Is Copa Airlines Part of United

Copa Airlines works as a partner with United Airlines under Star Alliance but is not owned by the latter. These two have very old and strong ties that aim at improving and offering higher quality services to their passengers. 

Undoubtedly, there have been talks about United merging Copa as its carrier. However, due to various official reasons like the existing stakeholders, it was never possible. Now as of the present status, both airlines work in collaboration to offer codeshare flights and other shared benefits to their passengers. If you also had questions like is Copa Airlines part of United Airlines, then this content answers all your queries in brief. Scroll down to read about its other partnerships and award programs along with a quick summary of the airline up till the present. 

About Copa Airlines and its Partnerships 

Copa Airlines is part of the Star Alliance. United Airlines also work under the same. Hence, both airlines are partners and offer shared services for a few destinations. 

Star Alliance is one of the largest airline groups which has specific service and safety criteria, the airlines that can manage good quality performance and are eager to join the group can initiate the procedure.

These airlines by coming under one umbrella can offer codeshare flights and better connectivity throughout the routes. The benefits of Star Alliance membership are discussed in the later section. Before that let us see who all are the airlines working under this collaboration. 

Aegean AirCopa Airlines
Air CanadaCroatia Airlines
Air ChinaEgyptAir
Air IndiaEthiopian
Air New ZealandEVA Air
Asiana AirlinesLOT Polish Airlines
AustrianShenzhen Airlines
South African AirwaysSwiss
BrusselsSingapore Airlines
Turkish AirlinesUNITED

Benefits of Star Alliance for Copa and United Passengers

Benefits of Star Alliance

There are numerous benefits of flying with airlines that are part of the Star Alliance. A few important that are directly essential for the Copa and the United members are listed below. 

Lounge Service Accessibility

Copa, United or any other Star Alliance member airline’s lounge is available to all the passengers and is not limited to their own set of customers. Passengers who have an airline-specific or Star Alliance membership are eligible to enjoy lounge access. 

Complimentary Snacks, beverages and meals are offered along with relaxing space where you can switch to your devices and engage in work or entertainment purposes.

Codeshare Flights and Better Connectivity

Partner Airlines have scheduled networks for codeshare flights allowing each-other’s passengers to book flights to more number of places. Copa and United also offer these codeshare and interconnected flights under the partnership of Star Alliance. Individuals can book the flights for both from any of the airline official portals. Pricing details and others will be mentioned alongside. 

Reward Points and Priority Services

Star Alliance Copa and United Airlines offer their loyal customers with various additional benefits. These are in the form of digital coins or points that can be used for travel and purchase of other airline offered services. Furthermore, you can gift and share these to redeem the benefits with family and friends. Priority check-in, security and other additional are perks for being a frequent flyer to these airlines. 

Now, these reward points known as Miles can be further transferred to another Star Alliance member airline’s passenger account and used to book flights with the airline. Copa and United Airline members who have earned the points from one can use it on other flight bookings and services. Similar provisions apply for the other member airlines. 

Standard Quality Services

Standard Quality Services

Copa Airlines has earned a reputation for being a good airline. Its services are appreciated by its passengers and it is one of the primary reasons that allowed the airline to enter the Star Alliance. It is essential for all airlines under this partnership to maintain a certain level of the services so that the objective of a convenient air travel can be achieved by this collaboration and instead be improved. 


If you were also curious about is Copa Airlines part of the United, then the answer is a bit two-sided. As both airlines are partners under the Star Alliance but there is no ownership or merger between the two. Due to the rumours escalating regarding United taking over Copa, many have suspected is Copa Airlines owned by United. Check out the other airlines that are also part of this alliance and how it is beneficial for you as a passenger. 

Copa Airline Alliance Partners (FAQs)

Is Copa Airlines part of United? 

Copa Airlines and United Airlines, both, are part of the Star Alliance group.

What is Star Alliance?

Star Alliance is one of the largest groups of major airlines from different countries that offer codeshare flights and other benefits to its passengers. 

What is Copa and United Partnership?

Copa and United collaborate under Star Alliance where they both work together and in partnership with other airlines. 
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