How to Change Air France Flight

Booking flights and making changes to them is an ongoing process in the aviation industry. That’s why airlines provide an easy and hassle-free process to make it done as quickly as possible. To complete Air France change flight process, call directly through the contact us option or visit the official website. Log in and go to manage my bookings. Enter details, choose the “change my flight” option, and make it done after paying the amount, only if applicable.

If you are scrolling to know how to change Air France flight, then you are exactly in the right place. In this article, we will make give you a crystal clear explanation of the Air France flight change policy, ways, charges, policies, etc.

Air France Change Flight Guide

Air France Change Flight Process

Air France Change flight process is not a herculean task to follow. Anyone can make a change by simply following the below-mentioned steps. All the ways are mentioned and one can choose according to them. These changes can be made online or offline, and guided for both the process in a crystal clear way on this page.

Air France Flight Change Online

Changing Air France flights in the quickest and easiest way is to make it done online. Without any hassle, or any kind of issue, passengers can directly change their flights through the official website. Below are the steps for Air France Flight change process

  • Visit the official website,
  • Click on the “Manage Booking” option
  • Enter the “Passenger Reference Number” and “Last Name”
  • Select the Itinerary
  • Choose the “Change my flight” option
  • Select and confirm the changes
  • Pay the change fee, if applicable

After proceeding further, passengers will receive all the details for their new flight on their email or phone.

Air France Flight Change Offline

Another way to make the changes to your Air France flight ticket is to call directly or visit personally. If passengers choose to visit personally, they can visit the Air France counter and ask the Guest Care Staff to make the changes. Similarly, Passengers can contact Air France by Phone and request flight change by following the below-mentioned process

  • Call 1800 419 2033
  • Ask for the Air France Flight change
  • Provide all the required details to them
  • Confirm the changes
  • Pay the fee if applicable

After the changes will be done, passengers will receive all the details on their phone or email.

Air France Change Fee

The change flight options are free of cost in some cases. We are providing a table to clearly under about the Air France change fees for future reference. These prices are as follows:

Changes made at or Self-service KioskChanges made at the airport or city ticket officeChanges made via phone bookings (1-800-237-2747)
Changing or Canceling a TicketNo Fee$20No Fee
Offline Re-issue of Third Party TicketNA$50 for non-full-flex fares and $0 for full-flex fares$50 for non-full-flex fares and $0 for full-flex fares


  • These prices may vary from country to country
  • Changes in price might be seen while making changes in the Itinerary

Air France Flight Change Policy

Air France Flight Change Policy

Understanding Air France Flight Change policy will make all the doubts clear for all the passengers. Check all the policies mentioned below before planning your travel with Air France

  • Changes can be made only if the tickets are purchased from the official channels
  • No change fee will be charged if the changes are made within 24 hours of booking
  • Passengers need to talk with officials/staff to make changes in group bookings. 
  • For group bookings, flight changes will be made separately
  • Changes can be made only with the original form
  • No changes can be made to authorized portals if the flight reservations are done by any unauthorized agency
  • Changes can’t be done after the check-in request. This will not be considered in any condition
  • To make changes for an upgrade, passengers have to pay the difference amount, Air France change flight fee and other administration fee as well, if applicable.

24-Hour Air France Change Policy

To make it more clear whether it’s free or not, we have to understand the 24-hour Air France Flight change policy. Below is detailed information about the same:

  • If the changes are done within 24 hours of booking, then no amount will be charged for any changes made
  • Passengers must have the ticket purchased through any authorized channel
  • All the changes will be payable if they have been made outside of the risk-free period
  • A limited time is allotted usually and one has to pay an additional fee if the changes will be made after that time period.

Same Day Air France Change Flight Policy

Most customers try to make changes on the same day of the travel and often think about whether it can be done or not. Below are the requirements to make it done:

  • Travelers should have a valid ticket 
  • Air France Change Fee will be applicable as per the terms & conditions
  • Any passenger cannot transfer the ticket to another person’s name
  • If the ticket is booked for the same day departure, any change will be payable, irrespective of changes within 24 hours of booking policy


Changes can be made easily after booking the flight with Air France. Passengers have to follow the steps discussed in this article to make it done quickly and without any hassle. Before traveling, travelers can prefer this guide to make their future trip more relaxing and stress-free by easily grabbing all the knowledge about how to change Air France flight, its fees, policies, etc.

Air France Change Flight (FAQs)

How can I change my ticket on Air France?

To change Air France flight tickets, passengers can visit the official website/app. The manage my booking option will allow you to make changes after entering all the details asked on the screen. Pay the charges and confirm if applicable.

When can I change my Air France flight?

If any change is required in your Air France flight, you can make it done within 24 hours of booking for free. Similarly, at least 24 hours before departure is the last time window to change it, and costs are applicable.

How can I contact Air France by phone?

To contact Air France by phone, you can call on 1800 4192 033.

Is Air France refundable within 24 hours?

According to the policies, if a passenger cancels an Air France flight within 24 hours of booking and at least a week prior to departure, a complete refund will be initiated.
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