fine dining meal, indulge in branded duty-free shopping, and many other things to relax and cater for your needs. 

If you are flying from Terminal 3 you can quickly proceed check-in process, the terminal has specific check-in desks and self-service stations which you locate after entering Terminal 3 easily. Moreover, you will get access to premium Virgin Atlantic lounges allowing you to relax, enjoy and work, with refreshments before your departure. 

Terminal 3 is strict with travellers security and you may need to go through security checks. Careful baggage checks are conducted using advanced screening technologies to ensure your safety. Just, abide by the rules and regulations throughout this process, as this is conducted for your smooth journey

Virgin Atlantic Airlines share Terminal 3 with some other partner airlines and members of the global alliance networks to foster a seamless and convenient connecting flight transfer for passengers. 

Terminal Assignment for Other Airlines At Heathrow Airport

American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Finnair, Hainan Airlines, Iberia Express, Iran Air, Japan Airlines, LATAM Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, MEA Middle East Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, Royal Jordanian, Sri Lankan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Vueling

Meeting points in terminal 3 are located on the ground floor in the arrival area, next to tourist services near the seating area. At this points your friends and family can come to meet you upon your arrival. 

How to Find Your Terminal At Heathrow Airport?

→T 2- To reach Terminal 2 you can use a pedestrian underpass and walk straight to T2 in approximately 10 min you will reach Terminal 2.

T 4– Take one of the free shuttle buses that run between t 3 and t 4.  A shuttle bus operates at a frequency of four trains per hour and it will take around 20 minutes to reach.

T 5– Take Heathrow express train from Heathrow central station, it will take around 20 min to reach Terminal 5.

At Heathrow terminal for Virgin Atlantic, you can also have the facility to enjoy the lounges and hotels to enhance your travel experience. You also access the facilities at terminal 3 such as medical care, toilets, showers, communication, foreign exchange service, baggage inquiry, and worship area. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What terminal is virgin atlantic at heathrow?

Terminal 3, is for the Virgin Atlantic at Heathrow Airport. 

Do all Virgin flights go from Terminal 3?

Yes! All Virgin Atlantic and Delta flights from London Heathrow arrive and depart from terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport. 

Which number to contact Heathrow Terminal 3? 

For assistance call directly +44 (0)20 8757 2700 for (T1, T2, T3 & T4) and terminal 5 – +44 (0)20 8283 6415.
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