What is jetBlues Cancellation Policy

JetBlue Cancellation Policy lets passengers cancel flights before departure without fee charges. Fares like Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint are eligible for free cancellation except for Basic Blue. This fare is eligible for cancellation but for a fee, which ranges from $100 to $200. It is important that passengers cancel JetBlue flight before the scheduled departure. JetBlue flight is cancelled by providing ticket number and last name on the website. Flight cancellation requested over phone incurs additional fee of $25. Passengers are also entitled to receive a refund but its is subject to fare conditions. Check JetBlue Cancellation Policy before making changes to your flight details.  

JetBlue Airline Cancellation Policy & Refund Rules

Determine JetBlue Cancellation and Refund Policy for Different Fare Types 

JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy does let passengers cancel flight for free. However, these rules changes according to the condition of fare and time of cancellation. Although the airline does not charge a cancellation fee on most of its fares except for Blue Basic. The airline may lavy JetBlue Cancellation Fee up to $200 for Basic Blue fares

If you are holding Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint fares then you can cancel flight for free. Additionally, the fare are divided into refundable and non-refundable nature. For instance, cancellation of nonrefundable ticket includes receiving refunds on JetBlue travel credit. Further are the guidelines of canceling the flight under different circumstances.

JetBlue Refund Policy 

JetBlue Refundable Fares Refund Policy

JetBlue Refund Policy is based on the type of ticket purchased by the passenger. This also includes the conditions and timing of JetBlue Flight Cancellation. For instance, if you cancel according to 24 hours policy then you will get a full refund irrespective of fare type. Similarly, there are many other conditions under JetBlue Refund Policy, which are as follows:

JetBlue Cancellation for Non-Refundable Tickets

The cancellation request must be made before the scheduled departure. A fee per flight segment and per passenger is applied to process the request. The remaining amount is transferred to JetBlue travel credit which has validity of 12 months. In case, the JetBlue Flight is not cancelled before the departure then the entire ticket amount is forfeited. 

JetBlue Cancellation for Refundable Ticket

Cancellation for refundable fare is permttied anytime before the scheduled takeoff to claim the full refund. The full refund is transferred to the original form of payment. However, it is possible that passengers do not get refundable fares on all flights. If it is not canceled before the departure then the money is refunded in the form of travel credit. It is valid for up to 12 months. Passenger can cancel a part of refundable flight after a trip has been taken. In this case, the airline refund only the amount of canceled flight. However, if you miss the flight then the refund is transferred in the form of travel credit with the same validity.

Cancellation of Mixed Fare

Mixed fares are those flights where one segment is refundable and another is non-refundable. In this case, the refund and cancellation policies are applied according to the nature of the flight. There should be no confusion, the refundable policies are applied to the refundable segment of flight and vice versa.

JetBlue 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

JetBlue Airlines allows passengers to cancel flights for free and claim full refund within 24 hours of booking. Flights booked seven days or more before the departure date are eligible for JetBlue 24 Hours Cancellation. In addition, this policy is applicable to tickets canceled entirely. Passengers with JetBlue Vacations reservations are not covered under this. Cancellation can be done through the official website or by contacting the airline directly. Ticket refundability is subjected to fare conditions. Refundable ticket will get the amount on the original form of payment. Whereas, non-refundable ticket may receive travel credits for future bookings. 

No Show Refund Policy via JetBlue 

JetBlue Refund Policy

 JetBlue ticket reservations that are not canceled before the departure and the absence of an individual at the time of Check-in are termed as No show. Non-refundable tickets original ticket fees, including additional charges like extra space, baggage allowance, and others is nullified for cancellations after the flight departure. You will not receive anything for no-show cancellations or changes. 

Partially Used Ticket Refunds by JetBlue 

You are eligible to redeem the value of one-way fare for the unused part of the ticket. This condition is applicable for voluntary and involuntary cancellations. After you have flown a certain distance with the airline and wish to cancel the rest of the reservation then jetBlue will offer the partial one way amount. 

JetBlue Refund Guidelines for Mosaic Members 

Mosaic members are travelers of jetBlue airlines that have flown on more than 30 times with the airline. Also, they have gained at least 12000- 15000 flight base points. This is a criteria set by the airlines, those who qualify are titled as Mosaic Members (loyal customers of JetBlue). When tickets booked by these members are canceled, the following points determine how much is the refund is available for refundable and non-refundable tickets. 

  • Non-refundable Blue Basic tickets are charged with a fine on cancellations prior to departure. The deducted amount will not be refunded as the original form of payment. Instead, you can keep the ticket status as “OPEN” to use the ticket fee for traveling in the future with the airline. Also, the charges paid for additional services like More space, pet travel and others are deducted from the later use ticket fee. 
  • Whereas the other rule allows non-refundable tickets to be saved as “OPEN” for future use with the condition that the refunded amount will face deductions for changing the flight. 

 Non-refundable exchange residual: Contact the JetBlue concerned authority to check the procedure for the residual value of the ticket after booking a new flight. The airline will reflect the amount in your TravelBank accordingly.

(There are two separate provisions for non-refundable tickets because of ARC and BSP agencies. These two set guidelines for cancellations via the travel agents. Due to the difference in the provisions, your JetBlue ticket might qualify under only two conditions.)

Refund Provisions for Government or Military Ticket Cancellations 

JetBlue Airlines allow government and military fares to be canceled with a full refund. The refund depends on the fare difference. Qualifying tickets for a full refund can standard guidelines will be followed to return the amount. 

JetBlue Ticket Cancellations Due to Illness 

If you or your family member is sick then you can only cancel the non-refundable and keep it as “OPEN”. It will enable you to use the ticket fee for later use. However, the original fee would not be paid in the original form of payment as it is a non-refundable ticket. 

Refundable ticket passengers need not worry as without mentioning the reason, you can simply cancel a JetBlue Flight prior to the departure and request for the refund in your bank account. Since the refundable tickets get the full amount for before the departure cancellation, individuals can directly cancel the ticket. 

JetBlue Refund Rules for Exceptional Reasons 

JetBlue Refund Rules varies in case the reason for flight cancellation is due to sickness or other emergencies. The followinng rules are followed if you fall into the conditions mentioned below:

  • Death of the Passenger In case of the demise of the ticket holder, the original fee is refunded to the account. JetBlue also refunds the fare fee for the accompanying passenger. The family member will have to submit the valid proofs to redeem the refund within 14 days of flight cancellation. Remember, if the booking is via a third party, JetBlue will take over the control to continue the refund process.Also, the fee is refundable if the ticket holder’s closed one or a family member dies. Documents like the death certificate, or proof of funeral or obituary are required by the airline to verify the stated reason and proceed the refund accordingly.
  • Military Orders – While the refundable tickets are already easy to cancel prior to the departure time without any additional fee charged. Here are the flexible provisions by JetBlue for last-minute military orders. JetBlue airlines refund the fee in the form of a travel credit for later use. The ticket is valid for a year from the date of issuance. The benefit is applicable to individuals deployed in the military and their immediate family members flying in the same flight. Additionally, the change or cancellation fee is also waived by JetBlue Airlines.

    Valid documents verifying military orders are required by JetBlue via a fax. After confirming the details, the airline begins the process takes the necessary actions stated above, and lets you use the non-refundable ticket for future bookings. 

JetBlue Refunds on Involuntary Cancellations 

The above discussed refund policies are for various provisions applicable on voluntary cancellations due to plan changes on behalf of the customer. Whereas, there is another side to the coin too. Weather conditions, technical errors or other reasons causing a flight cancellation by JetBlue are deemed to be full refunds if the ticket owner denies accepting the alternative schedule offered. You can connect with the airline to find the possible solutions for sudden flight delays and cancellations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does JetBlue offer refunds on involuntary cancellations?

Yes, JetBlue Airlines offer refund on involuntary cancellation if the reason for flight cancellation was uncontrollable. 

What is JetBlue cancellation policy for Blue Basic fares?

JetBlue Basic Blue fare is canceled for a fee which can vary depending on the selected destination.  

Is there a fee to cancel a flight on JetBlue?

JetBlue does not charge a fee for flight cancellations except for Blue Basic fares. 

Does JetBlue refund you if they cancel your flight?

Yes, JetBlue Airlines provides refund on flight canceled due to technical errors or any operational defaults. 
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Maria lange
Maria lange
11 months ago

Good afternoon my flight was canceled. I was at the airport for five hours. Had to take Uber back-and-forth and I was not compensated from Jet Blue. I don’t understand why I’m still stuck in New Jersey. Not fair and I’ve been with Jet Blue for 25 years. what do I do?