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Copa Airlines is certified as a 3-star Airline in terms of airport quality, product, and staff service. It is a good airline in terms of service quality and overall safety and is well known for its punctuality and easy upgrade policies for frequent flyers. Its tickets are moderately priced according to the travel class and additional benefits. There are various points that conclude why Copa Airlines is good. Copa Airlines has received mixed reviews from its passengers. These help to define the pros and cons of flying with the airline. Surely, you have visited this page to find out whether or not is Copa a good airline. To clear all your doubts about the airline’s performance, a detailed analysis based on passengers’ experience has been described below.

Copa Airlines Operations and Performance

Copa Airlines first began its operations in 1947 and recently celebrated its 70 years of success in the industry.  It is a national carrier of Panama City and flies to international destinations across the globe. Tocumen International Airport is the airline’s main stop for layover and connecting flights.

Is Copa Airline Good or not is a subjective matter based on personal expectations. Copa Airlines is a 3-star certified airline in order to serve onboard products, staff service, etc. It offers a large number of benefits to its passengers. When compared with other airlines, it lacks a few. Here is a true comparison offering an analysis of the services according to the prices charged by Copa Airlines. 

Service Pros and Cons

Copa Airlines Pros and Cons

Copa Airlines Fleet

The Copa Airlines fleet consists of Embraer and Boeing aircrafts. Recently, the airline added the Boeing 737 MAX 9 series with 162 seating capacity. These are used for long haul flights ensuring reduced noise and increased fuel efficiency. 

Pro: The seats are comfortable and the fleet is very safe. It is maintained on a timely basis and there is no complaint of major inconvenience by the passengers. 

Con: Copa Airlines aircrafts are narrow shaped and might not be comfortable for tall passengers due to limited leg space. These are not the best options for the long route flights.

Flight Entertainment

Passengers can now enjoy the in flight entertainment services installed on the flight TV Screens in Copa Airlines flights. Connect to the Copa Showpass network and get the access to watch video content like movies and shows on its 16 inch touch screen.

Pro: The Copa Airline has a variety of good TV shows and in flight entertainment options. Additionally, it has a magazine with the latest content to keep you away from boredom. These are best companions for long hours flights.

Cons: Copa Airline does not have an internet facility for passengers to stay connected to their devices. This is a disadvantage. Although, there is no scope of boredom but passengers won’t be able to get updates from their offices, or beloved ones.

Copa Airlines Flights Timings

Copa Airlines is known for its timely departures and arrivals. There are rare cases of delays. If there are chances of flight cancellation or delay, the airline informs beforehand. 

Pro: Passengers can book the seat with Copa Airlines without the stress of delayed flights as it strictly follows its schedules.

In Flight Services

Copa Airlines serves its passengers with loads of facilities. These keep increasing with each travel class. Economy fares of Copa airlines have limited services like food, beverages and a few others. On the other hand, Business class passengers are offered amenity kits, a large variety of snacks and meals options, reclining seats, priority boarding, lounges and additional baggage allowance. 

Pro: There are special meals options on Copa Flights that passengers can request 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. The seats are comfortable and the fleet is equipped with modern state of the art technology to make the trip more convenient. 

Con: The Economy Class has limited quality content to binge. It is good for small duration flights but can be boring for longer routes. The Business class passengers are not satisfied with the seat space due to less leg room.

Copa Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Connectmiles is a membership program for Copa Airlines passengers that leads to multiple benefits. On the other hand, the Mileageplus are reward points that passengers earn for frequently flying with the airlines. 

Pro: The passengers with these rewards and membership access are entitled to preferred access, complimentary upgrades, priority services, baggage allowance benefits and a few other advantages. 

Also, since Copa Airlines is part of the Star Alliance, these points can be used to book the other airline flights and services.


Copa Airlines numerous benefits to its passengers. Its fleet infrastructure due to its narrow design and no WiFi access are the biggest disadvantages. Otherwise, the airline has been efficiently performing and has a good safety record. According to online reviews, it is a 3-star rated airline with decent customer reviews about the product quality and the staff service. There are not many negative reviews. Passengers will find this page helpful, and the answer about “Is Copa Airlines good or not” to plan their next trip with Copa Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Copa Airlines Good?

Copa Airlines is a good airline with standard services maintained at reasonable prices.

How many stars is Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines is a 3-star rated airline that provides excellent services to the passengers.

What is Copa Airlines Fleet?

The Copa Airlines has a fleet size of 92 aircrafts that includes Boeing and Embraer aircraft only.

How is Copa Airlines service quality?

Copa Airlines service quality is fairly good and receives enough genuine ratings.
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