What Terminal is Air Canada at Denver Airport

Denver International airport being one of the busiest airports in the world serves at least twenty five different airlines. And, Air Canada particularly uses Terminal West at the Denver Airport. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a domestic traveller or an international traveller, you are arriving from the terminal west, if no changes are made under certain situations. 

If the terminal gets changed, it becomes the utmost responsibility of the airlines to inform its passengers. However, if you are still unconfirmed about your terminal, you can contact Air Canada and get in touch with their customer care executive to get updated information about your arriving flight. 

Note: Jeppesen terminal is divided into two categories named terminal east and terminal west which are further subdivided into concourses A, B, and C. 


There are a wide range of services offered at the Jeppesen Terminal for the convenience of passengers. The passengers can also change their Air Canada flight at the service counters of Air Canada in the airport. Some of the services include: 

  • Food, drinks, and retail shops.
  • Pet hotels and pet relief areas. 
  • ATMs, Cash machines, and currency exchange. 
  • Wifi, business centre, and water fountains.
  • Information desks, luggage storage, baggage carts, and lockers. 
  • Post office, business centre, prayer rooms, and hotel and transit centre.

Drop off and Pick Up at Jeppesen Terminal 

The passengers arrive at Jeppesen terminal via the airport roadway which further divides the terminal into two, one being the terminal west and the other being terminal east.furthermore, it separates into three categorical levels for enhanced convenience of the passengers, meanwhile reducing congestion at the terminal. 

  • Level six for departures: curbside baggage check-in, passengers ticketing, and departing passengers.
  • Level five for commercial vehicle services: pick up and drop off lanes of cars, taxis,rental vehicles, shuttles, uber, buses, etc.
  • Level four for arrivals: basically for passenger pick up.


The Terminal consists of three concourses, named A, B, and C which are accessible to passengers only after the security check-ins and screening process. If the passenger wants to travel between gates B and C, s/he can only do so via taking the train to the gates. Meanwhile, Gate A is easily accessible at a walking distance.

On gates A and B, electric cart facility is available for passengers who are completely immobile, suffer from a specific medical condition, elderly passengers, and disabled passengers. 


The main Terminal at the Denver airport consists of six levels, a total of six floors which are as follows: 

  • Level one to three houses the lowest level of the economy lots and parking garages on both sides of the terminal, terminal east and west. 
  • Level four is for the passengers pick-up, for short term parking, and for long term parking as well. 
  • Level five contains baggage carousels and security checkpoints, it is split into two categories; domestic and international arrivals. This level is also used for drop off and pickups, parking, and shuttles to rental car lots. 
  • Level six is specifically meant for the check-in facilities and departure, passengers can access the gate area from level six. 

Wrap up!

This article briefly talked about the only terminal at Denver International Airport, which is the Jeppesen terminal, which serves as a central point to many airlines operating from Denver airport including Air Canada. The passengers travelling with Air Canada can always look up to the airlines for updated information regarding their reservations.

What Terminal Is Air Canada At Denver Airport? (FAQs)

Does Denver airport have different Terminals?

Denver International Airport consists of one and only terminal, Jeppesen terminal, which is further divided into categories; terminal west and terminal east, along with three concourses. 

What concourse does Air Canada fly out of Denver International Airport?

Air Canada flies out of Concourse B at the Denver International Airport. However, the concourses may change sometimes due to certain circumstances. 

Can I walk between terminals in Denver international airport?

The passengers can only walk from Jeppesen terminal towards the main airport area, concourse A. However, if the passengers require to travel between concourse B and concourse C, they will need to travel via an underground train to reach the specific gates. 
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