How many Luggage can I check in China Airlines

Still, confused about the quantity of luggage you can carry while traveling with China Airlines? Don’t worry, we are here to explain everything in detail so that you can enjoy your travel without any hassle. China Airlines allows its passengers to carry on one bag and one personal item such as a handbag, bag, or laptop. The baggage quantity also depends on the class, and ticket fares. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive and explore the answers to the questions of how many luggage can I check in china airlines, China Airlines baggage policy, fees, and other related information.

China Airlines Baggage Allowance

China Airlines Baggage Allowance & Policy

China Airlines baggage policy and its allowances provide clear information about to the passengers about the flight baggage check-in services. Service like canceling China Airlines flight online, staff behavior, etc. are already on top-notch. Similarly, baggage services allow passengers to carry the baggage with them inside the plane, or even carry it as checked baggage. To understand the concept in a more clear way, check the below-mentioned sections:

China Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Baggage services varies airline to airline. There are so many criteria, restrictions, and regulations as well in China Airlines. Carry-on baggage is a bag that can be kept with the passenger. These baggage are usually smaller in size. Let’s have a look at the allowance for Carry-on Baggage:

Carry-on Baggage Allowance for Domestic Flights

The total weight shall not be more than 5kg/11 pounds for your carry-on luggage. Also, the sum of carry-on baggage dimensions should not be more than 115cm/45 inches.

Apart from this, airlines allow First Class passengers to carry on 2 bags of carry-on baggage. For all other classes, passengers 1 carry-on luggage along with a personal item that can fit under the seat.

Carry-on Luggage Allowance for International Flight

China Airlines International baggage allowance limitations is almost the same as domestic allowances. The prices and the allowed baggage also depend on the cabin class you choose for your flight. Check the below-mentioned table to understand it in detail:

Cabin ClassMaximum Number of PiecesMaximum Weight Per Piece
First Class25 kg (11 lb.)
Business Class1
Economy Class1

Checked Baggage Airlines Check in Allowance and Policy

Checked Baggage Airlines Check in Allowance and Policy

China Airlines is of the best airlines in Taiwan. That’s why China Airlines provides baggage guidelines so that there will be no issues with the passengers while carrying the baggage with them. Check out all the policies and plan accordingly:

Free Checked Luggage for Domestic Flights

Another section for baggage allowance is the checked baggage allowance in China Airlines. In domestic flights, airlines allow passengers to carry one free checked baggage only if it meets the weight and size limit criteria of the airline. Check the below-mentioned table:

Cabin ClassMaximum Weight
First Class40 kg (88 lb.)
Business Class30 kg (66 lb.)
Economy Class20 kg (44 lb.)
Infant10 kg (22 lb.)

Free Checked Baggage for International Flights

International flight limitations for checked baggage based on the region or country a passenger is traveling. You can check the restrictions and guidelines before traveling. Usually, the maximum China Airlines baggage weight in economy class without any additional cost is from 23 kg to 32 kg (50lb to 70lb).

For America, 2 checked pieces of baggage can be carried by economy class passengers with not more than 23kgs. Similarly, for regional/international flights, the total dimensions should not be more than 158 cm (62 inches) for free service.

China Airlines Extra Baggage Fee

China Airlines Extra Baggage Fee & Policy

Another important point to look out for is extra China Airlines extra baggage. This usually applies when a passenger is carrying more luggage than required/limitations. This applies based on the weight, size, and number of bags. China Airlines baggage prices can be differentiated and understood about the zones. Check out the below-mentioned information for deep understanding:

Zone 1: Taiwan, China

Zone 2: Southeast Asia, Mainland China, and Hong Kong

Zone 3: Northeast Asia

Zone 4: South Asia or India, Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand

Zone 5: Europe, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, and Germany

Zone 6: The USA or Canada

Zone 7: South and Central America

Excess Baggage Fees in USD
BetweenZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 7
Zone 15-65-617-2034-4098-115170
Zone 25-610-1210-1222-2639-4698-115180
Zone 35-610-1210-1222-2639-46111-130185
Zone 417-2022-2622-2634-4051-60123-145200
Zone 534-4039-4639-4651-60140-165220
Zone 698-11598-115111-130123-145140-165
Zone 7170180185200220

*For the above-mentioned zones from 1 to 5, the baggage allowance will be vary based on the weight. For Zone 6 and 7, the charges will be based on the piece concept.*

China Airlines Pet Baggage Policy

China Airlines Pet Baggage Policy

The facility of Pet transport is also available on China Airlines. A pet can be transported with passengers. According to this policy, they can either travel with the passenger in the cabin area or in the cargo hold. Also, only guide dogs or assistive pets will be able to fly with their companion in the cabin seat. The rest of the pets can travel as checked luggage in the cabin. Here are some of the rules to remember:

  • Domestic pets like cats and dogs with disabled passengers must be approved by the airline.
  • A guide dog is the only eligible pet for a single flyer.
  • These pets transportation is subjected to special terms and conditions.
  • Fighting dogs may not allowed by China Airlines in the cargo or cabin class.
  • Less than 10 weeks old cats and dogs are not accepted.

China Airlines Infant Baggage Policy

Planning to travel with your little ones? No need to worry then. China Airlines also provides a facility to travel with your children/infants without any stress. However, mothers and infants can’t travel till 14 days after delivery. Only 14-day-old infants are eligible to travel. Check the below-mentioned policies to understand completely:

  • One infant can be held by a single adult on his/her lap only.
  • If you are traveling with 2 babies, then 1 of them must be seated on the safety seat purchased.
  • Wall-mounted bassinets can be provided to passengers.
  • There is a first-come first-served criteria for baby bassinets in China Airlines.
  • Infant baggage allowance will be provided to the infant with the ticket only.
  • One extra baggage with 10 kg of check bag will be taken with a single infant.

China Airlines Allowed Items

China Airlines Allowed Items

Most of the time, we carry heavy and important things with us and there is a list of allowed items in China Airlines for their passengers so that they don’t have to face issues or leave things behind. Check out the list below:

Lady purseHandbagBaby car seatSmall cameraA pair of binocularsTablet
Baby foodReading materialUmbrellaDuty-free itemsLaptopInfants’ napkins
Diaper bagBaby strollerMedical/assistive devicesCrutchesWalking stickMedicines
Baby bassinetMobile PhonesShoesClothesHeadphones


After booking your reservation, baggage policies and allowance are another important aspect to understand before traveling. China Airlines check in baggage policy allows passengers to carry one bag along with a personal item. The personal item can be a handbag, bag, or laptop. This baggage allowance and limitations also depend on the ticket fares, and class booked. This blog post includes all the related information on how much luggage can i check on China Airlines, Baggage allowance, fees, and policies. Read the complete article before planning your next travel with China Airlines.

China Airlines Baggage Policy (FAQs)

How many free baggage for China Airlines?

Business class passengers are able to carry 2 pieces of free baggage with a weight of up to 32 kg each, Premium Economy Class can carry 2 pieces of free baggage of up to 28 kg each, and Economy Class can carry 2 pieces of up to 23 kg.

Is China Airlines strict with carry-on weight?

For all travel classes in China Airlines, passengers will only be able to carry on baggage not exceeding the dimension of 22x14x9 inches (56x36x23 cm) with a weight of 7 kg based on the policies.

How much excess baggage in China Airlines?

China Airlines provides the facility to add excess baggage by paying some additional cost. These prices depend on the zone based on the country/region. These prices might vary from $0 to $220.
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