What Terminal is Air Canada At O'Hare

Air Canada uses terminal 2 at Chicago International Airport or at O’Hare field, being one of the busiest airports when it comes to passenger traffic, O’Hare serves many airlines and its passengers. At present, there are four terminals at O’Hare international airport out of which,  Air Canada uses Terminal two. 

Nevertheless, the terminal used by Air Canada can be changed at any given time due to certain circumstances. So, if the passengers couldn’t conclude on where Air Canada flies to, they want to know the destinations Air Canada fly to, they are requested to either follow the given instructions in their reservation or contact Air Canada for further information. 

What Terminal is Air Canada At O’Hare?

Terminal 2 at Canada O’Hare Airport is used by many airlines, including Air Canada. So, if you are flying out of terminal 2, you can expect to find a variety of services within the terminal. For now, let’s focus on the arrival and departure of Air Canada flights at terminal 2.

Terminal Two 


Air Canada uses terminal 2 at Chicago International Airport. Some codeshare flights labelled as Air Canada’s flights are operated by some other airlines, for which the terminals used are terminal one and terminal three. It’s always preferred that the passengers check with their airlines to get updated information about their arriving flight.


Air Canada uses terminal 2 at Chicago O’Hare Airport. Some codeshare flights labelled with Air Canada tag, might be operated by some other airlines, for which the terminal used is Terminal one. Under some circumstances, the terminals might be changed, you can be sure about the departure terminal by getting in touch with your airlines. 

Levels At Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is one of the three domestic terminals operated at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, which consists of a V shape design. The two levels present at Terminal two are: 


At the baggage level, the passengers can have access to transportation such as Airport express, charter bus, rental car, taxi, etc. The passengers wanting to stay and relax somewhere for a while can access the Hilton Hotel at the lower level and parking facilities at the main parking garage, Lot A. 

Ticketing Level 

At the ticketing level, there are check-in points and go to gates for the passengers. You can access concourse E and concourse F at terminal two. Concourse E serves the Delta sky club whereas Concourse F serves the United Club. Both the concourses are located at the lower level.

Services at Terminal 2

Terminal two at Chicago International Airport provides ample services for the travelling passengers including:

  • Restaurants, bars, and shops
  • Business rooms and meeting areas. 
  • Power station, ATM, currency exchange. 
  • Travellers air, mother rooms, and separate toilets. 

The passengers can also have access to various other services such as wifi, food and beverages, lounges, etc.

How to Transfer Between Terminals?

The passengers can travel to and from terminals via using the ATS train at the pre-security areas. If you want to access parking lot F from terminal one, two, and three, you can do so by using the shuttle bus. Terminal two contains pedestrian tunnel which links to terminal one and two 

Where to Check-in at Terminal 2

The passengers arriving from Chicago International Airport can check-in at the terminal two checkpoint. However, if you are not sure about the directions or want to gather other such information, you can contact the help desks at the airport for they’ll guide you through the process. 


In conclusion, Air Canada uses Terminal two at Chicago International Airport, some flights are operated by Air Canada only and the other codeshare flights are operated by other airlines only. So, make sure you have complete information about your reservation before you arrive at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is terminal two domestic or international?

Terminal two is one of the three domestic terminals present at the Chicago International Airport. 

Which terminal at O’Hare is international?

Most of the international flights arrive from terminal five at Chicago O’Hare Airport. 

What gates are in terminal 2 at O’Hare?

Terminal two is a home to Concourse E and Concourse F, with the former consisting gates E1 to E17 and the later consisting gates from F1 to F12, F14 to F17, F19 to F23, F24 to F25, and F26 to F28.
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