How to Book Aeromexico With Points

Earn points and book the Aeromexico flight, this scheme is all over the town. Yet, you are amongst those who are trying to figure out what the craze is all about? Below is the step by step guide to  the book the Club Premier points to book flight with points.  Not just this, there are thousands of benefits from the reward points.

Rewarding Passenger’s Loyalty (Club Premier Points)

Club premier is a loyalty program to appreciate regular customers by offering high level services. One can utilize the rewards to purchase flight tickets, upgrade them or avail any service offered by the airline and its alliance partners. 

Who Can be the Club Premier Member? 

Purchasing services or products from the Aeromexico airlines and its affiliated partners makes one eligible for the membership. Its affiliated partners include the commercial brands and alliance airlines offering the A class services.  

If you are eligible to be a member, register to claim the gains.

How to Register as a Club Premier member?

Aeromexico offers various ways to register as a Club Premier Member. You can either call the customer care of the airlines and register after sharing the required information. Else, visit the website or directly reach the sales area for Club Membership registration. 

In telephonic registration, you will have to share your data to the respective officials. Else, by registering online you can fill in the required details by yourself. Successively, you will receive your  Club Membership Account Number.

To receive your account number through offline procedure, you must visit the sales area. Following you shall receive an email with the account number and a link to fill the required details. 

Note: Ultimately, post verification of your identity, you will receive a Club Membership Card. The verification process takes around 15 business days.  

Hurray! Welcome Bonus

As an official member, you will receive 50 premier points as a welcome bonus. Correct details in the My profile section of the Club Premier Page are a must for the retrieval of the award points. 

Check your Award Points 

To check whether or not the points have been reflected in your account you can visit the Club Premier page. Club Premier app can also be downloaded for continued information. Even in the case of redemption the app is really helpful. 

How to Redeem your Points?

The Club Premier Card is the medium to redeem the points. You can avail airline services or purchase products of the affiliated partners. 

Book Aeromexico with Points?

  • Visit the site, connect through a call or reach the offline stores. 
  • Choose your destination.
  • Fill the requisites and provide the documents for the flight booking. 
  • When the payment option reflects on the screen, select the points option. 
  • Here, provide the details or the card as per the medium you are using to book the flight. 
  • The points will be deducted as per the charges of the service or the product.

Note: If the reward points are less than the expense of the flight, you will have to pay separately. While in case of extra reward points, the remaining points shall reflect in your wallet.

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