Terminal-M at the Vancouver Airport

Air Canada usually operates from the main terminal, Terminal-M at the Vancouver Airport. Codeshare flights operated by other airlines, but labelled as Air Canada’s uses terminal S at Vancouver airport. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to double check information about your arriving flight with Air Canada to confirm which terminal you need to go to. 

Follow the instructions mentioned in your reservation or use other methods to gather information about your arriving flight such as the official website of Air Canada, mobile application, or via call. 

Terminal M-Main Terminal 

Air Canada uses Terminal M at Vancouver airport for both its domestic and international flights. Furthermore, the main terminal is divided into domestic and international areas for a hassle free onboarding process. There are a wide range of services offered to the passengers at the Main terminal. This terminal includes four levels consisting of:

  • Level 1: it is the service plaza area of the Vancouver airport.
  • Level 2: it is the baggage claim area and the arrivals area of the airport.
  • Level 3: it is the departure area for the passengers, in which there are three concourses for the domestic passengers and several concourses for the international passengers. 
  • Level 4: it is basically the public observation area and provides a train to the city. The passengers can access check-in areas, arrivals, and other services at this level.


There are several services provided at the Vancouver airport including baggage services. Some of the services include: 

  • Restaurants, cafes, and duty free shops.
  • ATMs, postal and poster services.
  • Quiet areas, chapel, and currency exchange.

Inter-terminal Transfer

As all the terminals are located within the building, there’s no need for the passengers to shuttle between the domestic and international areas. The courtesy shuttle connects the south terminal with the main terminal so the passengers can transfer easily to and from the south terminal. The terminal serves from : 

Time International Area Domestic Area
Weekdays 6:45 am to 08:05 pm06:50 am to 20:10 pm
Saturdays07:05 am to 07:05 pm07:10 am to 07:10 pm
Sundays 07:35 am to 07:45 pm07:40 am to 07:50 pm 

Bottom Line 

All the domestic and international flights by Air Canada usually operate from the Main terminal-Terminal M at the Vancouver Airport. The passengers can enjoy a variety of services at the airport before their flight. In case the passengers seek answers to their reservation related queries, they can always get in touch with the help desk or with the airline staff. 

What Terminal Is Air Canada In Vancouver (FAQs)

Where is the Air Canada check in counter at YVR?

Full-service check-ins are available at the airline’s counter at the Vancouver Airport on level three. 

How many terminals are there in Vancouver Airport?

Vancouver airport consists of two terminals, the main terminal-terminal M and the south terminal. 

Is one hour enough for boarding connecting flights in Vancouver?

One hour is ample time for boarding connecting flights in Vancouver, as one does not need to go through repeated security checks at the airport. Once you are behind the security check-ins, you don’t need to be back in front again. 
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