What is Am Plus on Aeromexico

Am Plus Aeromexico is a seating option offered by the airline. It is an upgraded cabin with comfortable seats and extra space and leg room. The benefits and amenities added to it make it a value for money option.

It is a costlier cabin than the main cabin but way lesser than the upper premium cabins. Also, the access to lounge and the premium club membership ensures that Aeromexico Am plus is worth it

The above two benefits are merely the beginning. Aeromexico Airlines has a niche in offering high class services with each upgraded cabin. Even flexible upgrades are available within a cabin. 

Know about the Aeromexico Am Plus Prices

Passengers can easily find their budget friendly seat and book it for their flight. Am plus seats are available on both International and domestic routes.  The pricing differs depending on the total distance and route type. 

Am Plus seats prices begin from 349 MXN ( 20 USD/ EUR/GBP) for domestic routes, anywhere within Mexico. How much Aeromexico Am plus will cost for the United States citizens, Europeans and the British are mentioned in the  bracket. 

International destinations expenses for the Am Plus seats bookings start from 599 MXN. For others booking from outside Mexico, the seat prices begin from 30 USD, GBP and EUR. 

There is one more option to purchase Am plus without paying the cash is the award points. 4850 Premier points must be there at least. If points are less for booking the desired seat, then the remaining balance can be paid in cash. 

After knowing the prices, suspicions about  the quality and  benefits of  the Am Plus must have increased or decreased. In either scenario, the benefits must be well known before any purchase. 

Benefits of Am Plus Seats, Aeromexico

  • Access to Sky Priority ( It adds priority check-in and boarding like facilities) 
  • Eligibility clear for Salon Premier and Heineken Terrace( Aeromexico’s lounges) 
  • Free WiFi
  • Additional storage area
  • Leg space extended with more comfortable seating 
  • Baby stroller services available
  • Baggage Handling 
  • Shorter security lines 
  • Priority baggage pick ups and transfers 

To these many benefits are some restrictions. If said easily, there are certain terms and conditions that one needs to keep in mind. Read them below: 

Am Plus Seats: Terms and Conditions

There must be premier club membership proof, Identification card and boarding pass  is required for entry and security  purposes. 

The membership is subject to each individual on whose name it has been purchased. No plus one is allowed to benefit from the respective facilities. Skyteam or other alliance benefits are not included under the Am plus bookings. 

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