What terminal is Virgin Atlantic at LAX? Arrival & Departure What terminal is Virgin Atlantic at LAX? Arrival & Departure
What Terminal is Virgin Atlantic at LAX

Virgin Atlantic uses Terminal B and Terminal 2 at LAX for its domestic and international flight operations. Both terminals are used for different purposes, passengers depart from Terminal 2. Whereas, Virgin Atlantic flights arrive from  Terminal B-Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at LAX. This can be located between Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 which is the area to the western end. The Virgin Atlantic Terminal at Lax hosts approximately 10 million travellers annually and 1500 guests on average daily. 

Virgin Atlantic Terminal at LAX

Virgin Atlantic Terminal at LAX

At Los Angeles Airport, several terminals facilitate the requirements of international and domestic flight travelers. At Virgin Atlantic Terminal LAX, you have multiple options to get benefit from, such as there are lounges available where you can sit and relax comfortably, you can also have food at some of the best restaurants, shop duty-free, and many unlimited leisure options you can avail at Terminal B.  

Tom Bradley International Terminal( TBIT or Terminal B) is Los Angeles’s main Terminal for International flights. A bridge connects Terminal B and Terminal 5 to reach the southern Terminal. Terminal B, or TBIT, has 9 gates on the North and 9 on the South Concourse, a total of 18 gates. It also has a west gate that opened in May 2021 with 15 entrances that deliver a fantastic guest experience to showcase cutting-edge technology, modern architecture, biometric check-in service, and Virgin Atlantic hand baggage allowance with all the latest amenities for travelers. 

Virgin Atlantic and LAX Terminal Contact Details

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport
Airport Websitehttps://www.flylax.com/
LAX Airport Address1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
Airport CodeLAX
LAX Airport Contact Number+1 855-463-5252
TerminalTerminal TB
Opening Hours24 hours
Airlines Official Websitewww.virginatlantic.com
You Tube www.youtube.com/user/virginatlantic
Instagram www.instagram.com/virginatlantic

Virgin Atlantic Arrival and Departure Terminal 

Virgin Atlantic flight arrives at Terminal B (Tom Bradeky Intnl terminal). So, if you are catching a flight then please visit the terminal on time. On the other hand, Virgin Atlantic flights depart from Terminal 2 at LAX airport. Some flights of Virgin Atlantic are codeshared with other airlines. Passengers must note that these codeshare flights operate from Terminal 3. Please note that terminals can change for certain flights thus, make sure to check your ticket thoroughly before reaching the airport. 

Los Angeles International Airport(LAX)-Inter-terminal Transport 

If you have to travel between the Virgin Atlantic LAX terminals, you can easily access the inter-terminal shuttle bus service available at each airport terminal. To travel from one terminal to another, you can use the free landside shuttle bus that runs frequently on a counterclock loop serving all terminals. 

You can walk from one terminal to another using the sidewalks on the double-level road if you are walking from Terminal 1, Terminal 3 to Terminal 4, and Terminal 8. You can directly reach the other side of the terminal by walking through the centrally situated parking garages. You can skip passing if you are traveling through Terminal 4 and Terminal 8. 

Through security, check again by using the number of airside walkways. Passengers can also connect through the connector bridge without a clear security check. Suppose you are arriving from an international destination and connecting through a domestic flight. In that case, you will ask to clear immigration and customers at the airport and go through the security check again at the LAX. 

Services at different levels of Virgin Atlantic LAX

Services at different levels of Virgin Atlantic LAX

At LAX terminal B there are overall 5 levels, each dealing with different services.

Level 1:- At level 1, you can gather information regarding the arrival and baggage claim with belts A, B, and C. Outside terminal B you can get transportation access, including shared ride vans, taxis, Shuttle bus services, Public bus service, and other rental car shuttles

Level 3: Is dedicated to handling Tickets on this. 

Level 4: At terminal B of LAX level 4, you can access the TSA passenger screening service and the Departure of Virgin Atlantic Airways. Here you can find the Boarding gates from 101 to 159, distributed along South Concourse 150 to 159, and the North Concourse from 130 to 134. At gate 148, you can access the Great Ha, and from gate 136 to 140, you can access the bus services. However, there are many more services which you have access to, for help do contact the assistance at the airport. 

Mezzanine Level 5 and Mezzanine Level 6: You can comfortably access the airline’s lounges on both levels. 

Available lounges: Emirates Lounge, LA International Lounge, Etihad Airways Lounge, and Star Alliance Lounge. 

Virgin Atlantic Airways Boarding pass At LAX. 

Virgin Atlantic Airways allows you to collect your Boarding pass via Kiosks at the airport Terminal B. A Boarding pass is very important to catch your flight successfully without any delay. Virgin Atlantic terminal at LAX provides all the relevant information and lets you take a printout of your boarding pass at kiosks. However, you must go through the onboarding process before your flight schedule, and for any other additional information, ask for assistance at the booths. 

What time should you arrive at the LAX?

Los Angeles is one of the busiest and most populated cities in California, United States. It can sometimes get crowded, and if you are traveling, you should reach at least 3 hours before your flight leave. Last-minute screening can cost you a lot of delay in your journey. 

Virgin Atlantic Counter check-in and bag drop service at LAX

Passengers can locate the Virgin Atlantic Counter for Check-in at Terminal 2. The counter opens four hours prior to the departure time and closes one hour before the departure. Please note if you are to travel from 25th September 2023 then you can must depart via Terminal 2. Passengers will get access to the Star Alliance Lounge in Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) after checking in. This service is available to only eligible customers. 

Virgin Atlantic Terminal’s lax Online check-in service 

The easiest way to check in is online. You only need an internet connection; check in 24 hours before your flight departure. This feature allows you to select your seat and print a hard copy of your boarding pass. If you are traveling light, only carry-on, and hand baggage, you can print off your boarding pass, and the airport staff will assist you with the further process at the gate. 

Virgin Atlantic LAX Terminal Lounge

Upper-Class travelers and other eligible Virgin Atlantic passengers can access the Star Alliance Lounge airport at Level 6 of Terminal B, near Central Atrium, Terminal B, and the Lignum Club Lounge. Before your visit, check the details about the lounge and its timing. To inquire more about the lounges facilities and other information, you can check customer service at the airport or on the official website of LAX. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which terminal is Virgin Atlantic at lax

Virgin Atlantic is at Terminal B or TBIT( Tom Bradley International Terminal) at LAX airport. The check-in process opens four hours before departure and closes four hours before departure.

Can you walk between terminals at LAX?

Yes, you can walk between some of the terminals at LAX, but if you are running late, you can use a shuttle bus service running between terminals and inquire about the airside connections at the airport.

Which LAX terminal is international?

Terminal B or TBIT ( Tom Bradley International Terminal) operates Virgin Atlantic and its partner flights at LAX. 

Which LAX terminal is international?

The Star Alliance and the Lignum Club Lounge use Virgin Atlantic at LAX.

What lounge does Virgin use in LAX?

The Star Alliance and the Lignum Club Lounge use Virgin Atlantic at LAX. 

How long before the flight can I check in at LAX?

Travelers must check in 3 hours before their flight departure at Virgin Atlantic Terminal LAX.
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