How to Get WiFi on Emirates

Emirates Airlines offer WiFi for free only to its skyward members. Others will have to buy it for internet access on board. The cost varies as per the use and the flight duration. 

Passengers can select and purchase the internet plan as per their requirements. Check the WiFi plans and the speed offered for using the internet when flying with Emirates Airlines.

How Much Does WiFi Cost On Emirates? 

Emirates Airlines offers WiFi access ensuring its passengers are not isolated from hour-to-hour updates of the world and the closed ones due to the unavailability of the internet. Its internet allows passengers to stay connected on social media and networking apps for chatting with business clients, office colleagues, or dear ones. 

Unfortunately, it does not allow streaming network speed due to limited bandwidth. Yet, if you wish to get access to Emirates WiFi, then check the prices. Also, in the next section, you will find who can enjoy the WiFi for free. 

1. WiFi For Chatting On Social Media Platforms

Emirates WiFi access for chatting on any social media platform including WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, and others costs range from 2.99 to 5.99 U.S. Dollars for varying flight distances.

2. WiFi For the Entire Journey

 WiFi For the Entire Journey

To enjoy Emirates WiFi for the entire journey rather than using it merely for chat purpose, passengers will have to pay a price between 9.99 to 19.99 USD based on the total distance.

3. Easy Connect For Limited Time Period 

This feature enables Emirates passengers to get good network connectivity for a time duration of 30 minutes for 9.99 U.S. Dollars. This is the best suitable plan for those who require the net to connect to the office or for any other urgent event, instead of the entire journey. 

Re-Emphasis: Who Can Use Emirates WiFi for Free

Although it has been earlier mentioned that the Emirates Skyward members can enjoy the WiFi on board for free. Here is a detailed description with categories of Skyward members with benefits of free internet in different cabins.

Whether it is an Economy or Premium cabin, Skyward members get the advantage to use the free availability to chat on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Emirates Skywards Blue members enjoy complimentary access to WiFi in First Class. While the Skyward Gold and Silver members get free WiFi in Business or first-class cabins. 

Lastly, the Platinum Skyward members have access to Free WiFi on all cabins beginning from Economy to Premium.  

Emirates Airlines Contact Details

AddressEmirates Group HQ, PO Box 686, Dubai

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Buy Emirates WiFi? 

It is to inform Emirates passengers that the airline offers the option to purchase WiFi after boarding the plane. There is no way to buy wifi online or offline. The Emirates members who enjoy free wifi will have to follow one additional step. Post that step the process for connecting WiFi is the same for all the passengers. Here are the steps to buy the Emirates WiFi on board. 

Skyward Members: Add your membership ID 24 hours before in the manage tab or the mobile application to be able to access the WiFi on board for free. After boarding the flight follow these steps.

  • Enable Airplane mode and search for available WiFi networks.
  • Select and connect to the OnAir network visible. 
  • Login using the Skyward ID or the normal booking code. 
  • Select the internet plan you wish to access and pay accordingly. 

Skyward members do not need to pay and will be connected directly after login. 

The Emirates airline offers a bunch of ways to make payments on board. After you choose the internet plan, instructions and options on how to pay for the preferred internet plan will be visible on the screen. After payment confirmation, you will be connected to Emirates WiFi.

Overview of Emirates Airlines Wifi


Emirates’ WiFi speed quality is fairly good. Unfortunately, the airline does not offer streaming internet speed due to reasons like limited bandwidth. While you will be able to chat or use the wifi for other purposes. Depending on the needs of passengers, the airline offers three types of internet packages. You can choose any of them as per the usage. The Skyward members are entitled to free internet access. They can directly log in after connecting to the onboard wifi to use the internet service.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to buy WiFi on Emirates?

Emirates WiFi is available for sale on online and offline mediums. Either buy from the website or by visiting the nearest Emirates office. 

How to pay for Emirates WiFi?

You can pay online or offline depending on the medium of purchase using cash, credit card, or digital wallets. 

How much does WiFi cost on Emirates? 

Emirates WiFi offers three different internet packages to passengers. The cost varies from 2.99 to 19.99 U.S. dollars as per the data limit, purpose, and total distance of the flight.
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