What Terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at SFO?

One of the largest serving airlines, Hawaiian Airlines operates out of the international terminal and terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport. In those cases, where the airline may change their operating terminal, the passengers would be informed prior to their arriving or departing flight at the San Francisco International Airport. 

So, if you are flying with Hawaiian Airlines to or from San Francisco International Airport, then you should know that Hawaiian Airlines is one of the best airlines which provides the passengers with a positive and overwhelming flying experience. In case of any changes made in your reservation such as the operating terminal, the authorities will ensure to inform you. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into Hawaiian Airlines SFO Terminal, and other crucial information about it, which you must know of: 

SFO Hawaiian Airlines Terminal

SFO International Terminal

As said earlier, Hawaiian Airlines usually operates from the international terminal or terminal 1 at the San Francisco Airport, which are as follows: 

International Terminal at San Francisco International Airport 

International Terminal at San Francisco Airport is popular among the passengers as INTL or T-I, it helps process both inbound and the outbound flights to the Airport, offering base to some of the leading airlines. INTL consists of two boarding gates including gate A and gate G, collaborating with some domestic carriers to share ticketing facilities.

Levels at SFO International Terminal

SFO international terminal consists of different levels, with each level serving a different purpose and meeting the needs of the passengers including, baggage claim, arrivals area, lounge facilities, and other such services. The levels at international terminal are as follows: 

  • Level 2 at SFO International terminal consists of the baggage claim area and arrivals area, in this level the passengers can access passport checks and customs check to arrive for their reserved flight. For the passengers wanting access to ground transportation, they can access it outside Level 2. 
  • Level 3 (INTL Mall Level) consists of the departures area where the passengers can have access to boarding gates A and G, this level provides passengers with a few amenities as well, including, security checks, food courts, restrooms, etc. 
  • INTL Boarding Area A is towards the east, which consists of gates A1-15.
  • INTL Boarding Area G is towards the west, which consists of gates G1-G14. The passengers can experience some facilities in this area including, spa facilities, showers, car rentals, business services, medical facilities, baggage wrapping, etc.
  • Level 4 is home to the AirTrain Station for Garage A and C. This level also consists of a BART Station, adjacent to the Garages, near boarding area G.
  • Level 5 is home to the international parking garage, which allows for international passengers to park their vehicles all along. 

Services at SFO International Terminal

The International terminal at San Francisco International Terminal is one of the best terminals when it comes to providing high-quality and almost all the required amenities to the passengers. Some of the services are as follows: 

  • Workstation, storage, nurseries, showers, and shoeshine. 
  • Medical clinic, mailboxes, lost & found, and baggage carts.
  • Baggage assistance, baggage wrapping, and family restrooms.
  • Public phones, hydration stations, information booths and Wifi.
  • ATMs, cell phone rentals, business centres, and baggage wrapping. 

How do I Transfer Between Terminals?

The passengers can transfer between the terminals at San Francisco International Airport via the AirTrain. The 24-hour automated train allows people to move to and from one terminal to another including some other locations within the airport itself. 

Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport 

Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport is another terminal which helps operate Hawaiian Airline flights from its base. Terminal 1 is popularly known as the “Harvey Milk Terminal 1” and it houses domestic boarding areas B and C. SFO Terminal one hosts inbound and outbound flights of different flying carriers within the United States. 

Levels at SFO Terminal 1

The levels at terminal 1 offer the passengers with different facilities, meeting the at-airport requirements of the passengers, and serving them with the best of everything. The levels at SFO terminal 1 are as follows: 

  • Level 1 consists of the gate sections B and C, along with the arrivals and baggage claim area. This level offers some of the services including, baggage claim offices, restrooms, and lost & found services. 
  • Level 2 consists of the departure level and boarding area, with each having an individual security checkpoint. The boarding areas are: 
  • Domestic Boarding area B, which connects to both boarding area c and the international main hall, and hosts gates B6-B27. The available services at this area are: restrooms, hotel boards, information counters, etc.
  • Domestic Boarding area C, which connects to boarding areas B and D, and hosts gates C2-C11. The passengers can access numerous services at this area including, Cafe, meeting point, lounge, shops, and restrooms. 
  • Level 3 and Level 4 is home to the AirTrain station which allows the passengers to connect to different locations within the airport. 
  • Level 5, last but not least, is the domestic parking garage for the passengers travelling within the United States. 

Services at SFO Terminal 1

San Francisco International Airport caters to the needs of passengers, in order to provide them a better at-airport experience. So, the services provided to the passengers at SFO terminal one are as follows: 

  • Free Wifi, mailboxes, nurseries, baggage carts, and shoeshine.
  • Information counters, baggage assistance, and public phones. 
  • ATMs, police substations, hydration stations, and workstations. 
  • Animal relief area, lost & found hotel boards, and special assistance.

How do I Transfer Between Terminals at SFO?

The passengers arriving at or departing from the San Francisco International Terminals can access the terminals or other locations within the airport via AirTrain, which is an automated vehicle meant for moving the passengers frequently.

Bottom Line

We believe that we were able to give clear answers to your question, what terminal is Hawaiian airlines at SFO and other crucial information about the operating terminals. Nevertheless, the passengers must ensure to keep in touch with Hawaiian Airlines to get updated information about their arriving or departing flight at San Francisco Airport. 

It’s worth noting that the terminals are subject to change depending upon some circumstances. In those cases, the passengers are recommended to either follow the instructions on their ticket or contact the customer care representative of Hawaiian airlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal does Hawaiian Airlines use at SFO?

Hawaiian Airlines usually operates out of terminal 1 or International terminal at San Francisco International Airport. 

Where is Hawaiian Airlines at SFO gates?

The international terminal uses the boarding areas A and G, whereas Terminal 1 uses boarding areas B and C. 

How early to arrive at SFO Hawaiian Airlines?

The passengers are recommended to arrive at least three hours prior to their departing flight at San Francisco International Airport. As the check-in sometimes may take longer than usual. 

How long does it take to get through Hawaiian Airlines SFO security check-ins?

The security check-ins usually take at least 45 minutes. However, the time sometimes depends upon the number of passengers as well. 

What is the busiest time at SFO?

Midday is the busiest time of the day at San Francisco International Airport. So, if you have your Hawaiian reservation during midday, consider leaving your accommodations early. 
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