KIOSK Self Check-In for China Airlines Flights

Passengers can complete China Airlines Check In online between 48 hours and 60 minutes prior to the decided takeoff time. The check-in time is between a day to an hour before the departure time for the flights to the U.S. including Guam. The airlines provide various facilities to Check In China Airlines flights. It allows passengers to check in via the official website, self-kiosk, and at the airport & through China Airlines In-Town Check-in service. On the other hand, airport check-in starts two to three hours before the scheduled flight takeoff time. On this page, we mainly focus on How to Check In China Airlines & related guidelines. So, if you are about to board China Airlines in a day or two then you must scroll through. 

China Airlines, also called Taiwan Airlines, is a national flag carrier and is considered one of the major airlines. The airline operates more than 1400 flights a week to destinations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. With the responsibility of flying over 19 million passengers, the airline lays out various ways for faster check-in and boarding procedures. Check various ways for China Airlines Check-In.

China Airlines Check In Methods & Guidelines

China Airlines Check In Methods & Guidelines

China Airlines Online Check In is not permitted for codeshare flights of other airlines and group booking. Meaning, that a ticket with more than 9 passengers booked in a single record is not applicable for online check in. The check-in process through any official means ensures that the passenger will board the correct flight. Afterwards, the passenger is allowed to get a boarding pass, select a seat, and check baggage. This also makes sure that only legitimate passengers get access to the terminal and board the flight. However, online China Airlines Check In is permitted for the following conditions:

  • Passengers having confirmed booking and e-ticket. 
  • Any ticket with under 9 passengers in a single booking record. 
  • China Airlines International Flights.

Below-mentioned methods are the various ways through which one can Check In China Airlines. Here, we have primarily focused on the web check-in procedure and attached guidelines, read further to know more. 

  • Web check-in via the official website.
  • Online check-in through mobile application.
  • Check-in at the concerned airport counter.
  • Self-check-in kiosk center.
  • China Airlines In-Town Check-in service

Things to Know for China Airlines Online Check In

By now, we already know who can check-in online for the concerned airline flights. Moreover, there are other points that passengers must note before China Airlines Web Check-in:

  • Passengers who check-in under the given time frame can print their boarding pass through the Self-Print Boarding Pass service at the airport or can even choose to show the mobile boarding pass to get access to the plane. 
  • In case, you are not eligible for the self-print or mobile boarding pass facility then you are not eligible for Self Baggage Drop Service as well. Hence, pick up the boarding pass at the airport at least an hour before the scheduled flight departure time. 
  • Passengers do not get access to special meals, wheelchairs, or other special services in the case of China Airline Online Check In. Kindly request for assistance at the airport check-in counter for any special services if you are done with the web check-in procedure. 
  • For flights departing to the United States (including Guam) follows local government regulations. Such passengers have to check-in at least 60 minutes or 24 hours before the departure time.
  • Otherwise, passengers are allowed to check-in online between 48 hours to 60 minutes prior to takeoff. 
  • In case, a passenger has completed or at half of the online check-in process but cannot board the flight due to unexpected circumstances then cancel online check-in for concerned passengers at that moment. One can then contact the CI/AE office or the concerned travel agency regarding China Airlines Flight Cancellation or changing the reservation details. This must be done before the scheduled flight takeoff time. If the above-stated actions are not followed properly then the airline will impose a no-show fee on the passenger. 

How to Check In Online China Airlines?

Online Check-in via Official Website

Online check-in for China Airlines flights is possible with the official website. Passengers can access the website on their mobile phones as well. The following steps can be followed under the decided time frame for China Airline Online Check In. 

1. Online Check-in via Official Website

  • Access the Authorized Portal 

Firstly, open the China Airlines official website on your device with this URL

  • Navigate the Homepage

There will be an “Online Check-in” option given right beside the manage booking and flight status option. 

  • Enter Required Credentials

After clicking the online check-in option, the new page will ask for “Reservation Number / E-Ticket number”, “Last Name (Surname)”, and “First Name” for Online Check In China Airlines. Enter the asked details and then enter verification to log in.

  • Complete China Airline Web Check-in

Now, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the China Airline Web Check-in successfully. 

2. Online Check-in via Mobile Application

Online Check-in via Mobile Application

Refer to the following instructions when checking in via the China Airlines mobile application. The new features of the mobile application provide you access to services like mobile check-in, flight status, miles management, etc. 

  • To access the application, first, install it on your device from the Play Store or app store.
  • Choose the mobile check-in option on the application from the menu bar. 
  • Similarly, enter your name, reservation number, or e-ticket number then click on the Continue option
  • Now, the screen will instruct you on China Airlines Check In Online procedure. Afterwards, download your boarding pass. 

China Airline Airport Check-In

China Airline Aiport Check-In

Passengers are also welcome to perform China Airlines Check-in procedures at the airport. The dedicated and friendly staff assist travelers throughout the boarding process. Passengers are requested to make sure that their baggage is checked for the right flight and destination and that the luggage IDs are identical to the one printed on the receipt. In addition, reach the airport two hours before the departure of domestic flights and three hours before the departure time of international flights. Make sure to keep the following items handy before proceeding for China Airline Airport Check-In:

  • E-ticket Number
  • Valid Passport
  • Concerned document required by the country or region you are traveling to. 

KIOSK Self Check-In for China Airlines Flights

KIOSK Self Check-In for China Airlines Flights

Through KIOSK self check-In for China Airlines Flights, passengers are able to check in quickly for flights to foreign destinations. Passengers can also check in on behalf of other passengers sharing booking records. Afterwards, one can easily select their seat and board the plane. The facility was earlier suspended in Taiwan due to COVID guidelines but now it is accessible by travelers. The “Kiosk Self Check-in” service is available at the International airports in Taoyuan, Songshan, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Vancouver, San Francisco, Incheon Seoul, Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo Narita, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka, Okinawa, Frankfurt, London and Shenzhen. 

China Airlines In-Town Check-in Service

China Airlines also provides In-Town Check-in service at Taipei Main Station. This facility is available up until three hours before the takeoff time. Once the boarding pass is provided, the passenger can eliminate the “counter check-in procedure” and complete the security and immigration formalities. The airport check-in and In-town check-in are the same but the latter is operated privately so that the procedure is shortened for quick and easy procedure. However, passengers who require special assistance must visit the Taoyuan Airport for China Airline Check In. 

China Airlines Check in (FAQs)

How to check in online on China Airlines?

Passengers can check in online either through the airline’s official website or mobile application. 

When can I check in with China Airlines?

Travelers can check between 48 hours to 60 minutes before the China Airlines flight departure time.

Can I cancel my Online Check-in with China Airlines?

Yes, China Airlines online check-in must be canceled in case the itinerary details are changed. Otherwise, the airline will impose a no-show fee for untaken fees. 

How many people can check in simultaneously for China Airlines Online Check-In?

A maximum of 9 passengers having a single booking record can check in online for international flights of China Airlines. Please note, that this does not include codeshare flights. 

What is required for China Airline Airport Check-In?

Passengers require an E-ticket number, a valid passport, and a concerned document for traveling to the selected destination/ region during China Airline Airport Check-In.

Can I board the plane directly after China Airline Online Check-In?

Passengers must hold the boarding pass get the baggage checked, select a seat, hand the ticket, and have the concerned documents checked before boarding the plane. 

When does the airport begin the check-in procedure for China Airlines flights?

The check-in counter opens two to three hours before the scheduled departure. Passengers are instructed to reach the airport at least 2 hours before domestic flight departure and 3 hours before international flights.

Can I Check China Airlines online check-in for my companion?

Yes, you can complete the check-in procedure for the companion who shares the booking record with you. 

Can you get a China Airlines boarding pass online?

Yes, passengers can get China Airlines boarding passes online through the official website and mobile application. 
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