How to Upgrade to Air France  

Air France a reputed French International airline serving five continents globally, offers excellent opportunities to its passengers on how to get an upgrade on air France flight service. The airline irrespective of the fare class you have booked provides you an excellent opportunity to upgrade your cabin that will give you the stated advantages such as more spacious seats, premium onboard service, extra baggage grant, access to lounge, preference boarding, and some more.

Air France frequent flyer program allows you to earn and redeem miles across seven partner airlines. The Airways offers an exceptional opportunity to get an upgrade for its first class service that involves a chauffeur and the personal class service to escort you to the airport. However, the exciting news is that you have multiple ways to get an upgrade from economic class to first class.

Insider Tips on How to Get an Upgrade on Air France Before and after Checking in

Exploring Upgrade Options On Air France

If you have already booked a ticket and want to know how to upgrade your air France flight ticket then you may have to wait until check-in opens, the upgrade service is only accessible using the Flying Blue customer service and are payable in miles. 

You get additional options for upgrades once the check-in opens after that you can access the service of upgrading online, at the airport, and even flight on board. These last minutes upgrade services can be paid using Flying Blue miles and cash or only cash. However, it is vital to consider that all upgrades are subject to availability. 

Upgrading Before check-in Opens

Upgrading Before check-in opens

Air France offers upgrading service even before check-in, for this, you have to call on their customer service number then only you can book your upgrade. For more information on the upgrade option available on call please visit their official website.

Upgrading after check-in opens Online 

Once you have checked in at the airport you can book your last-minute upgrade online, that you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into Flying Blue 
  2. Go to My Trip
  3. See if it is available 
  4. Confirm the Upgrade

Upgrade your Ticket At Airport

Upgrading At airport

At the airport, you may need to request your upgrade for your ticket at the terminal ticket counter before boarding. If the upgrade is available at that moment then you can get it easily. 

Upgrading Once you have boarded 

If you are already on board and you want to know “Can you upgrade on Air France” then in that case you can speak with a flying attendant to upgrade your ticket. They may take some moments to check if there is availability or not. 

Upgrading By phone 

Upgrading By phone 

You can still access your upgrade at the airport after check-in opens using the customer service number. 

Contact on:-

Key Considerations for Upgrading Your Air France Flight 

Before you proceed towards your Air France upgrade seat, here are some key points you must consider:-

  • Upgrades to First class(La Premiere) are only available for the Business class Platinum members. 
  •  After check-in, only the reward ticket is eligible for upgrades for Air France. 
  • XP (experience points) the more you travel the more you gain XP, and these are gained based on the original cabin booked. 
  • XP cannot be gained on any cabin upgrades made after your first purchase it is available only on the original cabin. 
  • Upgrades are available on Air France and its partner airlines, and these are subject to availability. 

Air France Free Upgrade Bid 

If you are hoping to avail the upgraded cabin free or without paying full price for business class or first class, be on alert during your check-in process. Before 48 hours of the flight departure, you can avail of the option for an upgrade at discounted price and free but for that, you may need to call customer service. You can pay for any of these upgrades using cash, Flying Blue frequent flier miles, or both, but you need to act fast for that as they may go away fast. 

Hacks to get a free upgrade on Air France

Hacks to get a free upgrade on Air France
  • Stick to Air France and join their frequent flier service to avail of the air miles points. 
  • The air miles points can later be used to access the free flight service or use it to upgrade to a higher travel class. 
  • Traveling frequently and being a loyal client of Air France can lead you to special treatment services and offer you a free upgrade.
  •  Own a credit card partner with airlines, as this will allow you to earn bonus points for qualifying purchases. 
  • Arrive early and ask for the free upgrades. 
  • Traveling solo, being polite, and flying midweek or redeye flights increase the chances of a free upgrade. 
  • Volunteering to be “bumped” to the next flight if it’s overbooked can also result in an upgrade sometimes.
  • Check if your ticket is eligible for an upgrade before you ask for it. 

Air France Airlines Contact Details
Address45 rue de Paris 95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex , France
Youtube AccountURL

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get a free upgrade on Air France? 

Ask for it! You should ask for the free upgrades but have to make sure that you are a loyal customer of Air France.

How to get Air France to upgrade?

You can avail of the services:- Online, At the airport, onboard, and by phone.

Can I get upgraded on international flights?

Upgrades on International flights are quite rare, unlike domestic flights, but if you are a loyal passenger of Air France then it is possible. 
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