Things To Do In Lafayette Indiana

Lafayette is a city located in the county seat of Tippecanoe, which is in Indiana, a state in the US. This bustling destination is home to numerous splendid attractions that not only mean to provide entertainment but are also a great source of knowledge. Here are some cool and exciting things to do in Lafayette Indiana for a vacation never spent before. 

Make sure to read it all and visit these attractions to discover their amazing tales, some of which date back to the history of Indiana.   

1. Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

Best Things To Do In Lafayette Indiana at Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette is a wonderful attraction that hosts exhibitions of paintings and sculptures made by international artists. Starting as Lafayette Art Association on 14th April 1909, the museum aims to promote the power of art. 

Stunning creations displayed here bring appreciation to the great work done by artists across the globe. You can also attend exclusive events, talks, concerts, and cultural programs conducted here from time to time. 

2. Purdue University

Purdue University

Conveniently set across the Wabash River in West Lafayette, Purdue University is one of the major places tourists never want to miss. The university boasts of a huge campus and you can plan a one-day visit to explore the same. You never know, it could really become one of the interesting things to do in Lafayette Indiana for you.

Tourists are allowed to visit when the classes or any sessions are not going. Places inside the university like Robert L. Ringel Gallery at the Stewart Center, Patti & Rusty Rueff Galleries at the Pao Hall, Art Deco Elliott Hall of Music and the like must be visited. Many big shows and exhibitions are held at the galleries.

Sports lovers can enjoy watching collegiate games, football games, basketball games etc., played by the men and women of the campus.

3. Prophetstown State Park 

Nestled at the Rock River’s South Bank, Prophetstown State Park makes for a perfect thrilling spot where you can enjoy the company of your loved ones. Especially, when your children demand some fun, you might consider visiting this park among the fun things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Adventure lovers can opt for some enthusiastic activities at the hiking and biking trails. Not only this, camping, swimming, fishing, and hunting will add excitement to your visit.  

Offering fresh green surroundings, the park is full of oak, maple, cottonwood, and more types of trees. You will easily get to see animals like rabbits, muskrats, ducks, raccoons, and more. 

4. Fort Ouiatenon

The construction of Fort Ouiatenon dates back to history when it was used as a French trading post beside the Wabash river. 

There is a Blockhouse Museum in the fort that allows entry of visitors in the summer. The annual Feast of the Hunters’ Moon is a different event conducted here during which many artifacts belonging to the original Fort Ouiatenon are showcased. This is a weekend event organized in the month of October. A historical reenactment of what the 18th century life used to be is manifested here. If you happen to be there in October, do buy tickets and have a unique experience at the fort. 

So, would your answer be planning a visit to Fort Ouiatenon as it is one of the best things to do in Lafayette Indiana this weekend?

5. Fairfield Lakes Park

Fairfield Lakes Park

Fairfield Lakes Park is the best attraction to relax and spend quality time with friends or family in the lap of nature. Spanning a surface area of around 2400 acres, this park is swamped by travelers and locals for picnics, leisure walks and exciting activities like boating, sailing, fishing etc

Even if you are in Lafayette for a business tour, do spare some time and rejoice amid the charming ambience.

6. Wea Creek Orchard

Wea Creek Orchard

This family-run beautiful farm should also be on your list if you are here in the summer or fall. Easily accessible from downtown Lafayette, Wea Creek Orchard is a suitable place to rejuvenate while taking a stroll through the farm. Also, spend some time at the beaver dam. This is a registered archaeological site where you can pick apples, pumpkins, peaches etc. Furthermore, the family also offers you to buy honey, jellies, apple cider, and more products. 

Well, this attraction is known as a wonderful wedding hosting venue. 

7. Haan Museum of Indiana Art

Wolf Park 

A member of the American Alliance of Museums, this attraction encompasses a marvelous setting displaying the largest collection of the art of Indiana, including historical paintings, antique furniture, and decorative items. It also houses beautifully crafted ceramics such as chairs, tables, bronze & stone sculptures, figural items, and glass. 

You must also take a look at the Sculpture Garden located within the periphery of the museum. Its natural surroundings feature a variety of sculptures made by the artists of Indiana. This garden also has a theater, along with a stage that hosts great events. 

8. Wolf Park 

Inspired by the concept of wildlife conservation, Wolf Park aims at generating awareness among people about wolves and how they are important for the environment. 

You must plan a visit and take a guided tour. Explore the park and see the wolves, foxes, bison etc. In fact, you can also attend insightful events, workshops etc., that are organized throughout the year. Howl Night is one of the popular events. So, this attraction is not only meant for leisure but a great source of knowledge and learning. 

9. Tropicanoe Cove

Tropicanoe Cove

Set in Columbian Park in Lafayette, this attraction is a delightful amusement location you and your children would want to visit repeatedly. Look forward to spending a great day here in summer with some watery fun in the swimming zone. 

Get all set to enjoy the lazy river, banana peel slide, lily pads, riptide racer, which has been formed as a mat racer slide of six lanes, and much more. Well, a splash pool with a little dolphin slide is also there for small children. 

10. Exploration Acres

Exploration Acres

Spread over an area of 23 acres, Exploration Acres features the largest corn maze as well as the pumpkin patch in Northwest Indiana. This attraction is full of all fun and frolic that provides recreation to both parents and children. 

Take up the challenge to explore the 22 acres corn maze and find rewards as you keep moving further. Likewise, the 11 acres pumpkin patch lets you choose from 38 different types of pumpkins. In addition, hayrides and straw mound give you an experience you might have never had before. 

Playset, Sand Pile, Pedal Carts, and Trike Track are some amusing activities for children. 

11. Wabash Heritage Trail

Wabash Heritage Trail

The route from Fort Ouiatenon to the Tippecanoe Battlefield Park located in Battle Ground, is connected via the Wabash Heritage Trail. If you want to feel fresh or unwind, this trail is an ideal destination for you. It is a spectacular hiking route with unmatched views of natural surroundings and wildlife. The Wah-ba-shik-a Nature Center at Tippecanoe Battlefield Park provides travelers with trail maps and details on conditions. 

In the trail’s rural areas, travelers are not allowed to take horses, bicycles, and motorised vehicles. Camping is also not allowed on the trail path.

12. Celery Bog Nature Area

Have some relaxing moments at this 3.2 km circular route, located close to West Lafayette in Indiana. It takes an average of 38 minutes to accomplish what is typically thought of as an easy route. Despite the fact that this is a well-liked trail for birding and hiking, you can still find some peace and joy there at slower times of day. Both animals and people can find peace in the Celery Bog Nature Area. 

Exhibitions and educational events are also promoted here by the Lilly Nature Center. This makes it an ideal spot from the perspective of insightful activities in Lafayette Indiana.

You can see approximately 120 different species of birds as well as some interesting plants. There live a variety of small mammals, including rabbits, coyotes, opossums, and others, as well as numerous amphibians, all drawn to the area’s diverse and special wetland ecosystem. 

13. Main Street Amusements

Main Street Amusements

This is a vibrant pinball destination in Indiana, hosting around 40 games. You will find a lot of pinball machines and arcade games. The large front windows show a clear scene of the pins installed inside. This gives an inviting view to travelers. Plan an evening visit with family and make the most of this great entertainment zone. 

14. Columbian Park Zoo

Columbian Park Zoo

Another enchanting attraction that should be in your list is the Columbian Park Zoo. While exploring and moving further with a view of different birds and animals, you will gain a lot of insight on the same. The Zoo was established to raise awareness on the preservation of wildlife and biodiversity. Your visit here means a fun outing combined with great knowledge.

15. Lafayette Farmer’s Market 

Lafayette Farmer’s Market

The Lafayette Farmer’s Market is a bustling location that is never at rest. This market is over 165 years old and it hosts community markets where local farmers sell their produce and products. Do you want to grab some fresh fruits and vegetables? There is something made for everyone. Locally made honey is a specialty here. 

Furthermore, musical performances are conducted on Fifth Street every week. So, you don’t just buy essentials, but also enjoy an entertaining ambiance. 

16. Clegg Botanical Gardens

Clegg Botanical Gardens

Operated by a local non-profit organization, these gardens welcome you with a mesmerizing aura that might be a first-time experience for you. Large areas of Spring wildflowers, prairie and oak savanna restorations, colorful plants, labeled trees, trail paths, and bridges describe the beauty of this attraction. Visiting here means de-stressing your mind and spending memorable time with loved ones.

17. Downtown Lafayette

Downtown Lafayette

This marvelous location keeps brimming with a boisterous environment where people can be seen enjoying music venues, gorging on delicious food at restaurants, sipping their favorite drinks at bars, taking the pleasure of nightlife, dancing to the beats of music in live performances or festivals, and much more. There are also beautiful galleries to explore.

Well, this place is also home to a lot of business organizations. Therefore, some people visit here for business purposes or meetings. 

18. Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf

This location is an entertainment center featuring a 18-hole indoor mini golf course. Do you know the speciality of this golf course? It glows in the dark. You will get a complete amusement package here, as there are a number of activities you can try your hand at. These include video and redemption arcade games, rooms for birthday parties and other events, bowling, animated props, laser tag, laser maze, virtual reality, radio station, ropes course, and much more.

19. Loeb Fountain

Loeb Fountain

You can again have some watery fun at Loeb Fountain set at the center of Founder’s Park in Purdue University. It is interesting to know that granite was used to construct the fountain. Also, about 2200 gallons of recycled water is used every minute.

20. Tippecanoe Mall

Tippecanoe Mall

How could one miss visiting a mall or a shopping centre being at a tourist destination. You must be eyeing some good souvenirs to buy as a keepsake that will remind you of your amazing holiday tour forever. So, make sure to plan for this mall and get home some designer clothes or bags. Don’t forget to try tempting delicacies at its food court. 


With a lot of stand-alone Lafayette Indiana attractions, this state offers you an altogether different experience. Visiting any of its locations means you are being transported to another world. 

Travel is the best way to unwind and relax away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Interestingly, most of us just keep making plans that never materialize due to hectic work schedules. But, you are the lucky one if you have managed to do so. 

You will surely go back home with a bagful of memories, but will leave your heart here. If there is any other location that you might have been to in Lafayette, and we missed out on those, do share your experience with us in the comments section. Stay tuned with TravoBravo for more such interesting blog posts. 


Q1. What are some of the fun things to do in Lafayette Indiana?

Ans. Lafayette is home to Main Street Amusements, Fort Ouiatenon, Prophetstown State Park, Downtown Lafayette, Purdue University, and many more attractions.

Q2. What are the things to do in Lafayette Indiana this weekend?

Ans. Explore art galleries, Feast of the Hunters’ Moon event at Fort Ouiatenon, Wea Creek Orchard, restaurants, nightlife at Downtown Lafayette, and more.

Q3. What to do in Lafayette Indiana?

Ans. You can visit different museums, parks, amusement centers, art galleries, and trailing paths nestled in the lap of nature.

Q4. Are there things to do in Lafayette Indiana during summer?

Ans. You can visit the amusement water park Tropicanoe Cove, the annual Feast of the Hunters’ Moon event at Fort Ouiatenon in October, the Wea Creek Orchard farm, and more such locations in summer.

Q5. What are the outdoor activities to do in Lafayette Indiana?

Ans. Enjoy outdoor activities at Exploration Acres, Wabash Heritage Trail, Fairfield Lakes Park, Tropicanoe Cove, and more.

Q6. What are some of the best Lafayette Indiana attractions?

Ans. You must visit Purdue University, Wolf Park, Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, Celery Bog Nature Area, Monster Mini Golf, Haan Museum of Indiana Art, and the like. 

Q7. What is the best stuff to do in Lafayette Indiana?

Ans. Loeb Fountain, Exploration Acres, Main Street Amusements, Tropicanoe Cove, Haan Museum of Indiana Art, and more such places must be visited in Lafayette Indiana. 
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