How to Cancel Icelandair Flight

Passengers can cancel the Icelandair Flight by filling out the cancellation form on the official website and claiming a refund as well. The airline permits cancellation on selected fares only. Therefore, it is important to understand the Icelandair Cancel Flight rules and regulations before deciding to cancel the ticket. In addition, Icelandair has well-defined policies for every category of passenger and fare ensuring a proper solution to every condition. Icelandair cancel policy aims to provide a seamless cancellation procedure when passengers are unable to attend the booked flight. Passengers must go through certain guidelines before understanding how to Cancel Icelandair Flight. 

Icelandair Cancellation Policy

Icelandair Cancellation Policy

Icelandair Cancellation Policy is highly influenced by the nature of the purchased ticket. Not all fares are eligible for ticket cancellation. Tickets which non-refundable in nature are usually not eligible for cancellation. When a passenger decides to cancel the Icelandair flight, the airline levies a penalty charge according to the purchased fare. Afterward, they deduct the fee and refund the remaining amount to the passenger. Please note that Icelandair Cancel Policy is applicable to tickets booked via the official website or by contacting the airline. If the ticket is purchased through a third party then contact the concerned agency for cancellation purposes. 

There are a total of five types of fare, out of which Economy Flex and Saga Premium Flex fares permit flight cancellation as per the Iceland Air Cancelation Policy. If you are willing to cancel your flight then check our fare type in the booking confirmation sent via email. Go through the following table to check your fare conditions.

ConditionsEconomy LightEconomy StandardEconomy FlexSaga PremiumSaga Premium Flex
Cancel before departureNot includedNot includedIncludedNot includedIncluded
Cancel after departureNot includedNot includedIncludedNot includedIncluded
Refund of partially used ticketNot includedNot includedIncludedNot includedIncluded
Child discount20%20%20%Not includedNot included
Infant discount90%90%90%75%75%

Icelandair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Icelandair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Icelandair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy allows passengers to cancel any flight irrespective of its nature. If you booked a flight to or from the U.S. then you can cancel it within 24 hours of booking for free. Given that the ticket was booked at least 7 days before the scheduled departure and the ticket was purchased in U.S. dollars. If cancellation is done under these circumstances then the airline will not charge you any penalty fee. Icelandair cancel flight within 24 hours and lets passengers cancel tickets that usually are not permitted for cancellation. Please note that Icelandair 24 Hour Cancellation is not applicable to group bookings of more than 10 passengers. 

Icelandair Cancel Policy as per Israeli Consumer Protection Law

Icelandair Cancel Policy states that a ticket bought in Israel must be canceled within 14 days of the transaction according to the Israeli Consumer Protection Law. However, the cancellation must not be done in less than seven days before the scheduled departure time. 

Passengers who are defined as “disabled persons”, “senior citizens”, or “new immigrants” by the Israeli government have a different procedure for canceling the ticket. If the ticket is purchased in Israel and the above-stated passengers wish to cancel the ticket then he/she has to do it in writing. The following points should be considered for cancellation:

  • Cancel Icelandair Flight within four months of purchase or a document receipt containing details listed in article 14C(b) or whichever is later, and
  • The cancellation must be at least a week before the flight’s scheduled departure date. 

The cancellation fee will be 5% of the fare price or NIS 100, the passenger will pay the amount which is less. Keep in mind that the above-mentioned policy is applicable to tickets bought over a phone call with Icelandair’s service center or through the official website. The route should be either to or from Israel. If these conditions are not met then the fare cancellation rules will apply. 

How to Cancel Icelandair Flight Ticket?

How to Cancel Icelandair Flight Ticket

Passengers who wish to cancel Icelandair flight have to fill out a cancellation form and request a refund. The cancellation is possible for flex fares only i.e. Economy Flex and Saga Premium Flex. If you are not aware of your fare type then follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website –
  • Scroll down and click on the “Manage Booking” option.
  • Then enter your last name and booking reference number on the new page. 
  • You will now be able to check your fare details. 

However, if you bought the ticket from a third party then contact them directly for this purpose. Icelandair cancellation from will ask for fare details and the reason for requesting a refund. Afterward, the passenger will have to provide basic information along with their contact and payment details. 

Icelandair Flight Cancellation Fee

Icelandair Flight Cancellation Fee

The airline does not charge Icelandair Flight Cancellation Fee for Economy Flex and Saga Premium Flex fares, for tickets cancelled within 24 hours of booking, and tickets with cancellation protection. Icelandair Flight cancellation fee for other fares is full fare price as these flights are not allowed for cancellation and are non-refundable in nature. Only the tax part is refunded to the passenger. 

Icelandair Cancellation Protection

Passengers have the option to purchase the cancellation protection while buying the ticket. The repayment of the unattended flight is ensured with the Icelandair cancellation protection. Otherwise, the fare is not repaid in any other way in the absence of cancellation protection. So, if a passenger is unable to attend the flight the airline will then repay the ticket amount. If the passenger wishes to change his/her travel plans even after the commencement of the journey, Icelandair will repay the part of the ticket which has not been used or the change fee. However, the passenger will still have to bear the fare difference, if applicable. Purchasing Icelandair Cancellation Protection is helpful if you are aware of uncertainty in your travel plans. 

Icelandair Flight Cancellation Compensation

Flight Cancellation Compensation Icelandair

In case Icelandair cancel passenger flight then European Air Passenger Rights are considered. The airline will offer an alternative flight to the passenger or provide a refund, whichever is preferable to the passenger. In addition, if the airline notifies you regarding the flight cancellation within 14 days before the scheduled departure then you are entitled to a compensation of €600 per person in a booking. If the alternative flight option is provided to the passenger then it is not mandatory to provide the compensation. Moreover, This policy is applicable only when the reason for cancellation is controllable by the airline. In case of uncontrollable events, the airline is not entitled to compensate employees in any way. 

Icelandair Cancellation Policy (FAQs)

Do you have 24 hours to cancel a flight with Icelandair?

Yes, passengers can cancel a flight with Icelandair within 24 hours of booking. It is applicable to all types of fare.

Does Icelandair offer free cancellation?

Yes, Icelandair does not charge a fee for flex fares or flights canceled within 24 hours of booking. However, certain guidelines must be met in order to cancel a flight for free.  

Does Icelandair provide compensation for canceled flights?

Yes, Iceland Air considers European Air Passenger Rights, where a passenger is entitled to a compensation of €600 if the flight is canceled from the airline’s end. 
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