Change Icelandair Flight with the “My Journey” feature provided on the official website or through the mobile application. Passengers can adjust their flight details if they have a change in plans. Sometimes it can be confusing but with the right information on Icelandair Flight Change Policy, the process can be done seamlessly. Passengers may have to face a change fee in order to successfully modify their flight details. Along with this, fare differences are also levied on passengers in case the new flight is costlier than the original booking. Check eligibility, applicable fees, and the process to Change Icelandair Flight through several available options.

Icelandair Change Flight Guide

Icelandair Change Flight

Only those passengers can visit the official website to change Icelandair flight if they have purchased the ticket either from homepage or by contacting the airline directly. If the purchase is done with the help of travel agencies then contact them for solutions. Similarly, if the passenger bought a package through Icelandair Holiday, they will have to connect with the Icelandair Holiday directly. Otherwise, refer to the following steps to change Icelandair flights online through the official website. 

  1. Start by opening the Icelandair official webpage with this link –
  2. Now, click on the “Manage Booking” feature on the homepage.
  3. Enter your last name and provide the 6-digit booking reference number.
  4. After that, the new page will load your recent bookings.
  5. Select the one you wish to make changes in by clicking the “change flight” option. 
  6. The page will ask for new details and it will load similar flights according to the provided information. Select the one that best fits your requirements. 
  7. After that, you will have to pay the applicable fee charges and fare difference, if any. 
  8. Once the updated flight details are final the airline will then send a confirmation email with new flight details.

Change Icelandair Flight via Mobile App

If you have installed the Icelandair App then changing the flight details is even easier. You can change Icelandair flight whenever it’s convenient to you with these quick steps:

  1. Select the Manage option
  2. Enter your surname and booking reference number
  3. Select the change flight option given in front of your upcoming flight. 
  4. Enter new date, destinations, etc and confirm the changes.
  5. Pay the applied fees and fare difference, if any.
  6. Finally, you will receive the flight change confirmation via email.

Icelandair Change Flight via Phone Call

If none of the above options is available or you prefer face to face interaction then you can request to change Icelandair flight via phone call. Passengers have to contact the customer care team via toll free number 1–866–980–7279. The line will connect you to a representative who will help in rescheduling the flight as per the policies. For this purpose, you will need to provide your flight details and the agent will introduce you to a new alternative according to your eligibility. Lastly, if you are satisfied with the given options then you can proceed further to the payment step and confirm the changes. 

Icelandair Flight Change Policy

Icelandair Flight Change Policy

Icelandair Flight Change Policy lets passengers change their travel date, destinations, routes, etc. Similar to other airlines, Icelandair Airlines has different types of fares that influence the policies for changing the flight details. Passengers are instructed to go through Icelandair Flight Change Policy before following the step-by-step process of changing the flight. 

As mentioned previously, Icelandair has 5 different fares, each fare has its own set of rules and conditions. So, it is crucial to check your fare type before modifying itinerary details. Head over to the official website and log into “manage booking” to check your fare details and attached conditions. The following table depicts date change conditions of every fare. 

Type of Fare
Date Change ApplicableRefundable
Economy LightNoNo
Economy StandardYesNo
Economy FlexYesYes
Saga PremiumYesNo
Saga Premium FlexYesYes

Timing is also a crucial factor when you decide to change Icelandair flight. This can affect the applicable fees and available alternate options. Icelandair Change Flight Policy indicates that changes made closer to the departure date often incur higher fees. Sometimes, passengers may have limited options and can’t help but have to cancel Icelandair Flight. Thus, it is advised to change Icelandair flight in advance if possible.

Passengers also have various options to choose from for changing Icelandair flight. One can adjust details online via official website or through mobile application. Whereas, offline methods like contacting customer care support or visiting the airport desk works equally. 

Icelandair Flight Change within 24 Hours

Passengers have the grace period of 24 hours after booking the ticket to modify flight details free of cost. The flight should be booked to or from the USA and the booking should be made at least seven days prior to the scheduled departure. This policy helps passengers to change Icelandair flights even for the fare that does not allow changes otherwise. As soon as the grace period is over, the general policy rules will apply. This option is helpful for those passengers who made mistakes while booking and want a quick fix.

Icelandair Change Flight Fee

Icelandair Change Flight Fee

The airline does not charge Icelandair Change Flight Fee for Economy Flex and Saga Premium Flex fares. The change fee completely depends on the nature of the purchased ticket and in some cases, the type of change can also influence the penalty charges. 

  1. If you are flying on a domestic flight then the Fee to Change Icelandair Flight will be as follows:
Type of FareChange Fee
Economy Light Changes are not allowed
Economy Standard 4000 ISK
Economy FlexNo Fee
  1. In case you have bought International flight, the applicable charges will change:
Type of FareChange Fee
Economy LightNo changes
Economy Standard250 USD for flight to/from Iceland,
250 USD for flights to/from Europe,
250 USD flights to/from Israel 
Economy FlexNo Fee
Saga Premium300 USD for flight to/from Iceland, 350 USD for flights to/from Europe,350 USD flights to/from Israel 
Saga Premium FlexNo Fee
  1. If you have purchased a Icelandair Flight to or from Greenland then following charges will apply:
Type of FareChange Fee
Economy Light Changes are not allowed 
Economy Standard 13.000 ISK/ 620 DKK
Economy Flex No Fee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my Icelandair flight?

Yes, you can change Icelandair flight and pay applicable penalty charges with fare difference. 

What is the Icelandair flight change fee?

The Icelandair flight change fee depends on the type of fare purchased and selected destination. It can vary from 250 to 350 USD.

How do I change Icelandair flights for free?

You can change Icelandair flights for free if changes are made within 24 hours of booking. 

Can I change the flight date on Icelandair?

Yes, you can change the flight date on Icelandair on all fares except for Economy Light.
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