Does Aeromexico Require COVID Test

No! Aeromexico Airlines does not require  COVID Test for passengers traveling to and from Mexico.  As of 2022 and early 2023, the majority of the countries have relaxed the mandatory required COVID Test. Also, Aeromexico Airlines is not the prime decision maker for the mandatory COVID test. Instead, the local authorities of various countries decide and issue the guidelines. It is to avoid any other peak COVID-like situation. 

Aeromexico only follows what has been guided and informs its passengers. While to keep the airlines safely running it has been its COVID policy.

What Is Aeromexico Covid Policy?

What Is Aeromexico Covid Policy

Aeromexico COVID policy has the following provisions that it follows to restrict the spreading of COVID virus. 

Aeromexico Airlines

  • Staff and the crew need to go through a temperature check and other medical examinations. 
  • Compulsory use of mask and gloves by the staff. 
  • Strict adherence to the local authorities guidelines. 
  • The Airline uses HEPA filter that removes 99.99% of the microparticles, acting as a protective layer. 
  • Completely sealed and packed food and beverages are only served. 


  • Hand sanitizer is available and must be used as a part of the protocol.
  • Temperature check is a must for the passengers. 
  • No contact policy is maintained by scanning the boarding pass.  
  • It is advised to avoid physical contact with neighboring passengers. 
  • Face Mask is required during the flight. ( Current provision must be checked about whether Aeromexico requires a mask.) 

Aeromexico Alliances 

Aeromexico alliances have framed their own COVID policies and hence a requirement might occur for the COVID Test. Anyhow, the probability of mandatory COVID Test is almost nil.

There are countries with a higher risk of COVID spread and are still following mandatory restrictions. To filter out cities and countries where one can travel without a mask and the COVID test one must refer to the “Where Can I Travel” feature by Aeromexico Airlines.  

Aeromexico Airline Feature: Where Can I Travel? 

  1. Type and search for “Where Can I Travel on Aeromexico”.
  2. A form will appear to identify the eligible places for travel without the COVID restrictions.
  3. Choose whether it’s a Round Trip or One way. 
  4. Moving your cursor down, drag down the Origin list. Select the place of departure. 
  5. Rolling down just a bit, choose the destination you intend to fly. 
  6. Later, mention your nationality and residency. 
  7. Finally, select your vaccination status and click search. 

Note: I am not sure” is an exclusive option for those who haven’t made their mind on which destination to fly. 

Results: Markings on the map will appear to showcase the travel locations you can book without the restrictions of COVID mandates.

Precautionary Measures By Aeromexico Airlines 

Precautionary Measures By Aeromexico Airlines 

Since COVID is very contagious, precautions are suggested by the airlines to ensure a safe journey to its passengers. 

  • Wear a face mask to maintain hygiene and avoid any contact. 
  • Symptoms like cough, cold, and fever must be addressed at urgent notice. Any passenger traveling with these symptoms will have to take COVID Test. 
  • Further, one must inform and avoid boarding the flight. 
  • With symptoms, one must pack their items and bags tightly in a plastic bag to avoid direct contact.
  • It is suggested to carry personal essentials and prescribed medicines to avoid any chaos. 
  • Carrying pen is a must in case the form is asked to be filled at any moment during the journey. 
  • AFAC form is required for domestic flights, that is within routes covered within Mexico.
  • Seek medical assistance from the airlines. 


If a passenger doesn’t feel and wishes to cancel the flight then they can confirm once does aeromexico have 24 hour cancellation. Also concerned individuals about testing must relax as there are no more compulsory Aeromexico COVID test requirements. If any country still requires a PCR COVID test, then passengers can contact the testing centers. The details will be available through the filter option explained above. Laboratories are working in alliance with Aeromexico Airline to ensure fool-proof testing. Laboratories also ensure all sorts of tests required by countries as per their individual policies. 

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