Is Aeromexico A Safe Airline

Aeromexico is a safe Airline to travel with great customer feedback. However, recently, the FAA has decreased its ratings as it could not meet the international safety standards. 

The reports of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) released in 2021 states  that the national carrier of Mexico lacked at certain places that led to its decline from Category- 1 to Category 2. The protocols of International safety are designed by the ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organization) and used as assignment by FAA, IATA and many other institutes that regulate the airlines safety standards at regional or international level. 

Why Are Aeromexico Airlines Still Considered Safe?

Why Are Aeromexico Airlines Still Considered Safe

However, due to the downgrade that occurred once, the Aeromexico Airlines can not be termed as not safe to fly. Also, it is essential to remember that the airlines were honored in Category 1. It is due to various factors that airlines want a little bit low. 

So, precautions on the potential passenger’s end are very much appreciated. Yet, there should not be complete disregard for the airlines. 

According to the Cntraveler, the Delta Airlines’ president stated that the aviation industry still considers the Aeromexico Airlines as safe and shall work in collaboration to improve the standards through every effort possible.  

Moreover, it is believed that the FAA has downgraded the Aeromexico Airlines ratings in order to highlight the needs for improvement. 

Probably, the assessment reflected the old methods used by the airline to ensure safety. While what the FAA expects the airlines is to work continuously to adapt new changes and methods for better safety. 

Otherwise, Aeromexico Airlines has a very clear track record in terms of accidents. Apart from its very popular 1986 accident where a lot of people suffered. Such accidents are witnessed by each airline and can not determine the overall safety of any airline. Instead, the actions taken to revise and enhance the safety of passengers while flying truly indicate the quality of safety standards of an airline.

So, it is advised to keep a check on FAA assessment of Aeromexico Airline to secure the journey. However, going through the reasons that led to its decline is equally crucial. Here in the case of Aeromexico, it was to urge the airlines to better their safety standards. 

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