How to Upgrade on China Airlines

Are you excited to plan your next travel with China Airlines? But, what if you need to upgrade the ticket? There is no need to worry even if you want to change the flight or upgrade the tickets. China Airlines provides an option to upgrade in case of any issue. To upgrade to China Airlines, one can directly visit the official website or contact the airline. Both methods are super easy and convenient to upgrade and can be done in a few easy steps. In this blog post, we will explore how to upgrade on China Airlines, China Airlines upgrade policy, mileage upgrades, and other related information. 

How to Upgrade on China Airlines Ticket?

How to Upgrade on China Airlines Ticket

There are a few steps passengers can follow to upgrade class on China Airlines. Passengers need to have miles available in their account. If not, then one can travel more in order to earn more miles or can directly purchase them. Apart from this, passengers must have the right ticket available to upgrade. Economy class tickets can only be upgraded to Business class. Similarly, Business class tickets can be upgraded to First class. To make this happen, one can directly contact China Airlines, and request them to upgrade the ticket. Check the below sections to deeply understand China Airlines upgrade policies as well.

China Airlines Upgrade Policy

China Airlines Upgrade Policy

If we talk about the regulations to upgrade China Airlines tickets, some guidelines are announced by them under which one can upgrade the tickets conveniently. If the ticket is upgraded within 24 hours of booking without paying a single penny. If anyone upgrades the ticket from a lower fare class to a higher one like Economy Class to Business Class, then the fare difference will be applicable. In this case, one can directly get in touch with the airline’s care staff and inform them about the issue in order to upgrade the ticket.

  • While checking in, if the seats are already available in the requested class, the cabin upgrade will be accepted normally like the standard check-in procedure.
  • If the original ticket of passengers comes in the no upgrade category or doesn’t follow the rules for upgradation, then the passenger will have to pay the fare difference as well as the service charges applicable.
  • If the passenger is using the transferred award to upgrade, the award transfer procedure must be followed and a valid award number must be generated within 3 working days.
  • The cabin upgrade facility is only available for International flights. 
  • The airlines will calculate the required award number per segment and individual award numbers will be required for each segment.
  • If the Itinerary has some stopover or transfer, then the Airline will add all the mileage together which is required for cabin upgrades and the award number will be redeemed for each segment. 
  • Mileage upgrade is also called China Airlines Mileage Upgrade with which one can upgrade on China Airlines with the help of earned miles.
  • Date change or cancellation of cabin upgrade booking facility is not available on the China Airline website Dynasty member webpage and airport.
  • All the taxes and surcharges for an upgrade award will be charged at the airport including some tax difference, and the ticket holder will be responsible for all of this.

Earn Miles with China Airlines Dynast Flyer Program

Earn Miles with China Airlines Dynast Flyer Program

China Airlines also runs a loyalty program for their valuable passengers called “Dynasty Flyer“, also known as Dynasty Flyer Program (DFP). This is a long-term program and offers many value-added services (VAS). Once a passenger becomes a Dynasty Flyer Program member, he/she receives/earns mileage while traveling. for example, some hotels like JAL City Hotel provide 250 miles per stay, and Nikko Hotels International provides 500 Miles per stay which can later be added to the miles earned in the mileage card. These miles then can be used to upgrade the tickets or purchase VAS on China Airlines.


In order to upgrade the ticket class on China Airlines, passengers can directly coordinate with the Airport care staff on the China Airlines ticket counter. Visit them and request for an upgrade to get a higher and better class. The Guest care staff will provide all the required information and possibilities, and also inform the passenger if their ticket is eligible or not for upgradation. In some cases, upgrading a ticket is completely free of cost if it’s done under the given guidelines by Airlines, and passengers will only have to pay the fare difference between 2 classes. This blog post includes all the relevant information on how to upgrade on China Airlines, released policies and guidelines by them. Passengers can read the complete article in order to tackle future problems and can plan their travel accordingly with China Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I upgrade to economy premium on China Airlines?

If the original ticket is eligible and does not come under the no upgrade ticket policy and the requested seats are available, then the passengers can upgrade the tickets according to the normal upgrade procedure.

Does China Airlines premium economy have lounge access?

No, there is no lounge access included in China Airlines Premium Economy class.
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