How to Change Air Canada Flight

Visit the official website and change Air Canada Flight by managing booking option. You need “Booking Reference Number” and “Passenger Last Name” to Change Air Canada Flight. Air Canada always ensures that their passengers are getting the best experiences travelling with them, which is why the airlines allow you to change your flight online as well as offline. Travelers can refer to the steps on How to Change Air Canada Flight described on this page. 

Air Canada Change Flight Policy

Air Canada Change Flight Policy

With every travel, there is a high possibility of sudden changes that ca directly affect passengers’ scheduled flight. Hence, the concerned authorities present Air Canada Change Flight Policy which allows passengers to adjust their travel details. Passengers can change Air Canada Flight by making modifications like adjusting travel dates, time, or even destination. As per the Air Canada Flight Change Policy, the passenger is liable to pay certain fee amount. In addition, the Air Canada Change Flight Fee is further discussed on this page for your better understanding. However, passengers are allowed to rebook a different flight without any fee if requested within five days. 

How to Change Air Canada Flight Online?

How to Change Air Canada Flight Online

Air Canada is a safe choice for travellers who often have sudden change of plans. Before starting the procedure to change Air Canada Flight online or offline, passengers are informed to keep their ticket number handy. Otherwise, you cannot manage your booked flight. Furthermore, the following steps will also guide you on How to change Name on Air Canada Flight Online:

  1. Web search the official website of Air Canada and click on “Manage Bookings”.
  2. Enter your booking reference number along with your last name to get access to your reservation, and click on the “change flight” button. 
  3. Select your desired and available flight, along with the date and time of departure.
  4. You can review the airfares and any of the associated rules, afterwards, confirm your new flight and pay any of the additional charges required.

How to Change Air Canada Flight Offline?

The passengers are also eligible to change their flights by contacting the customer care executive of Air Canada or by visiting the ticket office in person. Do note, that not all the airfares are eligible for changes. Hence, dail Air Canada Change Flight Phone Number and inquire related queries. Reach out to the Air Canada via 1-888-247-2262

Air Canada Change Fee

When opting to modify booked reservation, Air Canada Change Flight Fee is levied o the passenger. The amount of Air Canada Change Fee is influenced by the type of booked fare and the selected destination. Hence, the Air Canada Change Flight Fee is different for every passenger. We have tabulated the applicable fee amount according to the destinations where Air Canada Flies and fare type:

1. Flights Within Canada & to the United States

Selected Change OptionStandardFlexComfortLatitude Premium EconomyBusiness Class
Any-time ChangeC$100Only fare differenceOnly fare differenceOnly fare differenceFlexible – Fare Difference
Lowest – C$100
Flexible – Fare Difference
Lowest – C$100
Same-day ChangeC$ 100 to 150
(Selective routes)
C$75IncludedIncludedLowest – C$75Included
Same-day StandbyFREE
on selected routes
on selected routes
IncludedIncludedLowest – FREEon selected routes
Lowest – FREE on selected routes
  • There is no change fee for flights between Toronto & Montreal/ Ottawa and tickets booked between Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver
  • For flights to the U.S., there will be no fee for tickets booked between Toronto Pearson and JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports

2. For Flights to International Destinations

Selected Change OptionStandardFlexLatitude Premium EconomyBusiness Class
Any-time ChangeApplicableApplicableFare DifferenceFlexible – Fare Difference
Lowest – Applicable
Flexible – Fare Difference
Lowest – Applicable
Same-day ChangeC$ 100 C$ 100IncludedFlexible – C$100
Lowest – Included
Flexible – Included
Lowest – Applicable
Same-day StandbyNot permittedNot permitted
IncludedFlexible – Included
Lowest – Not permitted

3. For Flights to Sun Destinations

Selected Change OptionStandardFlexComfortLatitude Business Class
Any-time ChangeC$100Fare DifferenceFare DifferenceFare DifferenceFlexible – Fare Difference
Lowest – C$100
Same-day ChangeC$50C$50IncludedIncludedFlexible – Included
Lowest – Applicable
Same-day StandbyNot permittedNot permitted
Not PermitedIncludedIncluded
  • Travelers must contact the Air Canada Reservation via 1-888-247-2262 to inquire about applicable Air Canada Change Fee amount.

Air Canada Same-day Change Flight Policy

Passengers are also allowed to Change Canada Air Flighst on the same day. This implies, either you take earlier or later flight than the original bookings. But, the airport and selected destination should be the same as the original booking. Air Canada Same-day Change Flight Policy also incur fee for successful request confirmation. However, the payment of fare difference or crediting refund amount will be initiated as per the Air Canada Change Flight Policy. The following are the listed fare that are counted under Same-day Change Policy of Air Canada: 

  • Standard
  • Flex
  • Comfort
  • Latitude
  • Premium Economy (Lowest & Flexible)
  • Business Class (Lowest & Flexible)

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to change a flight with air Canada, you can look for your ticket type, depending upon the availability and route, you may be charged for additional fees. You may be compelled to change a flight in case of cancellations or delays. Make sure that you follow the said process, rules and regulations to easily change your flights. 

Air Canada Change Flight (FAQs)

Is an Air Canada Ticket changeable?

Yes, the Air Canada ticket is changeable. You can rebook a different flight at zero costs within five days of your scheduled departure. 

How to change your Air Canada flight for free?

You can change your Air Canada flight via their official website. Do note that changes made within 24 hours of booking your flight reservation costs zero dollars. However, changes made after 24 hours of booking the flight can cost you some amount. 

Can you change a business class ticket for free?

Yes, the passengers are allowed to change their business class fares for free of cost. However, if you are changing to an expensive airfare, you will have to pay the difference. 

Can I change my flight date with Air Canada?

Yes, you can change your flight date with Air Canada, depending upon the airline’s policies, you may or may not have to pay the flight change fee. 
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