Why Is Emirates So Expensive

Since Emirates started its flight operations in 1985, it established itself as a prominent economy as well as a luxurious airliner with a series of prestigious awards under its belt. The airline has maintained a loyal customer base and continues to add more repeating flyers to its huge customer base of millions. Emirates is known to fly advanced, efficient and comfort oriented aircrafts, and their dynamic and highly adaptable workforce is the reason for offering such world class services to customers worldwide on a daily basis.

Their awards are not only a tribute to the pinnacle standards maintained for luxurious flying experience, but also for its popular never ending Dubai hub that was committed to operate with the flights flying throughout the pandemic.

Till date Emirates remains as the safest and most renowned luxurious airlines across the world. The airline is devoted to making the flying experience of travellers worth cherishing even after landing at the destination. Emirates staff treat passengers in a warm and royal manner making them feel at home for the entire duration of the journey.

Emirates is among the costliest airlines due to the services and products offered to the passengers. Prices vary, but you would need to pay $28,000 for a round trip between Dubai and New York.

Why Is Emirates Business Class So Expensive?

There are various straightforward reasons making Emirates airlines costly to fly. As everyone knows that good stuff isn’t available for cheap, so does Emirates offer its entire royal range of services at somewhat expensive prices. Emirates isn’t marketed as a budget airline but the services it offers are worth each penny you spend. Let’s know about all the valuable services making an Emirates booking worth the price it is:

The Comfortable Luxurious Seating Arrangement

Comfortable Luxurious Seating Arrangement

When you go on board the Boeing 777 or the A380, you’ll enjoy your own fully enclosed private suite. Meaning great privacy maintained with a door and floor to roof walls.

Economy Seating – The Emirates Economy seating experience is a unique one with comfort and luxury at par with premium economy and business class cabins. All seats are available with amazing entertainment options on the HD TV and there is a lot more you can expect on the menu with regional multicourse meals and a complimentary drink. All economy seats offer unmatched comfort and great space to relax and unwind till you reach your destination. The extra you pay is for the in-flight seating amenities you get at the economy cabin.

The wider and comfortable seats are fitted with adjustable leather headrests, wood grain finish and upgraded tables. The high sweeping ceilings, sky blue interiors and the surrounding champagne and white tones bring space and light into the cabin.

Emirates World Class Ultra Luxury Lounges

Emirates lounges are located in up to 30 airports across six continents including the A380 Dubai hub. Before you visit the lounges, you can also check the eligibility. Emirates lounge access is unique to the customers who fly on Business Class or First Class. When you’re a Gold member at Skywards travelling in Economy, you can also enjoy access to the Business Class Lounges around the globe with the Silver members entering Business Class Lounges in Dubai. You’ll only need the boarding pass, and you can come and go according to your requirements before flight – all those are open 24 hours per day. With the Emirates worldwide lounges, customers can also enjoy the partner lounges in airports located across six continents. ‘

Emirates In-flight Entertainment

Emirates In-flight Entertainment

Boarding an Emirates flight not only introduces you to a journey but you’re immersed in an entire new wholesome experience. Fly and never get bored for a second with more than 5,000 channels on the award-winning in-flight entertainment system, ice.

Entertainment options in Emirates are your window into new worlds:

You can select from 5,000 movies, channels, games and music, TV shows, on demand in many languages. Emirates Has the Best In-flight Infotainment system as its framework has been viewed as the best one being in the business. The flights are equipped with touch screens on each passenger seat. They have a theatre setup named ICE. It has up to 4,500 stations for television programs, music, games or films. You can often keep a check on the moving map and check out what’s happening from a high altitude of up to 40,000ft with outer cameras.

Get vital information such as weather updates, general and sports news and information about the flight on your screen. It is possible to listen to radio, music or uninterrupted podcasts while exploring.

Onboard High Speed Internet

Emirates offers many data plans for establishing cloud connectivity for your entire flight journey. Skywards members get to enjoy free WiFi.

However, as there is limited bandwidth with media streaming, satellite data and restriction in data sync, many services are restricted as well. Available bandwidth is optimised for a fair amount of time.

The internet is available at varied prices and routes and can change anytime. Because of some flight rules, and country regulations, service providers are unable to extend their services to all countries.

Wifi for Emirates Skywards Members

  • Skywards members can get the benefit of free Wi-Fi services.
  • Passengers can use Messenger, WhatsApp and other texting services for free as an Emirates Skywards Blue member who travels in Business Class or a Gold member of Skyward Miles.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet for the entire Flight.            
  • Enjoy the free Wi-Fi throughout the flight as an Emirates Skywards Blue member who travels in First Class. Emirates offers upgrades to first class for those who haven’t purchased first first-class tickets.

Dining Experience On Emirates

A total world class on board experience is incomplete without the availability of savory dishes in the standard flight menu. Passengers know that good food comes for a good cost and while the prices might sound expensive they’re totally worth the value whether passengers are flying on economy, premium economy, business class or the magnificent first class. Let’s explore what’s on the menu in each flying category.

Business Class

Dining Experience On Emirates

Whether you’re in the mood to enjoy savory and sweet snacks to the complimentary champagne, gourmet meals, Business Class dining in Emirates is a very pleasant experience for sure. Whether you’re on a long-haul Emirates flight or a short one, expect your fine meal served to be on the Royal Doulton fine bone China with Robert Welch cutlery prepared especially for Emirates. Whether you’re in the mood to enjoy fine appetisers, wholesome meals, light salads or a juicy steak, there are plenty of options to keep you full on your flight. The beverages and drinks menu has a wide selection of drinks consisting of single malt whiskeys, champagnes, fine wines, chilled beers, cognacs, etc. to feel refreshed while you arrive at the destination.

Economy Dining

Economy dining is all about multicourse meals that taste like the flavours of your destination. Complimentary drinks throughout the flight. The menu consists of a lot more to enjoy in the Economy Class.

Emirates chefs are always a class apart as they’re well versed in preparing the taste of the region. Their professional techniques and cuisines ensure you’re offered the best flavours on board.

Whether you want to join the airlines for a cooked and continental breakfast, multi course lunch or a dinner, you can discover some of the finest meals from the menu to compliment your taste buds. Emirates mostly take on a regional approach on dining and ensure you lunch and dinner is available with cheese and crackers with a delectable dessert. We generally include choices from the region you fly to provide a flavour of the destination.

Premium Economy Dining

An assortment of multi course meals is on the menu served on Royal Doulton china tableware with the stainless steel cutlery. Pair the meals with favourite drink from the list, including a sparkling Chandon with wider wine choice from the selection. You can have a short sneak peek at the sample Premium Economy menu for the dishes served on board. You can take a peek at the Premium Economy menu dishes at the official Emirates website.

Emirates Fleet

Being one of the oldest airlines, the fleet size is among the major benefits. The passenger fleet size in 201, the fleet size of Etihad is 104, the airline fleet of Kuwait Airways is 30, and the fleet size is 254. In addition to the large fleet, it invests in further business expansion. Due to such business investments, Emirates also charges more money for the flight tickets.

Boeing 777 

Emirates has the world’s largest Boeing 777 fleet of aircrafts in the world. These modern aircrafts fly to up to 100 towns across six continents flying millions of happy passengers worldwide.  

A380 Aircrafts

The A380 fleets of aircrafts have a fresh look with a sleek bronze and cream interior similar to the latest Boeing 777 aircrafts. You can fly to the latest generation of comfort oriented seats including the Premium Economy, zero gravity First Class seat and Business Class cream leather seats.

Travel Safety in COVID-19

When it is about health and safety passengers can be worry free about their wellbeing. They can find the necessary measures to maintain safety and get protection at all the journey steps.

Flyers breathe clean and fresh air throughout the duration of their journey with the cabin equipped with advanced HEPA filters removing 99.97% germs, allergens and viruses.

The flight staff ensures reliable disinfection and safety measures at the flight and the airport. Safety and health also comes first, all the way till the arrival destination.

As all the safety measures and checks are completed well in advance, it’s optional to put on masks in Emirates cabin. Following proper hygiene and safety protocol ensures that the travellers are flying with highest possible safety standards on a flight and all such features make the ticket worthy of higher pricing.


Are the endless range of facilities offered by Emirates worth the price? With more than 20 hours total flight time across two flights, first class ticket holders pay up to $630 per hour for journey. While adding five additional hours at the airport lounge with chauffeur-drive time, we are looking at it under only $500 per hour. So, the main question here is whether the ticket is worth it or not. These things will depend entirely on the passenger and the total value they’re placing on such exclusive in-flight services and the cost to avoid the general inconveniences of a lesser class.

Travellers, who only consider the cost of flights will think of Emirates international costlier than other carriers. However, all the price compromise is generally a more pleasant involvement with the economy class. You can know everything that is in store to get a large portion of the Emirates economy.

While selecting Emirates Airline for flight ticket booking, you can notice the costly nature of the tickets and can’t select the favorite services you want on the flight. When you want the total details of costly Emirates Airlines flights, you can go to the genuine points offered by the experts.

Emirates assists you to allow baggage to the destination and route, where you are allowed to add additional baggage after paying certain charges.

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Tiffany Pfister
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