How Old to Rent a Hotel Room

The minimum age to rent a hotel room varies from location to location. There is no international standard age recognized allowing individuals to book a room. It is advised to read the laws of the specific region to learn about how old to rent a hotel room. 

Traveling to new places is always fun as it allows you to experience and explore different cultures. While this applies to all, the young traveler’s dilemma remains ignored. The confusion about the minimum age criteria to book or rent services at a foreign place always consumes the search history of many young tourists, especially unaccompanied. 

The rules are not standard and keep altering with a new locations. So, if you have similar confusions on the age criteria to book a hotel room, then go through the details and learn about some practical and legal approaches to find a stay at an absolutely new place, if you are not eligible to book the service. 

Legal Ways To Rent A Hotel Room For Minors 

Legal Ways to Rent a Hotel Room for Minors 

Now it is very clear that the legal minimum age to rent a hotel room for minors is subject to the permissible criteria set by the local authorities. As discussed before, it is not the same for all regions. Even more, the age group criteria differ within various states and cities of a country. 

The United States’ legal age to book a hotel room is 18 years and above. But,in certain states it reduces to 16 or increases to 21. These are formed according to the average population, culture, tourism, voting criteria, and many other factors relating to a region. 

Generally, 21 years and above is a safe bracket age group. There might be very few countries that have higher minimum age criteria. If you are soon going to travel, make sure to go through this condition to avoid sleepless nights and hectic days lost in finding the right place to stay. 

Young travelers should not upset themselves if they do not qualify for the permissible age. As there are some other provisions that make it possible for minors to rent services. Read the following points to know about the legal and authentic ways to book a hotel room.

Hostel Rooms with Guardian’s Permission

Hostel Rooms

There are hostel room services that allow renting to the underage group to book or rent a hotel service. This requires written permission from the guardians or parents. There might be some other legal formalities before allowing a stay in one of the hostel rooms. Search for such places for your scheduled destination and ask about the entire procedure. 

Family Specific Hotels

Family Specific hotels

This is an ideal option for individuals who are traveling with adults from their family or friends group. These are family-oriented hotels and allow easy stays for groups of accompanied minors with adults who can submit an identity card as proof of their age. Before reaching here, make sure to confirm the provisions with the staff. 

The primary or main guests of the hotel will be the parents or the guardians and you can stay with them. Such trips are also useful if you are planning a road trip as to rent a car there is a minimum age criteria.

Consult local Tourism Authority

In the digital era, where young brains are running businesses and engaging in many other exceptional tasks, it is quite unfair to not be able to travel alone. You can consult with the tourism authority, share your purpose of visit, and ask for the possible places where you can stay despite being underage for renting a hotel room. 

Special Home Stays

Special Home Stays

There are special provisions for minors to stay in a country but rent a place without the presence of an adult. This requires a bunch of additional steps and documents to verify your identity and other requisites. These are known as special stays and are absolutely legal and approved by the local government. 

Make sure to confirm the authenticity of the stay before finalizing it. Safety should be the priority and shall not be ignored at any point of time. If this is not possible, then ask for guidance from your elders. 


How old to rent a hotel room? It is a region-specific question as the legal age depends on the rules of the local government of that region. If you are going to visit a new city, state, or country, then pre-check the details on what is the minimum age to rent a hotel room and make the reservations accordingly. It is essential to remember a valid identity card reflecting your age to book a hotel room. Confirm with the staff if there is any additional document required. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum age to rent a hotel room?

The legal age to book a hotel room is according to the laws of the local authorities. 

Can you get a hotel under 18?

If the permissible age to rent a hotel in the region is 18, then yes you can easily rent a hotel room. 

Can you stay in a hotel at 17 with an 18-year-old?

If there is a legal adult accompanying you then it is possible to rent and stay in a hotel room. 

How old to rent a hotel room?

An individual must qualify for the legal age of the country or state to rent a hotel room in a region. 
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