Where to Rent a Manual Car

Manual cars offer a different excitement and thrill in the world of automatic driven cars. But, many of us might wonder, where to rent a manual car. Yes, it is true that with the increasing demand and supply for the automatic cars, it has become a little hard to find a manual car, but it is surely not impossible. 

There are several renting outlets that offer manual cars. If you are a traveler in your own country or are visiting places across borders, keep certain points in mind to be able to rent a car for your trip or any other purpose. While manual cars stay to be one of the favored options for the travelers because of the freedom and thrill it offers during on road trips. 

A Compressive Guide on How to Rent a Manual Car

A Compressive Guide on How to Rent a Manual Car

Search for online renting cars for the region who would like to drive. The prices shall vary based on the model, condition and features of the car, Generally, the cost to rent a manual car begins from $46 dollars per day. However, these might vary based on various things as described in the second line. 

There are several renting car companies that offer it for short to long duration. Manual and Automatic, both are available with these prices. You must be 18 or should qualify the age limit criteria to rent and drive a car. At times, companies set a higher minimum age limit as compared to what is legally accepted because the young drivers are not too experienced and can cause damage to the vehicle. 

For instance, In California the minimum age criteria to rent and drive are different. The  car rental companies charge additional fees for the young drivers or allow such customers if he/she is traveling with a parent or guardian. Here is the step by step guide on how to rent a manual car. 

Confirm Age Criteria

Confirm Age Criteria

 First and foremost, if you have plans to rent and drive on a foreign land, then check the eligible age criteria for that place. Generally, it is 18 years and above, but it could increase or decrease for that specific region. Hence, it is essential to can I rent a manual car. This information will be easily available on the official pages of the local authority for transportation and traffic guidelines. 

For instance, In America, the minimum age to gain a driving license is 16 years. So confirm the age criteria. Only if you qualify this step, move further to the next steps.

Search and Re-search

A thorough search and research method is required to find a bunch of companies that are ideal as per your expectations of the manual car model, price, and others. Firstly, search for the renting car companies by adding the destination name where you want to drive the car. Then, list out the most authentic and good rated companies. Prioritize the companies that  offer services globally or those that are well-recognised in their locality. After creating a list, cut it short by checking the website and the services they are offering. Finally, reach out to the companies you have shortlisted. 

Reach out to the Renting Companies

As in the second step, we created the most preferred companies according to our expectations and car requirements. Now call the numbers mentioned on the website or book a consultation if you live in the same area or locality. Ask all the legal queries regarding the age, agreement and others, including the manual car model and prices. 

Apply the same questions on the companies that you shortlisted. Further eliminate a few companies after discussing the details with all the companies you have selected in the second step. Now jump to the next step to know about how and where can I rent a manual car. 

Compare and Book

This is the final step, where you book your manual car for the D-day. As in the previous step, we created a new list of the last few companies. Now, let’s compare it on the basis of various factors like proximity of the location in terms of your stay or hotel, prices, condition of the car, any additional agreement, if there is any security fee or any other rules which were briefed to you during the telephonic conversation. 

The car renting company which is the most preferable to you according to your priorities and the points detailed above, finalize it. 

Documentation and Advance Payment

At this stage, ask the company staff about the documents and agreement required. Read the terms and conditions carefully and save a copy of the same. Finally, submit  the documents online or wait for the final day when you will pick the car from the company. If there is provision to make payment in advance, pay accordingly and get a receipt for proof. 

This way the manual car you chose to drive will be booked for the scheduled number of hours or days. Finally, you can visit the company location and  grab the car for the specified duration. 

Read and Practice Location Specific Traffic Rules

As you wait for the day to drive the manual car, take some time to read the traffic rules for the specific region in the meantime. You must find and pack your international driving license if it is a foreign country. Else, for a different city, the regular domestic license will also work. Additionally, one major difference that can not be missed is the change in the driver’s side. Majority countries have left side as the driving side, while the rest others have the same settled on the right hand size. Practice accordingly, otherwise, it can be problematic. 

Final Day Pick and Driving Precautions

Reach the location of the rental car company and pick the car that you booked. There must be some offline formalities that you will have to finish before taking out the car for a ride. Firstly, share your identity card or other documents asked in order to confirm your identity. After verification and the payment as decided, open the door and enjoy the drive in the manual rented car. 

Before you take the car on the road, make sure to revise all the traffic rules that we read and practiced in the 5th point. Any damage or involvement in an accident can lead to heavy penalties and reimbursements for the company loss. All these rules are clearly defined in the agreement papers, hence make sure to drive safely and hand it over safely. 

Return Safely

After all the thrill and fun, it is time to return the rented manual car. Drive back to the company address and submit it back. Hand over the keys to the staff. If there was any original document held as a security, remember to get it back. Also, if a returnable security fee was paid, then do retrieve it back and here the journey ends with the rental manual car. 


Where to rent a manual car? To rent a manual car, individuals must be within the legal age of the locality where he/she wants to drive. There are many online global and local companies that offer cars on rent. Contact them to book the service and get the discount offers, if any. More answers on queries like, can I rent a manual car and others are explained in detail in the above passage. 

Where to Rent a Manual car? (FAQs)

Where to rent a manual transmission car?

Search online for car renting online services to rent a manual car for your next trip. 

Can you rent a manual transmission car?

Yes, if you are within the legal age to drive a car, then you are eligible to rent a car. 

Can I rent a manual car?

To rent a manual car, an individual must be 18 years or according to the legal age eligible in the nation you are willing to drive. 

Where Can I rent a manual car?

You can rent a manual car from the authentic portals for the location where you want to rent the car. 
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