Is United Airlines Safe

Yes! United Airlines is a safe airline and has been ranked among the top 20 safest in the world. It is according to the online ratings. Also, the airline is also IATA certified. Undoubtedly there have been various incidents that led to fatalities but that to be honest is part of the air travel. What matters is the improvement in performance and current safety standards of the airline. 

A major accident that caused more than 112 deaths out of 296 people on board and 184 major injuries is also part of the infamous accidents of United Airlines. It occurred in 1989 and to date is counted as one of the most fatal accidents of the airline. Despite this, it is considered as a safe landing with many survivors. While it was next to impossible as it was due to engine failure when the flight was taking a turn resulting in damaged parts. It was the smart crew management and response that saved 184 lives. Hence, it is clearly visible that the airline is safe and trustworthy. The accident was not the staff or management’s ignorance or failure to operate safely. 

The aim of introducing the accident while stating that the airline is safe is to emphasize the fact many external factors are beyond control but how the crew and pilots manage is a true example of safety. Also, these should not be repetitive. If these two red flags turn a flag, then you can consider booking a flight with the airline. Moreover, there are other factors that also approve of why is United Airlines safe. Review these and make a final judgment of whether it is safe or not. 

Reasons Why United Airlines is Safe to Fly 

United Airlines first took its flight in 1931. It is one of the oldest and most experienced airlines in the U.S. and industry. As we dig deeper into reasons why United Airlines is safe to fly, we need to review its history and progress till today. Its work culture and commitment can be evaluated from its overall record. So, continue reading to know more about the airline. 

As previously mentioned, United Airlines has been serving since 1931 and has a large network of routes to 210 domestic and 120 international destinations. It is one of the largest carriers in terms of total destinations flown. Even customer reviews speak positively about it and confirm that United Airlines is good and absolutely safe to fly. 

United has a dedicated page towards safety management and evaluation which the customers can view on their official website. Each step is explained in detail. Let’s review more such points to get a much clearer idea of how safe is United Airlines safe to fly. 

United Airlines Experienced Crew and Innovation:

United Airlines is a step ahead and by not just focusing on employing talented and experienced crew. It increases their potential by offering training via Virtual Reality programs where the crew is practically taught about the possible risks and the efficient ways to handle it with minimum or negligible damage possible. The virtual effect of real space helps them understand the situation well and equips them with hands-on experience to manage it. This step is surely a true mark of United Airlines dedication towards safety and passenger’s convenience. 

Modern Fleet with State-of-the Art Technology:

As of present, United Airlines owns Embraer, Boeing and Airbus aircrafts. It includes one of the modern fleets like the Boeing 787,737 which is self equipped to reduce noise and jet lag effects on board and offer a much more comfortable experience. Moreover, it even has new and advanced technology that is efficient enough to handle and manage minor risky situations. It is a reliable helping hand for the crew and pilots. Here even United has made sure it utilizes the innovation and technology to improve the safety of its operations. 

COVID-19 Hygienic and Safe Performance of United Airlines: 

United Airlines received 4-star ratings for managing good hygiene and was able to offer safe landings during this pandemic. It strictly adhered to  the domestic and international regulations to curb the impact of the virus as much as possible. 

On board precautions were also taken and suggestions to the passengers were also regularly updated as per the situation. Even more, filters are installed in its planes which renews the stagnant air in the cabin and ensures the dull and unhealthy oxygen does not make the passengers ill. 

United Airlines International Certifications and Approvals:

IATA, FAA like organizations certify the functions of United Airlines. The International Air Transport Association is internationally recognized and its approval of safety to an airline justify efficiency of  fleet, crew, and overall performance. It is a 2-year audit that is renewed only if the same or better safety standards are maintained by the Airline. 

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), one of the important and responsible organizations for guiding the United States airlines about operational safety. It not only sets benchmarks for airlines on how to function but also maintains air traffic situations and is directly involved in detecting the reasons for when an airline meets an accident. This way it is able to form latest and updated protocols after evaluating the risks, their  precautionary measures and efficient solutions. 

United Airlines Safety Practices, Evaluation and Progress

United Airlines Safety Practices

As specified above, United Airlines has a dedicated page defining how it operates, manages, and maintains its fleet. It follows the FAA guidelines as part of the U.S. airline industry. Moreover, it has its own set of  practices on the basis of which the crew is trained virtually to gain control of unprecedented situations ensuring safe landings. 

Safety-Policy, Risk Management, Assurance and Promotion are the four pillars on which the entire safety ecosystem of the airline is formed. There are further key points to make it more simplified in order to judge and rectify errors in the present work system. 

Under the Safety Assurance, the airline analyzes, monitors, and creates data to predict the performance loopholes and maintain new ways to improve it. All in all, it can be again re-ensured that United Airlines is one of the safest airlines to fly. 

Untied Real Life Accidents and Safety Record:

When evaluating how and why is United Airlines safe, the accidents and the overall safety record of the airline must surely be discussed. While there has been a thorough discussion on one of the major accidents of the airline, let’s take an overview of its real life accidents and safety record. 

United Airlines recently in 2023 met an accident and in total has witnessed many other accidents in its almost century old work history. However, the destruction and fatalities remained low apart from a few major accidents. Its overall safety record is very reliable and gains trust of millions of passengers that they will reach their destination safely. 


There is no doubt left on is United Airlines safe or not. Its performance, certifications and biggest of all- customer satisfaction are proof for its good safe performance. Its crew has been appreciated time and again for managing one of the difficult situations and ensuring safe landing. One of the popular accidents of 1988 was also well managed despite the fact there were 100 plus deaths involved. But, the scope of it was worse but due to quick and smart response, many more lives were saved. So, read the above passage and confirm to yourself how safe is it to fly United Airlines. 

Is United Airlines Safe? (FAQs) 

Is United the safest airline?

United Airlines is one of the safest airlines due to its good safety record and standards of operation. 

Is it safe to fly with United Airlines?

United Airlines is IATA certified and earns 4-star rating online for maintaining good hygiene and safety during COVID. 

How safe is flying with United?

United Airlines flights are IATA certified and is a very old airline with years of experience in flying safe. 

How safe is it to fly United Airlines?

United Airlines is very safe to fly considering its safety record, standards and customer feedback. 
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