How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car Dolly

The cost to rent a car dolly varies on the size, weight holding capacity, quality, and total duration of use. These two dollies are very popular as a cheap alternative for transportation purposes.

Car Tow Dolly are the new wheels to your non-functioning items or mid-way stuck cars. Often, we have witnessed the sight of police personnel using these to carry cars or four-wheelers that were parked at the wrong place. These are easily attached and detached, add to it the lower section of the vehicle or item and attach it to another vehicle to carry it with you. Surely, it is also cost-efficient because of no extra fueling required to use it. 

If you are new to this concept, then you have landed on the right page. The following content has been specially curated to offer a detailed overview of the uses and cost of the tow dolly. There are various factors that determine the Car dolly rental price. Let’s jump dive into the new section to learn more. 

What Is Car Dolly Rental Price And Process?

What is Car Dolly Rental Price and Process

Car Dolly rental price generally varies between 40-70 dollars for 24 hours or per day. However, as previously defined, the cost is also impacted due to various factors like size, weight capacity, and others.

A car or tow dolly is offered on rent along with a vehicle to drive it with the attached item on the road. The price for this additional service is payable. While a few companies might also offer the tow dolly tool. Depending on the need, you can opt to choose the company that allows rent with or without a separate vehicle. This is among the factors that determine the prices for the same.  Let us discuss such reasons that influence the Car dolly rental cost and later learn the process to rent it. 

Car Dolly Rent Duration

One of the most important points that affect the car dolly rental prices. The rental companies create packs for different timelines like 24 hours, two days, a week, and others. Depending on the cost is different for the users which begins roughly at 40 Dollars and goes to a maximum fee of around 300 dollars for a month. Large companies rent it for a year even to transit the raw material cartons within the unit. 

Features and Sizes

Features and Sizes

There are various types of car dolly that enable the transit of light to heavy-weighing items. Also, there are features like the number of wheels in a tow trolley, weight holding capacity, and in-built strength that will affect the total car dolly rental cost.

Region or Location of Rent

This again is a dominating factor in influencing the rental price for the car dolly. It is very obvious that there are no standard prices for the trolley and it is specific to regions where a user would like to rent it.

If you are at an isolated place and are stuck with a punctured or other issue in a car, then the prices could be actually a bit higher as compared to the actual market. While if you are trying to look for a car dolly in a highly competitive market, then it is possible to negotiate it to some extent. Hence, it is totally upon the location to know how much does it cost to rent a car dolly.

Charges for Additional Services

As previously discussed in the second passage, Car Dolly rental companies offer additional services like a vehicle to drive the dolly and the item or car attached to it. This is optional at times if you have your own vehicle. However, if you book this facility along with the car dolly, then an additional fee will be applicable. 

Moreover, in order to rent a car dolly, there are a few conditions that a person needs to adhere to. 

  • Firstly, you should own a state-issued identity card to rent the tool or device.
  • Secondly, for a vehicle on rent along with the car dolly, an individual must have a driving license.
  • Lastly, you need to sign an agreement where the terms and conditions for the loss or damage to the car dolly are clearly defined. 

For the last point, there are again prices charged according to the company rules. 

The Expense of Security Fees 

The expense of Security Fees 

The total cost of the car dolly rental fee will also include the security or recovery fee. It is an advance payment which is charged for the unforeseen damage or loss to the rented car dolly tool. The majority of the time, the amount is fully or partially refundable. This depends on the company rules and that’s why it is essential to read all the terms and conditions before paying and renting any service. 

Intensity of Situation

Lastly and importantly, this point remains ignored by the readers. If you are stuck in an emergency situation and are looking for an immediate solution, then chances are your wallet will witness a good shock. On the other hand, if you have already booked or are in the discussion to rent a car dolly with a company, then standard charges shall apply. 

This difference in the intensity of the situation will make a huge impact on the final car dolly rental cost. Hence, if you are in a foreign country, make sure to communicate with more and more to learn about the generic prices and the reasonable rental companies near you. 


How much does it cost to rent a car dolly varies on various factors which are clearly defined in the above-discussed points. Those who are looking for an immediate solution or are planning a transit to new location using the tow or car folly device must remember that there must be a driver with a license to get it rented. Moreover, there is an additional agreement in order to ensure that in case of damage or loss, the company can recover the cost from the same. Read the above-detailed points to know about the factors impacting the car dolly rental price. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to rent a car dolly?

Car Dollies price varies based on its features and the amount of hours used. 

Are Dollies expensive to rent?

Car or Tow Dollies are less expensive than other transportation services and are highly popular amongst travelers or shifters. 

Can you reverse with a tow dolly?

Although it is possible to reserve a car dolly. It is highly risky and it is advised to detach the two, vehicles and car dolly, and re-attach in the other direction for a damage-free transit. 
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