How to Change Flight Date China Airlines

Want to change China Airlines flight date? Then visit the “Manage Booking” section from the official homepage. After providing basic details like first & last name with reservation number, passengers can quickly change flight date of China Airlines. However, it is important to follow the attached guidelines for China Airlines Change Date. Passengers abiding by these rules can easily reschedule their booked reservation with the airline. The airline understands that unexpected events can happen to anyone and thus laid out important rules in its China Airlines Flight Change Policy. We will provide you with crucial information on How to Change Flight Date China Airlines. Thus, keep on reading this page to have a smooth and hassle-free experience while changing your itinerary details. 

China Airlines Change Date

China Airlines Change Date

China Airlines allows passengers to change the date and time of the booked ticket as per the China Airlines flight change policy. For other modifications, passengers have to personally contact the customer care agents. Booking a trip can be an exhilarating experience but sometimes unpredicted circumstances can lead to rescheduling the trip. When such a situation arises, China Airlines is a safe airline option as it has a flexible change policy that directly caters to the passenger’s requirements. In addition, the policy allows passengers to modify itinerary details through the official website as well as by contacting the customer care service or visiting the ticket counter. Some of the important China Airlines Change Flight Rules are listed below, make sure to go through them before making any modifications to your flight details:

  • Firstly, the policy indicates that only China Airlines Change Date and Time of the booked flights are permitted through the official website. If you wish to change the destination or selected route then kindly contact the customer care service or Branch Office for help.
  • If you have booked the China Airlines Flight with the help of third-party websites or agencies then contact the concerned party who handled your reservation and bookings.
  • The China Airlines change flight option is accessible on the website only if you have bought the ticket from the official portal. 
  • The fare is recalculated once the China Airlines flight date is changed, passengers will have to pay a service charge i.e. China Airlines change fee, and the difference between fares. These charges are deducted from the ticket price and the remaining is either refunded or saved as travel credit according to the fare rule. 
  • Please note that if you requested special services while booking the original ticket then you may have to reselect them after making the changes or simply contact customer care regarding this.

China Airlines Change Flight Date Policy – Important Factors

There are other important factors that influence the China Airlines Flight Change Policy. The changes will be accepted if canceled/ changed due to certain factors. Given that, a traveler holds an international flight confirmed seat with a flight number starting with 297 or 803:

  • Force Majeure Factors

These factors are uncontrollable events like climate factors, natural calamities, riots, wars, etc. In such cases, the situation is handled in accordance with the refund/ change regulations.

  • Other Factors

If a passenger reschedules the flight due to factors other than force majeure then the free China Airlines Change Date option is given for once. Please note that the itinerary and booking class shall remain the same and changes are made within the ticket validity. In addition, processing for ticket refunds may also be waived. 

China Airlines Flight Change within 24 Hours

China Airlines Flight Change within 24 Hours

One can also dodge the applicable fee by taking advantage of China Airlines 24 hour Cancellation Policy.  Usually, China Airlines lets their passengers change their flight details if not booked an economy fare. In addition, passengers are liable to pay the China Airlines Change Fee to complete the modification procedure. But changing China Airlines Flight details within 24 hours of booking can help in avoiding penalty charges. This option is useful if you by chance have entered the wrong date while booking the ticket. In addition, you can request for refund according to the purchased fare rules. 

Time Frame for China Airlines Flight Change

A limited timeframe is provided to passengers for changing China Airlines Flight details. Under these specific timelines, one can make modifications to their itinerary details otherwise consequences will be there. The following are the applicable guidelines:

  • For domestic flights, passengers can make changes up until 30 minutes before the scheduled takeoff.
  • For international flights, passengers can make modifications up to one hour before the scheduled takeoff.
  • It is given that changing flights closer to takeoff time may incur service charges and other restrictions as well. 

Steps to Change Flight Date China Airlines

Steps to Change Flight Date China Airlines

Once all the conditions are met, passengers can easily change the date on China Airlines flights. Furthermore, we have provided instructions to smooth out the process. 

1. Open Official Webpage

First of all, the passenger has to land on the official homepage of the airline. For this, simply open this URL on any compatible device –

2. Navigate the Homepage

Once the passenger lands on the homepage, he can find a section named “Manage” at the top of the screen. From thereon, you can find an option of “Booking Inquiry / Change Flight”, click that. 

3. Enter Required Details

Now, the new page will ask for the required credentials. Passengers have to enter their first and last names and then provide reservation numbers. In case one cannot find the reservation number then he/she can also provide the E-ticket number. Make sure to go through the given note before checking the verification box and clicking the “Next” button.

4. China Airlines Change Flight Step

Now, the website will load the new page where your upcoming booking will be displayed. You have to select the one you wish to reschedule according to your preference. For this, click on the “Change Flight” option given in front of the concerned flight. Afterward, enter the details you want to modify, in this case, select a new date. You will now be able to check available flight options that best fit your requirements.

5. Confirm Changes

Finally, select a new flight and confirm the China Airlines Flight Date Changes. Pay the applicable charges along with the fare difference, if any. The airline will send the confirmation email regarding the China Airlines Change Date and an updated new reservation. If the changes are confirmed under a week before the scheduled departure then the airline will notify you regarding the confirmation via SMS and email. In case the changes occur between 8-361 days then the confirmation will be sent via email. 

China Airlines Flight Change Policy Offline

China Airlines Change Flight Offline Procedure

Passengers can contact customer service for a seamless China Airlines Change Flight Offline Procedure. You can connect with them via phone call and share your concerns regarding changing the flight date. The agent will ask for flight details like “Reservation number” or “E-ticket number” to complete the procedure. You will then be informed about the China Airlines Change Date policies and available flights. The agent will change the flight date on your behalf. The following is the list of China Airlines Customer Care Helpline Numbers according to specific regions:

Region / CountryContact  NumberOpen hour
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday (GMT+8) 08:30~17:30
Japan+81-3-6378-8855Open Daily
09:00~12:00, 13:00~17:30
Hong Kong+852-2868-229908:30~18:30
Sat, Public Holiday (GMT+8) 08:30~17:00
Sun closed
Sat, Public Holiday (GMT+8) 08:30~17:00
Sun closed
North America+1-800-227-511809:00~17:30 West Coast time
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday (GMT-8PT) 07:00~15:30 West Coast time.

China Airlines Change Fee

China Airlines Change Fee

On the official website, the airline has not listed a fixed China Airlines Change Fee amount. It is displayed on the screen when passengers change flight dates via the official website. If consulting the customer care service, then the agent will notify regarding the applicable fee for changing China Airlines Flight Date. In addition, passengers may have to pay fare difference as well if the newly purchased ticket is costlier. Otherwise, the amount is refunded in the form of travel credits which can be redeemed for future travel plans. 


Overall, passengers can easily change flight dates when booking with the airline however, it is equally important to be aware of China Airlines Flight Change Policy. Passengers are recommended to modify itinerary details through convenient channels. A step-by-step guide is provided on this page according to available change options. For in-depth information, kindly refer to the customer care service for assistance. 

China Airlines Change Flight (FAQs)

How do I contact China Airlines customer service?

You can contact China Airlines by dialing 00 886 2 412 9000, or check the official website for specific region customer service contact numbers.

At what time does China Airlines notify about the flight date change confirmation?

If a China Airline Flight Change is confirmed within seven days before departure then the confirmation will be both via SMS and email. In case of 8-361 days, confirmation will sent via email only. 

What is China Airlines change flight fee?

The airline has not declared the China Airlines change flight fee on the website however, it is subject to change according to the selected destination, fare class, and change request time frame. 

Can I Change my China Airlines Flight to a Different Destination?

Yes, you can change China Airlines Flight to a different destination but you personally have to contact either the customer agent or the Branch Office for assistance. Such changes are not permitted on the official website. 

Can I change my China Airlines flight through a travel agent?

Yes, the procedure to change a China Airlines flight through a travel agent may vary. Because flights booked with third parties are not eligible for modifications via the official website.

Can I change my China Airlines flight date and time?

Yes, you can change the flight date and time of China Airlines through the official website. If you wish to change destination then you may contact customer care or branch office. 
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