Do Rental Cars Have Trackers

Yes, rental cars have trackers in order to monitor the current location of the car for mileage and other expense calculations. Alongside this, the tracking system enables rental companies to find and recover stolen vehicles. 

It is not a compulsion to install a tracking device in a car but the majority of rental companies prefer it as a precaution against theft, damage, and other unlawful practices. Also, in case of any major loss, it is easy to claim insurance for the companies with valid and authentic proof. If you are concerned about your privacy and safety, then it is completely safe to question, Do rental cars have trackers. However, the risk is to both entities. Continue further to know what are the general practices that reduce chances for loss for the parties involved. 

Rental Car Trackers And Agreements 

Rental Car Trackers And Agreements 

GPS trackers are the most commonly used by rental companies for protecting their vehicles. It is no new fact that there are scammers on both ends. Customers can take undue advantage of the service and drive it excessively which could lead to loss to the rental company. Hence, it is very important to install trackers but its use must be clearly informed to the passengers. 

Nowadays, renting a car is one of the most favored options amongst travelers and temporary residents of a region. The cost to maintain such cars is almost negligible and requires no extra space. While the most common reason for the freedom to go anywhere and anytime is non-negotiable. 

There are car rental options starting from one hour to months and days. This all has been possible due to the tracking systems. Otherwise, the cases of misuse would be uncountable. These days rental car companies install cameras with GPS tracking systems to get instant images of the location and the activities occurring in and around it. 

These tracking systems allow the companies to keep a count of the total vehicles, mileage, their present condition, losses incurred, and the actions taken to recover the value. As now you know, why do rental cars have trackers, let’s shift our attention further to the contract which is a set of statements agreed by both parties for a transparent rental process. 

Rental Car Company Agreements

If you are going to rent a car, then chances are the company must have informed you about the contract. It is compulsory to be signed by the customer in order to enjoy the ownership rights of a car for a determined period of time. 

This car agreement should include the conditions that offer insurance to the company and consumer. The use of tracking devices and cameras must be clearly stated in it. While any misuse of the car will lead to legal action. Make sure to read all these clauses carefully in order to avoid any additional payment or legal action later. Here are some general conditions that are present in the majority of rental car company agreements. 

Time Limit: The number of hours or days are already specified. Any use of the car post the definition is payable for an additional fee. Also, the company must be informed about the same. 

Purpose: This is a blank section in many terms and conditions form of a rental car company asking the consumer to define the purpose of renting the car. Like business or household. 

Minimum Age: According to the standard laws and regulations of the region, you must be equal to or above the legal minimum age to rent a car. Handover of the keys will only occur if you have a legal and authentic driving license. 

Minimum Age

Fuel Quantity: Some companies clearly define the quantity of fuel which is required to return the car. Less liters of fuel shall be payable for an additional fee. 

Damage or Loss: In case of any minor or major accident causing damage to the car is payable for a heavy fine. The rental car company has a tracking system that enables it to calculate the exact loss or damage to charge the appropriate amount. 

Security Fee and Insurances: Rental car companies include security fees in its total amount to stay on the safer side. A part of this amount is refunded after receiving the car in actual or good condition. 

Security Fee and Insurances

Furthermore, there are provisions for insurance of damage, theft, or any other loss. These are designed considering that accidents are unpredictable and occur unconsciously at many times. Compare the fine amount and the insurance fee to decide which is a better offer. Consequently, sign the contract.  


There are various tracking and monitoring devices used by rental companies to avoid misuse or overuse of the vehicle. It is generally within the clause if or not do rental cars have trackers. Other additional conditions are also defined by the company which the consumer needs to agree to be able to rent and use the car. Create a list of trustworthy companies which have conditions that suit your expectations and connect with them for further booking of a rental car. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do rental cars have trackers?

Rental cars have trackers and cameras for monitoring purposes and maintaining records of the present location of the vehicle. 

How do you tell if your vehicle is being tracked?

The company itself informs about a tracking device. If not, look out for antenna connections and devices in the car to find a tracker in a car. 

Do all vehicles have tracking?

Yes, trackers in a car are subject to personal laws and the local authorities’ rules and regulations. Certain countries have made it mandatory to install a dashcam. 

Do all cars have GPS tracking?

No, not all cars have GPS tracking systems but it is installed in the majority of cars with due choice of the owner or mandatory rules of the local government. 
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