Does Air France Require Covid Test

Air France does not need a COVID test for its domestic routes. While, for other destinations, it is subject to region-specific laws. 

After WHO declared that COVID is no more a global emergency, the countries have also relaxed the laws and have allowed free movement of passengers or tourists. On the other hand, few rules are still active in certain places due to the virus spreading at a regional level. So, those who will be flying soon must confirm does Air France require a COVID test for their ticket or destination.  

Air France Airlines Contact Information

Address45 rue de Paris 95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex , France

Air France Latest COVID Test Guidelines 

Air France Latest COVID Test Guidelines 

Air France passengers can check if a COVID test is required or not by using the TravelDoc feature on the official website. It is a dedicated section that informs you about the various rules regarding COVID still in place as per the local guidelines.

The type of test, along with vaccination certificate and mask mandates will be visible for each destination. You can review if Air France does require a face mask on board and other regulations by following these few steps. 

  • Visit the Air France website
  • Click on the COVID-19 option. It is present on the top most, right corner of the menu.
  • A new page will appear on the screen. 
  • Select Travel Requirements from the ‘Prepare my trip’ section. 
  • After selecting, another new page asking for your travel details will be visible. 
  • Enter all the information including the Trip type, Departure, return date, or both. 
  • Use the drop-down bar and add the travel document and its other related details like nationality, issued by, and expiry date.  

Finally, on the big screen for your specific destination, all the rules will be reflected confirming if or not does Air France require Covid tests. You can also refer to the local authorities’ online portal and check the guidelines suggested for travelers. It is important to keep all the required documents handy with extra copies to clear the security and enter the nation. 

Type of Test and Duration 

Air France Travel Doc feature also allows you to check the accepted time period for a COVID test. Generally, short durations of 24-36 hours are only accepted. Tests that were done days or hours before are not valid due to the inefficiency of reporting the current status of the passenger’s health. 

The type of test from antigen to rapid again depends on the country and its rules. Some might require the test to be done on ground while departing or arriving. All such details will be clearly described on the Air France website dedicated page. Even more, it will tell you about the other necessary documents that will be needed for the journey to this destination.


Does Air France require covid tests? The mandatory rules to get a covid test are removed by Air France with the declining impact of the virus. However, due to the rules formed by the local authorities, the rules for Covid test requirements differ for each destination. So, make sure to verify all the guidelines and conditions for traveling to your preferred location with Air France. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a PCR test to fly through France?

Passengers traveling to France do not require a COVID negative report to enter the country. 

How to know does Air France require a COVID test?

Air France Airlines COVID testing rules vary for each destination it flies. It follows the rules and guidelines of local authorities. 

What is Air France COVID latest updates? 

As per the 2023 updates, Air France has relaxed the COVID regulations and only suggests masks be worn by passengers on board. Other guidelines are specific to the destination. 
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