How to Connect to Emirates WiFi

Emirates Airlines is among the first few airlines to offer WiFi access on board. Internet access makes sure that the passenger continues the work and stays connected to family and friends. 

Emirates WiFi is not included in the ticket fee and must be purchased separately. If you wish to access wifi after onboarding the flight, then buy Emirates WiFi online or offline. Contrarily, Skyward members get the advantage to use the wifi for free. They get free unlimited access to chat on WhatsApp and other social media platforms and other internet data benefits. 

Complete Guide on How to Connect WiFi in Emirates Flight? 

Complete Guide on How to Connect WiFi in Emirates Flight

Emirates passengers can buy WiFi after boarding the flight. There is no option to purchase it online.  Now the airline enables you to purchase internet access even after boarding the flight. There are three internet plans offered by the airline for different purposes. Choose the plan as per your preference and pay accordingly to get wifi on Emirates. 

 If you are looking forward to how to connect to Emirates OnAir WiFi, then follow these steps. 

  • Switch on Airplane Mode.
  • Next, Find the available network from the WiFi section.
  • The OnAir WiFi will be visible on the screen.
  • Select the WiFi network available and log in with your booking details. 
  • Immediately you will be connected to Emirates WiFi.

Emirates WiFi is available on the majority of the flights.If you follow the above guided steps and still don’t connect with the WiFi, connect to the staff and discuss the issue. Detail them about your booking number and other details to help find the issue and offer a response accordingly.  If there is some speed quality issue, you can complain about the same but Emirates do not take the liability of such issues due to technical errors. 


The passengers who bought the internet access can follow the above-stated steps to learn how to connect to Emirates WiFi. With additional steps of payment, you will be able to purchase the WiFi on board. There are three options of internet plans currently offered by Emirates Airlines. Passengers as per their budget and usage can choose amongst the three to use WiFi on board. The skyward members on the other hand will be able to use the wifi for free just by logging in with their ID. Also, it is mandatory for Skyward members to add their ID in the manage tab or mobile application to be able to use the internet service for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Connect to Emirates on air WiFi?

Enable WiFi mode and connect to the On Air wifi network to use Emirates wifi.

Can I buy Emirates WiFi after boarding the flight?

Yes, Connect to Emirates wifi, log in further to choose and buy the internet plan after boarding the flight.

How to use free WiFi on Emirates flights?

Skyward members of Emirates can use internet access for free.

How do connect wifi to Emirates flights for Skyward members?

Log in with your Skyward ID and get access to use Emirates wifi.
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