Do Rental Cars have Cameras

Rental car companies typically refrain from installing covert cameras in their vehicles, as doing so without consent is illegal in the US. However, certain rental cars might be equipped with cameras designed to capture images in the event of a road traffic accident. These cameras are usually positioned discreetly beneath the rear-view mirror and are specifically intended for recording video footage.

Legally Accepted Cameras That A Rental Car Company Can Install 

Legally Accepted Cameras That A Rental Car Company Can Install 

Dash Cams, GPS, and interior cameras are typically used by a company. These are easily detectable by the human eye and are not placed for hidden purposes. These are legally approved by the law for the companies to vehicles or property from theft or damage. 

Rental cars are an ideal option for individuals who need it for the short term like tourists or travelers. While it is easy to rent a car, there are several questions relating to scams and privacy that might concern you. If you are also suspicious about do rental cars have cameras then look out for the types of cameras, their use, and the ways to protect from hidden cameras. 

Dash Cams: As the name clearly suggests, these cameras are installed close to the dashboard or the windshield front area. The purpose is to record the road ahead for recording accidents and other incidents including theft. These allow the rental car company to claim the recovery fee if the driver is liable according to its insurance and agreements with the customers. 

GPS Camera Recorders: The GPS of the camera allows location tracking of the car. Whereas, the camera offers a visual image of the place where the car is and in what condition. It is to be understood by the readers that a lot of times consumers can use the rented car for various illegal or prohibited activities. Hence, such cameras along with trackers on rental cars are essential to safeguard the valuable assets of the company and to restrict occurrence of such activities. 

Interior Cameras: There are interior cameras that are placed close or at the back of rearview mirrors in order to get an overview of the car from a different angle apart from the two above. It allows the car rental company to secure the vehicle from any theft or loss. 

Ways to Find Hidden Cameras

Ways to Find Hidden Cameras

The purpose of installing different cameras revolves around the same reason which is the security of the car from any malpractices performed by an individual who has rented the vehicle rental cars to evaluate the mileage, total distance, hours, and location of the vehicle. On the other hand, there are some invalid or scam companies that might try to place hidden cameras with various intentions. This is not at all safe for you personally. Here are some tips and tricks to help you detect such fraudulent cameras before you begin the use of the rented car. 

  • Search for the camera in corners and other suspected places. Check thoroughly to avoid later consequences. A lot of times, very light sounds can also be heard from the hidden cameras to find it. 
  • Further, switch on your flash flight and run it everywhere inside the car. It is quite possible to catch a reflection of the camera lens. This is actually a good way to find a hidden camera in a rented car. 
  • Lastly, you can hire professional help in order to ensure that there is no camera that can capture your personal activities and moments in the car. 

These three are very popular ways to find hidden cameras at various rented places. These are not limited to cars but are applicable everywhere. While it is very unlikely for big and authentic rental car companies to engage in such activities. You must confirm the same from the company and ask it to be mentioned in the contract or agreement for better clarity and valid proof. 


If you are surfing for answers on do rental cars have cameras, then it is a yes but only for the approved cameras. No company is allowed to install hidden cameras that can hamper your privacy and quality time with families and friends. If you have rented a car, then make sure to get it pre-checked in order to issue a complaint regarding the company and stay protected during your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does rental cars have cameras?

Rental car companies can only cameras that are essential to track the location and activities of the driver. It is illegal to monitor and record the private time of a renter. 

Where are cameras placed in cars?

Generally, there are two cameras installed in a rented car. One is at the back of a rearview mirror and the other is in front of the widescreen. 

Do rental cars have cameras or mics?

Rental Cars do have mics to use the recording for reference purposes in case of an accident or damage. 
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