Why is Avelo Air So Cheap

Avelo Airline is considered cheap because of its low fares in comparison to other aviation companies in the market. The new US airline established in 2021 has been making waves in the market as a low-cost carrier. Avelo Airline operates flights with its remarkable fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft and offers services to over 40 destinations across the United States. The airline is popularly famous for its lower flight prices and maintained flying quality. It does charge extra fees for services but it’s still affordable in terms of other airlines. 

So, if you are wondering Why is Avelo Air So Cheap then you have landed on the right page. Here, we will be discussing a number of factors that makes Avelo Airline an affordable option for its passengers and different from competitive airlines. 

Avelo Airline US Low-Cost Carrier

Avelo Airline US Low-Cost Carrier

Avelo Airline is famous for its excellent fares, affordable add-ons, friendly services, and cheaper checked bag fees. The airline started operating flights out of Burbank, California during the pandemic season in the United States. It focuses on providing services to smaller cities and to underserved airports which makes it an affordable option for travelers.

It was formally known as Casino Express Airlines which was founded in 1987 and flew for casinos in Elko, Nevada. Later, it started operating charter flights and changed its name to Xtra Airways. Avelo Airlines started its journey in the year 2021 by operating flights from  Hollywood Burbank Airport in California. Since then, it has expanded its fleet size to fifteen aircraft and added new routes from its major airport hubs. 

Why Avelo Airline is Affordable?

Why Avelo Airline is Affordable

Avelo Airlines stands out for selling budget-friendly tickets and providing perks such as inexpensive baggage fees. They keep their flight fares lower by providing point-to-point flights to their passengers. We have studied several factors that make Avelo Air an affordable option for your next journey:

Low Overhead Ratio

The reason why Avelo Air is cheap is because of its low overhead ratio that in return leads to lower fares. The airline comes under the category of no-frills carrier, meaning it provides basic and necessary services. It does not focus more on providing other services like inflight meals, entertainment, or luxurious seating. Thus, the airline is able to keep its cost on the lower end which helps in offering other services at reasonable prices to its customers. Avelo Airline does not offer services like other carriers but it puts valuable services on the table at a cheaper price for travelers who consider saving money on travel. 

Direct Consumer Sale

Direct Consumer Sale

Another main reason for Avelo Airline being affordable is because of its direct sale model. This implies that the airline sells tickets directly to its customer from its official website and ticket counter, not with the help of a third-party travel site or agency. The direct sale model eliminates the cost levied on these services which in the future lead to increased prices. In addition, the airline gets more control over its pricing in real-time, it can adjust the price depending on the situation and bring more flexibility in pricing strategy. 

Fleet Commonality & Efficient Operations

Avelo Airline operates flights with the same type of aircraft (Boeing 737-800s) which also leads to lower costs. The main benefit of having fleet commonality is that it saves one when it comes to maintenance and training. There is no need to hire a maintenance crew that specializes in a diverse range of aircraft. Instead, the training is provided to maintain specific types of aircraft only which reduces the cost.

In addition, the airline operates flights from smaller and underserved airports which have low charges as compared to larger airports. This helps Avelo Airlines in saving money on operation costs and charge its customers less. The airline also has fewer management levels which lead to quick decision-making and simplified communication within the system. The responsibility and power is well divided since there is no middle management. This makes Avelo a safe airline that is more responsive to the changes in the aviation market and adapts quickly. 

Limited Destination Network

Limited Destination Network

Avelo Airline serves a limited number of destinations which is why the fares are usually inexpensive. It operates flights to the western United States which enable Avelo to keep its focus only on a limited number of routes and optimize its operation properly. 

However, this does not mean that the airline does plan to expand its services. Avelo Airlines has recently expanded its services by adding more routes to its map including locations on  East Coast, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest. In addition, the airline will soon start operating flights to the international market in Mexico, the Caribbean, and most probably Canada as well. While the airline is rapidly growing, the motive to make air services affordable persists. 

Customer Services

Customer Services

Avelo Airlines manages to provide remarkable services to its customer even after keeping the fare cheaper. That’s what makes the airline different from other low-cost carriers present in the market. The crew of the airline is well-trained to guide and help customers in need, which adds to the overall customer experience. Avelo Airline may not offer expensive amenities but its dedication to making travel an affordable choice for customers makes up for that. 

Final Words

Overall, Avelo Air is a good airline that focuses more on customer satisfaction and making air travel affordable. Factors like low overhead cost, direct consumer sales, fleet commonality, and limited destination network help in making the fare reasonable for its customers. In addition, the airline offers valuable services and plans on expanding its routes to serve more customers. Avelo Airlines stands out in the crowd of low-cost carriers because of its consistent commitment to affordable air travel while planning on expansion. As the airline adds more services and routes, it will be interesting to see what factors it will implement to keep prices reasonable and maintain its uniqueness in the market. 

Why is Avelo Air So Cheap (FAQs)

Is Avelo Airlines successful?

Yes, Avelo Airlines is famous among other low-cost carriers. It has flown more than two million passengers and operated over 17,000 flights since its debut in 2021.

Do people like Avelo Airlines?

Absolutely yes, passengers recommend flying Aevelo Airlines because of its friendly services, cheap prices, and affordable fees for add-ons. 
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