Is Aeromexico Am Plus Worth it

Aeromexico Am plus can be defined as a mid-way to paradise. As there is higher-end, more luxurious cabins offered by Aeromexico Airlines. The services keep on escalating as per the demands and passengers comfort. 

To you, what’s most important is that is Aeromexico Am plus worth it or not. To be very exact, yes Aeromexico Am plus is worth every extra penny spent. 

Another question is why you should believe a random opinion. Absolutely, you cannot make a wrong decision and end up regretting your decision. 

To ensure your trust in our opinion, we want you to read the details about the Aeromexico AM Plus. Then, only you decide Aeromexico Am plus’ worth

What’s Extra With Aeromexico Am Plus?

What’s Extra With Aeromexico Am Plus
  • Relax your body with more leg space. Also, work comfortably with extra workspace added with AM plus. 
  • Extra compartment space is available for overhead storage. 
  • Storage and baby stroller services are at your service. 
  • The best is the eligibility to Salon Premie and Heineken Terrace.
  • Moreover, Aeromexico Am plus passengers are eligible for Sky Priority.

What Is Salon Premier?

What Is Salon Premier

Salon Premiers are lounges for passengers waiting to board their flight. These lounges are exclusively designed for premium-class traveling passengers. They can spend their time more comfortably. Evenmore, passengers occupied with work can continue without any disturbance. 

Benefits of Salon Premier Lounges

  • Spacious lounge 
  • Free Wifi 
  • Food and drinks 

What Is Heineken Terrace?

Heineken Terrace(s) are another set of lounges exclusively assigned for premium class passengers. The access to services ensure zero interruptions and full comfort during the waiting hours for the passengers. 

Presently, this Heineken Terrace lounge is at Terminal B of Monetary International Airport. It is close to the domestic boarding area. 

It is not just the comfortable seats and well designed cabins, but it’s beyond that. When you purchase the AM plus ticket, you are entitled to priority services from the beginning. 

This must have increased your curiosity on What is Sky Priority? Absolutely valid question. 

What Is Sky Priority?

These are special add-on services by Aeromexico Airlines. These are designed for the premium-class passengers traveling. The AM Plus members are eligible for the services. 

Carefully read further to not miss out on any extra benefits:

Claim Your VIP Treatment 

You shall be given prior treatment for all the below services:

  • Check-ins
  • Baggage drop offs 
  • Security lanes 
  • Transfers 
  • Boarding 
  • Baggage handling 
  • Immigration 
  • Ticket finder 

So, you cross the crowd as you purchase the AM Plus fares from Aeromexico. The benefits begin from the time you sign up for AM Plus. Surely enough the cloudy thoughts must have disappeared by now.  No more confusion about if Aeromexico is worth it or not. Now you can book tickets with ease with Aeromexico airlines. 

To so many benefits, there are a certain set of limitations to avoid any misuse. Follow word by word the terms and conditions for boarding the AM Plus seat.

Terms and Conditions To Fly As Am Plus Passenger

  1. The passenger must carry premium membership proof, like ticket and premier number.
  2. Also, carry valid proof of identity. 
  3. Carrying the boarding pass is a must. 
  4. Only the passenger entitled to the membership will be allowed to enjoy the services. No companion will be entertained. 
  5. The cost of the AM Plus is $499 or 4850 premier points to avail AM plus benefits for a day. 
  6. The benefit is limited to premium lounge networks, it is not extended to Skyteam or other alliance lounges. 
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