Does Air Canada Require Masks

Air Canada does not require masks on flights with its passengers. It is not compulsory but passengers can wear it for their personal convenience. Also, for passengers flying to Canada, the COVID vaccinations and mandatory testing is also removed.

All these new rules have been effective from the beginning of October 2022. While the mandates have been relaxed and lifted for passengers flying to Canada. Similar rules are not applicable to other countries.

Each country has its separate COVID policy and Air Canada needs to abide by the same. However, the majority of countries have relaxed the mandate to at least wear masks. While as precautionary actions, the negative test reports and other health documents might be still required. 

The COVID virus impact has been declining around the world and so are the mandates. Masks are no more mandatory on Air Canada

Also, earlier Air Canada made it mandatory to fill out the Advance declaration form to access health information about each flying passenger. It is still in use but for submitting immigration and other arrival details online. The ArriveCAN is not required to collect health information.

For countries other than Canada, the rules might still imply. You do have to wear a mask at Air Canada departure or arrival airports based on local authorities regulations.

Travel documents specifying individuals’ health and other related information are still required by authorities. Passengers can verify the documents required for their reserved destination by using Air Canada’s ‘Travel Ready’ feature

How to Use Air Canada Travel Ready Features? 

Travel Ready informs the user about the current documents and testing required by authorities of particular countries. Even minute details of what type of test and other health documents will be accepted are also mentioned.

How to Use Air Canada Travel Ready Features? 

This feature is also helpful to those who are still making plans and have not decided on a destination yet. 

  • Visit the Air Canada website or check the mobile application.
  • Click on Find out your destination travel requirements. 
  • It will lead you to a new page with a Travel Ready section.
  • There will appear a few drop-down menus and sliders to gather information about the desired destination.
  • Firstly, Slide towards the left, if you are vaccinated. If not, then slide right.
  • Next, select the right option from the following drop-down bars.
  • Enter the place of departure (from) and arrival(to), date, and month.
  • Finally, click on the Find bar highlighted in blue.
  •  Travel documents required and other mandates will be reflected on the screen. It will help plan the trip with more flexibility.

There could be a few countries that might require travelers from specific countries to quarantine for a few days or a week. Such steps are taken to avoid the spread of COVID-prone areas and countries. Also, masks are not required on Air Canada flights, but it still follows and suggests precautionary steps to be followed since arrival at the airport.

Air Canada has an entire section dedicated to safety norms including accidental and health-related precautionary measures. Surely, Air Canada is a good airline to travel with and has gained recognition due to its quality.

Does Air Canada Require Masks on flights for International Routes?

The necessary mandates for wearing a mask to any destination vary due to the local rules of the country. Air Canada has removed any such requirements but follows the guidelines of the respective country.

Does Air Canada have Proof of Vaccination?

Yes, Air Canada requires proof of vaccination to legitimize the details as a safety protocol for fellow passengers and the crew.

Does Air Canada Allow entry to unvaccinated passengers?

As the impact of COVID is declining, Air Canada has started to allow unvaccinated passengers on planes. However, this might differ if the country doesn’t allow such travelers on its land yet.
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