Yes, Aeromexico does fly to Hawaii. It lands its passengers to the capital city, Honolulu. Passengers flying to Hawaii first arrive at Honolulu International Airport. Rental cars and Hotels can be booked from Aeromexico official site to reach the hotels or destinations of Hawaii. 

Aeromexico is a national carrier of Mexico and has expanded its network to 1150 destinations. It serves approximately 5 million passengers yearly. Aeromexico has a variety of cabins and upgraded facilities within seats that make the journey more comfortable. The airline focuses on setting affordable prices for the quality of services it offers.

Passengers flying with Aeromexico will enjoy various services depending on the fare type. Dining, comfortable seats, in-flight entertainment, and special assistance are standard services for all cabin passengers. 

Where Does Aeromexico Fly From Hawaii?

Located in the Western side of the United States, it earns heavily from tourism. Its beaches are the major attraction. While Hawaii has more beautiful sites to visit besides the beaches. Aeromexico flies to 50 locations in the United States. Hawaii is one of them. While many passengers this popular state of Hawaii. Aeromexico flies to various domestic and international destinations from Hawaii. The availability of preferred destinations can be verified from the Book section on the official page of the airline.

Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Hawaii is a natural plus man-made infrastructural beauty. There are many interesting things about this place that makes it so popular. However, its beaches drive the majority of attention. Below are some interesting facts that you can remember when visiting Hawaii. 

Hawaii is an isolated land

Hawaii has the least amount of population in the world. Despite the crowd of tourists, the place does not have many permanent residents. Only  a few million live in 10,970 square miles of land.

Hawaii has a different Time zones

Hawaii’s time zone changes twice and is different from the United States. It is 2400 miles away from the central United States and has a separate time zone. From every second Sunday of March,  Hawaii becomes three hours slower than the Pacific Time Zone. Then from the first Sunday of November, it is two hours behind the time zone. 

Hawaii has the largest volcano mountain in the world

Maui’s Mount Haleakala is the biggest inactive volcano in the world. It is 10,023 feet high. Sadly, half of it is below the ocean. It is estimated that its height will increase to 30,000 feet if measured from the sea floor.

Two Official languages

Hawaiian is its native language. While English is the spoken and official language of its country, the United States. Both the languages are widely used in the state. That is why Hawaii has two official languages. It is the only state in the U.S. to receive such recognition.

Hawaiians invented Surfing

The beach gave birth to one of the most exciting activities, Surfing. There is evidence that proof surfing was invented by a group of boys while playing at Waikiki beach. However, not all institutes believe the statement. 


Hawaii is very busy during the festive season. The flight bookings get expensive and unavailable. Aeromexico offers special discounts online for early bookings. It even has various ways to book the flight. Online reservations are generally cheaper than offline ticket counters. Moreover, it is an affordable airline and offers services like extra leg space, WiFi, baggage allowance for additional charges. Additional services can be added during the check-in process. Self check-in (kiosks) are also offered by the airline. 

FAQS on Does Aeromexico Fly To Hawaii?

Are there  direct flights from your city of origin?

It is all about the city of departure and Aeromexico flight destination.  Either there will be interconnected routes or may be a direct flight. You can check it easily by visiting the Aeromexico site. 

Will there be availability of tickets on the planned date?

Visit the official website and enter the location in the Book tab to search for the desired destination.  

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