How Bad Is Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines is not a bad airline. Instead, it receives a 3 star rating for its services and 4 stars for its safety. There are certain limitations of Copa Airlines but it is not a bad airline. Indeed, there is no scope for how bad is Copa Airlines. 

Launched in 1947, Copa Airlines is one of the successfully running old airlines. Its aim is to deliver the best quality services to its passengers at reasonable prices. Even, according to customer reviews who have previously flown with the airline, the majority of the airline services are in good condition and are served on time. Although, there are a bunch of points that are its cons. Here is a brief introduction to the airline and its facilities to understand it better. 

Copa Airlines Contact Details AND Review

Airport NameCM
Working hoursEveryday- 24 Hrs
Mailing AddressBox 0816-06819 Panama, Republic of Panama.

Copa Airlines is a domestic airline in Panama and flies to more than 80 international destinations. It has mainly two seating options, Economy and Business. There are further subdivisions of these two classes to offer better and additional services. Its fleet also includes modern aircrafts with new technology and designs.  Undoubtedly, there are various features and services that confirm Copa Airlines is good.

Detailed Analysis Of Copa Airlines 

Read these points to clearly evaluate the pros and cons of Copa Airlines. 

Young Fleet of Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines’ fleet consists of the Embraer and Boeing series with an average age of 9.2 years. Boeing 737 MAX 9 is its latest update that offers new-age features with extra comfort. Although, due to its narrow body design, passengers face discomfort on long-haul flights.

Copa Airlines Food Menu

Copa Airlines Food Menu:

Copa Airlines offers complimentary snacks and beverages on all its travel classes and flights. The variety in the food menu keeps increasing with the higher travel class like Business. While it is a limitation that the airline has very few options for the Economy class. Also, the quantity is not sufficient according to many passengers. 

Copa Airlines On-Time Departures And Arrivals

Copa Airlines is very famous and appreciated amongst passengers for its timely departures and arrivals. There are a few cases where the flight was delayed. Moreover, in such cases, the airline was quick to inform the passengers about the delay or cancellation. 

In-Flight Entertainment at Copa Airlines

In-Flight Entertainment at Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines seats have an attached TV screen with installed shows, music videos, and various other video content. The Economy passengers have limited options but still are sufficient for long and short-haul flights as per the prices. Passengers can download the Copa Showpass app and connect to the inflight network to watch a lot of entertainment shows, On board. 

WiFi which is a very necessary feature misses connectivity access on passenger’s personal devices on Copa Flights. It is one of the biggest disadvantages for the airline while the majority of its competitive flights offer this feature in their flights. However, if any individual does not need internet access apart from connecting with their office clients or loved ones. Then the entertainment options are endless on its in-flight portal. Check how you can watch shows on the airline despite the fact that Copa Airlines does not have WiFi.

Copa Airlines Cabin Crew

Copa Airlines cabin crew is well trained and very considerate. Its pilots are experienced to handle any sort of unprecedented situation. In its 76 years of work history, only two major accidents have been registered. One that occurred in 1992 was the last and led to 47 fatalities including the cabin crew and the passengers. Since then, there has been no accident which is a big accomplishment for the airline. Undoubtedly, there are many factors that make Copa Airlines safe.

On-Ground Services of Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines on ground services are nice. These can be rated as average due to slow check-ins. Rest services are also moderate in quality. 

The staff is very friendly and helps at any given time. However, since the majority of its layovers are scheduled at the Tocumen International Airport, the services here are limited but in good condition. 

Overview of Copa Airlines


Copa Airlines is one of the oldest airlines that flies to regions in Panama. Those who are worried about ‘how bad is Copa Airlines’  must not worry as it is a safe and good airline. Read the pros and cons of the airline to understand the benefits and disadvantages of flying with the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Copa Airlines a bad airline?

Copa Airlines is not a bad airline and is ranked among the good airlines with lower prices than competitors. 

How is Copa Airlines seats?

Copa Airlines seats are wide but have less leg space which is not comfortable for long-hour flights. 

Does Copa Airlines has a business class?

Copa Airlines business class with various additional benefits is specific to the travel class. The seats and leg space also increase in these cabins. 

What is the average age of the Copa Airlines fleet?

Copa Airlines fleet is approximately 9.2 years old.
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