What Happens If JetBlue Cancels My Flight

JetBlue refunds the full amount for flight cancellations due to various irregularities. Aircraft technical errors and others contribute to flight cancellations or delays. The airline takes responsibility for the inconvenience caused and offers an alternative flight for the same destination.

If the flight is too delayed or the customer is not happy with the alternative flight offered, then the airline offers refunds. Sometimes it even provides accommodation facilities. Along with the refund, there are a bunch of other benefits like compensation that are also given if JetBlue cancels the flight.  Read the next segment to solve all your queries regarding the compensation and refund on flight cancellations by the airline. 

JetBlue Compensation Policy for Flight Cancellations and Delays

JetBlue Compensation Policy for Flight Cancellations and Delays

JetBlue takes accountability for flight cancellations due to controllable irregularities. Implying that flight cancellations or delays that are due to instances termed as the Act of God (Force Majeure Event) are not applicable for the compensation or full refund by jetBlue. These events are unavoidable and beyond the control of the airline. Hence the airline does not take the responsibility for the same. 

If your JetBlue flight is canceled due to the failure of the airline, then you are entitled to the following compensatory benefits. 

Alternative flight or Full Refund

If JetBlue airline cancels the flight then it offers the next alternative flight at the earliest hour and does not charge anything for the fare difference. It also re-books partner airline flights as a secondary option with no additional charges applied.  If the flyer schedule does not suit the new booking, then she/he can refuse to accept the flight and claim the original ticket fee refund from JetBlue. 

JetBlue Compensation Credit

 JetBlue Cancellation policy is very detailed for each possible condition. The  airlines will offer compensation up to 100 Dollars for flight cancellations if the alternative flight is not available within 1 hour of the originally scheduled flight. Check the refund you will be credited according to the number of hours delayed in arranging an alternative flight.

  • Within 4 hours of flight: $50 Credit
  • After scheduled departure: $100 Credit

Food and Beverages Reimbursement

JetBlue passengers with flights delayed by more than 3 hours are eligible for a $ 12 food voucher. If the food and beverages are not present at the airport, then the airline tries to serve the passenger with some refreshments and water. JetBlue also reimburses the limited amount if no above-stated solution is possible at the present moment. Passengers can buy the eateries and share the receipt with the airline within 10 days of the expense incurred. 

The bill or receipt won’t be compensated if submitted after 10 days or the amount is higher than what the airline offers. 

Accommodation Facility

If JetBlue fails to arrange an alternative flight within the scheduled day or the following day, an overnight stay in the nearby region is booked by the airline for the passengers. Here even, it accepts the receipts submitted within 10 days from the day of the expense occurred, if there is no hotel or accommodation available. 

Ground Transportation

Passengers unable to get an alternative from JetBlue on the same or the following day are entitled to ground transportation to and from the hotel. As previously mentioned the airline offers accommodation facilities to its passengers for delays in providing an alternative flight. If the time continues to extend due to the unavailability of another flight, ground transportation is arranged by jetBlue. Moreover, equal money is reimbursed for the lack of access to the vehicle. The receipt should be valid, and submitted within 10 days of the expense occurrence and the amount should not exceed the local prices of the transportation facility. 

JetBlue Compensation Rate for Hour Wise Delays 

Before, we covered all the benefits that JetBlue provides for the failure to operate the flight. It makes sure to compensate for the inconvenience faced by the passengers due to flight cancellations. Similarly, you will find that it either books a flight or refunds the full original ticket fee.  Also, jetBlue pays an additional sum of credit to the delayed flight passengers as a form of compensation. Find the amount of compensation offered according to the number of delayed hours. 

Delay TimeCompensation Amount
1-1:59 hours$50 Credit
2-2:59 hours$125 Credit
3 or more hours$200 Credit

OnBoard JetBlue Delay

Last-minute flight delay on board after the arrival of the passenger is addressed with the following compensations by JetBlue. 

Delay TimeCompensation Amount
1-1:59 hours$50 Credit
2-2:59 hours$125 Credit
3 or more hours$200 Credit


JetBlue’s above compensation is only eligible for flight delays due to controllable irregularities. As mentioned above in the conditions of cancellation,  reasons included in the Act of God category are not applicable for any form of compensation. Also in terms of flight delays, security reasons causing the flight disruptions are not valid for JetBlue compensations or reimbursements. 

JetBlue Denied Boarding Due to Overbookings 

A JetBlue passenger who was denied boarding because of overbookings shall receive a compensation of 1550 dollars. This is one of the reasons that cause a lot of stress to the passenger who is all ready to fly but is unable due to the airline’s fault. That is why JetBlue is liable to pay compensation for an overbooked flight being the reason for denied boarding.

Additional Benefits by JetBlue for Flight Delays and Cancellations

The provisions for delayed or canceled flights by JetBlue are quite similar. It offers food, clean restroom, entertainment options, and medical help for passengers stuck at the airport due to delays in flight. It is essential to remember though, all such provisions are limited to certain events mentioned in the earlier segments, termed as controllable irregularities. 

Moving forward let us review some conditions that finally determine your ticket eligibility for reimbursement or refund.

Terms and Conditions to Refund Policy of Flight Cancellations and Delays by JetBlue 

Read the reasons why your ticket might not be eligible for a full refund or compensation for the cancellations or delays by JetBlue. 

  •  For flights originating from the UK, EU, or on routes between Canada, some of the provisions are not valid. 
  • Natural calamities termed as acts of God, security reasons, or any reason that can not be avoided and is beyond JetBlue’s control are not included under the jetBlue refund policy.
  • If you purchased any amenity like transportation, food, and beverage, then receipts submitted after 10 days the expense took place will be nullified by the airline. Also, if the bill seems to be fake or could not prove its validity, then JetBlue is not liable to pay the reimbursement. 
  • Receipt of any service should not exceed the permissible limit set by jetBlue Airlines. 

Key Takeaways 

Involuntary cancellations are the responsibility of the airlines and the passengers who suffered must be treated well. JetBlue cancellation is surely applaudable. Either the concern is about what happens if JetBlue cancels my flight or what if I cancel my flight, the airline has created justified provisions. You can refer to the content above and note down all the benefits you are entitled to for flight cancellations and delays by JetBlue. If you are flying to and from Canada or via flights originating from the UK/EU, then a few of these provisions are not valid on your ticket. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does JetBlue reimburse for canceled flights?

JetBlue passengers can claim a refund if the alternative flight offered for the original cancellation or delay was not suitable to their schedule. 

Can we cancel the JetBlue flight after check-in?

JetBlue does not apply any penalty on cancellations before departure for refundable tickets. Whereas, the Blue Basic refunds are charged a fee of 100 or 200 dollars for cancellations prior to the departure. The fine is subject to the destination.

Can I cancel my JetBlue flight and get a full refund?

 The death of a family member or the ticket holder is eligible for a full refund if the valid proofs are given within 14 days of flight cancellation. 

What Happens if JetBlue Cancels My Flight?

JetBlue informs the passengers about the delay or cancellation and offers the next best alternative flight. If the flyer is not happy with the new flight then it returns the original ticket fee as a full refund. 
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