Is Air France a Good Airline

Is Air France a good airline? So, Air France receives mixed reviews from passengers for its services. It can be concluded as an average airline that lacks in providing a convenient experience to its passengers.  

The staff’s failure to deliver the passengers of the airline with basic promised facilities leads to many negative customer reviews for Air France. It is despite the fact that it is one of the most popular and oldest airlines in the industry. While it is also appreciated for its punctuality and least cancellations and delays. Yet, the overall rankings of the airline declined due to inefficiency in serving the passengers.

 In order to decide whether or not to book an Air France flight, compare the prices, services, and customer feedback. Here is a detailed analysis for individuals to evaluate is Air France a good airline or not. 

Air France Air Carrier Contact Information
Address45 rue de Paris 95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex , France
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Key Analysis of Air France Services and Performance 

Is Air France a good airline is a subjective topic. Since the facilities claimed and offered vary as per the customer feedback.  Its staff behavior and inability to solve passengers’ issues have been the major factor contributing to the negative image of Air France Airlines. 

Nonetheless, it has various good points that help it maintain a steady profile and presence in the airline industry. Also, each passenger has its own set of expectations and there is an equal probability for you to like the overall airline performance or dislike it. 

That is why, it is essential to self-evaluate is Air France a good airline as per your expectations. The final decision must be after careful calculation of prices and the service promised. If the value for money is on the negative side, then it is not beneficial to fly with the airline and vice versa. 

Air France Fleet and Maintenance

In total, Air France Fleet has 213 aircraft as per the present data. Out of these, 206 are operating currently which are mainly Airbus and Boeing planes. 

The airline owns 37% of the fleet. Whereas, the rest others are on leases in different percentages.  With an average age of 12.1 years, it is a blend of new and average-aged planes. At regular intervals, Air France scraps the old aircraft and utilizes trained employees for maintenance and repair purposes. 

There are narrow to wide-body aircraft that are designed for different duration route needs. The modern range is equipped with all tools and technology to be able to assist the crew and pilots in handling the difficult-risky situation. 

Air France WiFi Service

Air France WiFi Service

Air France WiFi service is actually really good with high-speed internet access. Moreover, it allows messaging on social media apps for free. The streaming and browsing purpose internet packs are also moderate in price. These days Air France has started to deploy satellite connectivity for improved speed. While it is limited to a few aircraft, in the near future it will be available in most of them.

You can also watch the shows and programs on the TV screen attached to the front of the seat. A range of shows, movies, and others are pre-installed ensuring passengers’ entertainment. 

Ratings for On-Ground and In-Flight Services by Air France

Air France passengers have shared stories of facing issues on the ground and in flight. It is not anything due to the aircraft’s stability or in terms of safety. Instead, the staff and crew performance to ensure services are properly delivered as per the airline policy and claims is highly missing. 

Baggage loss, damage, delays, and cancellations at times have been the majorly recorded statements against the airline service quality. However, other in-flight and wifi options are appreciated and loved by the passengers. Evermore, the journey becomes better with affordable ticket prices offered by Air France. 

Varied and Affordable Cabins of Air France

Varied and Affordable Cabins of Air France

Air France wins the race here by offering a range of seats and cabins to choose. There are various options to explore between the Economy and the most premium first class. You can buy the amenities and extra comfort with a selection of certain selective seats.

Business and La Premiere are the higher-class seating options. Whereas, there are Air France premium  economy seats within the same cabins that offer up to 15 cm extra leg space, reclinable seats, and other additional benefits. Complimentary services are available for this seat passengers and the priority status is reserved for the other updated cabins. 

Flying Blue Program and Miles

Air France Flying Blue is a program to reward its flyers who spent on their flights or their partner services. For every Euro spent, you can earn up to 4 miles. The number of Miles points increases if you are a Gold, Silver, or Platinum member. You can use these points to book flights in the future. Else, to purchase a night stay at a hotel, cab, taxi, or any service which is provided by its partners. The complete list of them is available on the official website.

There will be a validity period within which you must spend these or will lose the Miles points. However, if you fly at least twice a year with the airline, then you can use the points earned at any given time without the worry of the expiry date. 

Safety Standards and Crew Expertise of Air France

Safety Standards and Crew Expertise of Air France:

This is a very crucial point as safety and quality both matter. Air France safety is ranked as good and is internationally certified. Yes, there have been cases in the past which make its safety very questionable. However, that was due to various reasons and involved a lot of external factors. 

Now, Air France is IATA certified airline for its crew performance, expertise, and fleet safety.  Moreover, Air France has worked extensively to improve its safety standards. Individuals who are concerned about Air France Safe must evaluate its performance and see how it has improved. 

Overview of Air France Airlines


Air France serves its passengers with a bunch of features that are affordable and comfortable. Extending the features, it goes premium and a lit bit higher in prices for passengers who require more for travel. For every need, there is something. But, reviews about the staff performance is quite low and hence keeping the question is Air France Good a subjective topic. 

The value for money will be justified for you if the staff is supportive and quick to offer the services. Otherwise, the airline is actually good and serves almost all the amenities and features that are required to make a travel experience worthwhile. 

Air France Airlines Review (FAQs) 

Is Air France a good airline to fly? 

Air France is a moderately good airline to fly according to passenger reviews and the services claimed to offer. 

How is Air France rated?

Air France is rated as a good airline in the industry. However, there are a few problems noticed and witnessed by the passengers.

Does Air France have premium seats and cabins? 

La Premier and Business class cabins are available for passengers ensuring maximum comfort and convenience. 

Is Air France Reliable? 

Air France is a reliable and good airline to fly with positive customer feedback, international certifications, and ratings. 
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