Is Air France Safe

Yes, Air France is entirely safe. It is one of the most reputed airlines in the world. It believes in putting its customers first. The airline is rewarded for its health and safety measures by Skytrax and Apex Health Safety. Air France follows health safety and security precautions measures. Passengers traveling with Air France consider the airline as very safe to travel. 

The airline was founded in 1933, and since then, it has offered its passengers a unique experience on board its aircraft serving a vast network globally. The aircraft operation is crafted around mainly three activities cargo, aircraft maintenance, and passenger transport. The aircraft is recognized for its awards in various fields and regions of the world. Air France aims to provide the best of France to its customers at each step of the journey with more comfortable cabins, food, airport lounges, architecture, and exceptional services in all cabins.

How Safe is Air France?

How safe is Air France

Very safe! Air France is very safe to travel with. They are committed to working together to ensure safe, secure, and sustainable air travel that enriches our world. As a member of the Skyteam alliance, they align with all the necessary safety measures and approaches towards maintenance and operations. They are also certified under the IATA Operational Safety Audit, a globally recognized evaluation system that measures an airline’s operational management and control systems. Overall, you can trust that Air France prioritizes safety in all operations.

Air France Is IOSA Certified- IATA Operational Safety Audit

Air France Is IOSA Certified- IATA Operational Safety Audit

Air France is IATA operational safety Audit Certified airline (IOSA). The airline has all the necessary systems and processes in place to operate the aircraft safely. Air France Airlines are examined every two years to ensure it provides its passengers with the safest airline. Air France is operational in the European Union and the United States and has never been blacklisted for its safety issue. The airlines in France perform favorably in ICAO country Audits that help in assessing the nation’s steps towards the airline’s safety oversight and regulations. In the last 10 years, Air France has not suffered any Fatal accidents. 

The airline is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, which highlight the significant stamp of approval for the airline’s approach toward safety and operations. 

Air France Multiple Awards Wins at the Skytrax World Airline 2024

Air France multiple awards wins at the Skytrax World Airline 2023

Air France has been voted the best airline in Western Europe for three consecutive years, including in 2023. It ranked 7th among the world’s best airlines this year, up from 8th place last year. Air France has also secured the top three categories in La Premiere service in categories:- 

  1. Best First Class Airport Lounge.
  2. Best First class airline lounge catering. 
  3. Best First Class onboard catering.

Air France has also received the Diamond Award from Apex Health and Safety Airlines for the second year, and CDG shows for the first year. Air France is famous for the quality of its offering, the density of its network, its structure, and its efforts in digital innovation and customer service. It has also been named the best European airline for its Economy cabin by World Travel Awards and the best airline in the world for the European zone.  

Awards and Recognition Achieved in 2024

Air France has bagged some significant titles in 2024, ranking 8th best airline, Best European Economy airlines, and 5 Stars at the Official Airline Ratings for the 1st year.


  • Skytrax World Airline Awards ranking
  • 8th best airline in the world
  • Best airline in Western Europe


  • World Travel Awards
  • Best European airline for its Economy cabin
  • Best airline in the world for the European zone


  • Apex Awards
  • 5 Stars at the Official Airline Ratings for the 1st year
  • Finalist in the Best Inflight Food & Beverage Innovations category
  • 1st European airline for IFE


  • Onboard Awards
  • Best baby kit in the “Kids Amenities” category

Air France Incidents and Accidents

The airline has a long operational history of flying large fleets. In the past, Air France has suffered some incidents and fatal accidents. In 1987, 1988, 2000, and 2009, the airlines faced fatal accidents and fifteen incidents excluding fatal accidents such as hijackings, turbulence, or lightning strikes. Based on these incidents, we cannot decide if Air France is safe? Because the airline has achieved a lot since then, it has improved its services and is serious about the maintenance and safety of its aircraft. 

Air France Contact Information
Address45 rue de Paris 95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex , France
Youtube AccountURL


Air France is a reliable and safe airline to fly with, with a safety record that is on par with other major airlines. While there have been some incidents in the past forty years, there have been no fatal accidents in the last ten years. Air France follows safety protocols and procedures that are endorsed by its IOSA certification, and it is overseen by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the DGAC, which have scored above the global average in ICAO’s Country Audits. As one of Europe’s largest airlines, Air France has a good track record of safely transporting many passengers each year. Although there have been some unfortunate incidents, recent performance has been good, and it is fair to say that Air France is a safe airline to fly with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to travel by air to France?

Yes! It is entirely safe; however, it has faced some accidents in the past, but since the last decade, air France has not reported any fatal accidents. 

Is Air France a good airline?

Yes, it is IOSA certified and Skytrax World Airline ranking airline, with multiple awards in the best cabin, world travel, and onboard awards. 

Is Air France comfortable?

Yes, the flight is very comfortable and on time, the meal is good, and the flight experience is worth the cost. 

How is Air France rated as an airline?

It is rated above 7.5 by its frequent travelers, above the general average.  
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