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If you are a student or travel for studies then you would like to know that many airlines provide student discount on flights. This makes the fares a lot cheaper and more affordable for students on a tight budget. The college experience is filled with a lot of stress, hitting books, and obviously limitations on budget. However, there is one underrated benefit which is student air travel discounts. You may have used these discounts in a store or for entertainment purposes, but you may not know that a student ID can lower fare prices. We are here to answer which airlines offer student discounts and whether it is worth it or not. 

Top 6 Airlines That Give Student Discounts

The thrill of exploration often goes hand in hand with tight budgets for students. Whether you are going home or traveling abroad for studies, finding an affordable and discounted flight becomes a priority. Luckily, there are several airlines that offer student discounts on flights to ensure budget-friendly travel. Students with financial constraints can book flights with these airlines to get the best deals and discounted fares. However, students have to meet certain conditions in order to benefit from the discounts. Here we have discussed major airlines that offer student air travel discounts and their eligibility.

1. Delta Airlines 

Delta Airlines provides student discounts on flights by teaming up with StudentUniverse, a travel booking service for students and youth. Passengers can get some best deals on flights irrespective of the reason for flying. It could be for your vacation or studies, Delta and StudentUniverse will get you there no matter what. Passengers must sign up on Student Universe to get access to student-based pricing. Afterwards, verify your profile for a student by providing a valid ID issued by the school or college.

 2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines provides a 10% discount on fares which is now available for Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class flights. Students can book Lite, Value, or Standard fares to enjoy student discounts on flights. The airline provides additional perks like checked bags up to 50kgs and free Singapore Airlines flight changes on first bookings. Here’s how you become eligible for Singapore Airlines Student Discounts:

  • Become a KrisFlyer member by joining the membership program to enjoy student privileges.
  • Verify your student status after you complete the registration.
  • Afterwards, search for flights through the airline’s dedicated page for students. 

Singapore Airlines’ prices can be a little pricey for students however, its services are worth buying the ticket. If you frequently travel to Southeast Asia and usually carry a lot of baggage then this would be the right choice. 

3. American Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines student air travel discounts of 10-20%, you can apply for this offer via the official website or by contacting the airline. Students must ensure that their college/institution is certified and registered with American Airlines to be eligible for discounts. It is also mandatory to join the loyalty program called AAdvantage. If you can decide on the day of travel then you can choose to travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as the flights are the cheapest on these days. To qualify for the student discount, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student.
  • Admitted to a listed university/college/school.
  • The school ID must be in possession while booking the ticket & on the day of travel.
  • Registered on the AAdvantage loyalty program.

4. Air Canada

Air Canada provides student discounts which are in the form of a flight pass. The reason for travel can be anything. It could be you’re visiting family or planning an adventurous trip, the Air Canada Student Flight Pass makes your travel more flexible. Students can purchase this pre-paid package which comes with 4 to 6 one-way flight credits in Economy Standard or Flex fare. This also features locked fare prices, a flexible Air Canada Cancellation Policy, and no expiration dates. This will provide a flight between $1,000 CAD if you are flying within Halifax. However, it may cost around $4,000 CAD for a flight between European to Western Canadian cities. Read all the terms and conditions on the airline’s website. You will require a valid student ID to get the flight discount. Remember, this flight credit can only be used for your own travel. 

5. United Airlines

United Airlines

United Airlines teamed up with StudentUniverse to offer some best student discounts on flights. You can fly over 330 international and domestic destinations with this program and get cheaper airfares. Whether you are traveling to study abroad or on vacation, United Airlines is a safe option for travel. In addition, United Airlines provides up to 5% discounts on all fares through their mobile application. This is not a student discount but rather a discount for travelers aged 18-23 years. You can avail of this offer through mobile applications. Check out the following points to enjoy fare discounts:

  • Download and visit the United Airlines mobile application.
  • Log in to your MileagePlus account. Create a new account for free if you haven’t already.
  • Tap on the “Book” option from the navigation bar.
  • Select “Discounted travel (18-23)” and the discounts will show up on your screens.  

Students must keep in mind that the cheapest price does not include any carry-on baggage facility. There are many airlines that offer at least one carry-on bag as a default. So, we would recommend taking a flight if the airline is one of the few to serve the route or if it is cheaper than the other options. 

6. Lufthansa

Lufthansa is a good airline that provides student air travel discounts on flights originating from the USA and India. Such fares are termed ‘Student Fares’ by the airline. It also offers affordable flights to European cities. Passengers must be enrolled as a student in registered educational institutes. A proper identification card stating the status of students is required for booking the flight. United Airlines accepts institute ID or a valid ISIC card for student fares. Moreover, passengers get more flexibility in their bookings such as extra United Airlines Checked Baggage. You can avail of the service by visiting the student offer page on the official website and searching for the flight. The page will display flight options with already discounted prices for students.

Eligibility To Qualify For Student Air Travel Discounts

Eligibility To Qualify For Student Air Travel Discounts

Not everyone is eligible for student air travel discounts, there are certain criteria that one has to meet. Moreover, every airline has its own criteria for students availing discounts on flights. Thus, eligibility may vary depending on the airline or the travel agency. Many times the airline provide student discount on flights for a confined period. Therefore, it is suggested to read the airline’s terms and conditions for discounts before making the reservation. Also, check the following basic criteria to qualify for student flight discounts:

  • You must be enrolled in a registered institute of education.
  • You must be a full-time student.
  • Students must meet the age criteria set by the airline
  • Students must be able to provide authentic IDs and documents to verify their status.

Tips for Students Looking for Flight Discounts

Tips for Students Looking for Flight Discounts

Aside from getting the discount from airlines, students must also practice some habits in order to get the best of all. Check out some useful tips that will always make sure to get you the best price on fare even if there are lack of options. However, students must make sure that they possess all the documents in order to be eligible for the discounts. 

  • Use Student Verification Services – Many airlines partner with student verification services such as StudentUniverse to provide flight discounts. So, if you often find yourself traveling for studies or any other reasons then you must get yourself registered on these platforms.
  • Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates – Students can find the best deals on flights if they are flexible with their travel dates. Flights during the weekdays are often sold out for cheaper prices. 
  • Sign Up for Email Alerts – Subscribing to an email newsletter from the airline can keep you in the loop about special discounts and promotion activities. You can book a more affordable ticket than you would have normally. 
  • Compare Prices – Always compare your flight prices with other airlines before confirming the reservation. Additionally, compare your discounted flight price with the original amount to ensure you are getting the best deals.
  • Pursue Policies of the Airline – Students must read the airline’s policies in order to avoid denied boarding. You must be aware of all the airport formalities that you have to perform before boarding and after getting off the plane. Lastly, get to the airport early so that you have ample time and fewer chances of missing the flight. 

Airlines That Do Not Offer Student Discounts

Airlines That Do Not Offer Student Discounts

Many airlines do not offer students discounts. Earlier, we discussed airlines that offered a student flight discounts. Here we will explore airlines that still do not offer such discounts. Spirit, Frontier, and Hawaiian are examples of such airlines. They provide free baggage and airfare but are not active when it comes to academic discounts. Some groups of major airlines are also a part of this – Delta Airlines, Southwest, JetBlue, Alaska, and WestJet Airlines. However, these airlines do offer reasonable and cheaper fare prices to their passengers. You may still have savings on specific routes with these airlines as they continuously provide promotional offers. Airlines like Delta and United Airlines do not separately provide student air travel discounts but collaborate with StudentUniverse to provide flight discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which airlines offer student discounts for international flights?

Airlines like Emirates, Delta, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, etc, provide student discounts on international flights. 

which airlines give student discounts?

Many airlines offer student discounts such as United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Delta Airlines partnered with StudentUniverse, etc.

what airlines offer student discounts in the United States?

American Airlines and United Airlines are examples of US-based airlines that offer student discounts. 

Does Southwest offer discounts to student passengers?

At present, Southwest does not provide any student discounts but its flight prices are relatively cheaper than competitive airlines.

What is StudentUniverse?

StudentUniverse is a travel agency that operates digitally and provides the best travel deals for students and youth.
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