What Is JetBlue Mint

JetBlue’s one-of-a-kind flying experience aka JetBlue Mint is preferred by air passengers with comfort and luxury as their paramount priorities. Before proceeding further with the features, customers must first thoroughly know what is Jetblue Mint. However, when passengers search for the seats labeled specifically as “first class” they have a hard time finding them and the airlines so call the premium seats as “JetBlue Mint.” 

Based on the flight, there are many additional JetBlue Mint seat tires that are fancier. A few Mint Suit flights offer you a private suite with sliding doors and the bigger Mint Studio ensures that the seats are roomier enough for accommodating two people.

Further, we know what is Jetblue Mint in detail and elaborate on all the reasons to fly Mint Class on JetBlue, and know what exactly gives it a status of uniqueness and luxury. We know what to expect while flying in the JetBlue Mint class. Would Mint class really be worth everything? Everything is broken down in the current guide to first class on JetBlue.

What To Expect From JetBlue Mint Class Seats

JetBlue Mint Class Seats

Most new Jetblue passengers aren’t familiar with exactly what is Mint on Jetblue. While you’re flying on JetBlue Mint class, the first most expected feature should be lots of space as passengers get lie-flat seats with a measurement of 6 to 8 inches in length. The seats also have more cushions with a massage feature and adjustable firmness.

All these seats include 15-inch (or larger) TV loaded with on-demand free shows and movies, live TV with other options for entertainment, including digital newspaper access, and meditation. On many flights, the Mint seat at JetBlue is a white suite, including the 17-inch tilting seat-back screen, phone ledge, wireless charging feature, item stowage, in-seat power, etc.

The suits are kept in a herringbone configuration. You find around 24 private suits on transatlantic versions and around 16 on transcontinental ones.

JetBlue Mint Seat Overview

Features of Studios

For first-row passengers, JetBlue has ample features. All aircrafts with Mint Suits are also available with two “Mint Studios” in the first row. These are also larger than Suites that feature a 22-inch titling seat-back screen (versus 17-inch screens), an additional side table for guest seats and added productivity to accommodate additional Mint customers while flying at cruising altitudes.

What To Expect While You’re Flying JetBlue Mint

Passengers can get additional perks besides the lie-flat seats and more legroom while flying JetBlue Mint. There are many highlights for the same:

The second checked free bag: Not only do Mint customers get their first bag checked for free, but the second checked bag is also free (up to 70 pounds). The benefit can only be availed by JetBlue Mosaic members and Mint flyers. Otherwise, JetBlue Plus card members and Blue Plus customers also get the first bag checked for free, but you will need to pay around $45 for the second. From 1st Jan 2023 it is not possible to earn Mosaic, but if you earned the same in 2022, the benefits can last through the year-end. You can read other program changes here.

Mixed drinks: Drinks are free on Jetblue Mint including freshly brewed Dunkin coffee and snacks. Mint flyers are also offered cocktails and wine. Their “Mint Condition” cocktail was named after the first-class cabin. The drink also consists of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin, ginger, cucumber, Mint, and lime. They also have an alcohol-free version.

The Process to Book Seats in JetBlue Mint

Availability of Mint Fare Varies

There isn’t a specific process for how to find Jetblue Mint flights. Firstly, don’t expect the availability of Mint fares on all JetBlue flights; the Mint option is available only on domestic cross-country flights with international routes. Mint class is not available when you’re taking a short trip from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe.

Mint Zero Fares

When the route doesn’t have an option of JetBlue Mint, you can book the usual. You would only need to search the route and select the JetBlue fare class. At the booking window, you’ll toggle between many options like paying in TrueBlue points or dollars or also booking non-refundable versus refundable (generally costlier) fares.

When you’re short of points to cover your trip, here is another good news: JetBlue airfares, including the ones in Mint class, are paid with a combination of TrueBlue and cash points.

When you’re booking class bookings for various people, you can’t put a person in Mint and someone else in a low-fare class. When you want Mint, but don’t want to leave buddies in Blue Basic, you’ll have to make them a separate booking. To book JetBlue Mint at the lowest fares you must know how much is JetBlue Mint. This measure helps passengers to save more time and cost.

How JetBlue Handles COVID-19 for Mint Customers?

How JetBlue Handles COVID-19 for Mint Customers

When flying JetBlue Mint prior to the pandemic, you can expect changes beyond the new amenity kit and different food. JetBlue modifies some service offerings for aiding in improved hygiene and social distancing. Some changes are:

  • Sealed arrival snack
  • The dessert and meals are served together with foil covering or lid
  • Garnishes served on the side
  • Refills are served in new cups and drinks are served in single-usage cups
  • Also JetBlue Mint also cut old offerings. Some temporarily removed services can include:
  • Pre-departure beverage services and welcome drinks.
  • Fruit options, breakfast sides, and bread
  • Drinks that are espresso based
  • Snacks
  • Hot towels 

JetBlue Mint Experience In Air

Frequent business class flyers must know what does jetblue Mint include as Jetblue compares their Mint cabins with business and first class. The planes also offer around 16 standard Mint seats for a flight, arranged in three double-row seats per side, alternating with single suits in a 2-1-2-1-2 pattern. 12 Mint seats are there in double rows, wherein the window seats don’t have any aisle access, and four single suits are there with closing privacy doors. These lie-flat leather seats also have 6’8” space in seats, and are comfortable and roomy in seated and upright positions. They are available with a massage function and firmness, which is nice, especially on longer flights. They’ve got a 15” screen, which is a simple-to-watch size. For individual seats, in addition to the tray table available from the console, a large flat surface is available for additional tabletop space.

The double seats don’t have the feature – and while a tray table is available, it is so small that it won’t be possible to hold a food tray and cell phone and food tray and additionally there is barely any more space on the shared center console between seats. The tray table does not extend as far as it could be in the provided space creating a cramped feel. While sharing the center console with the neighbor, who is a stranger, it would be awkward for navigating a small space. Storage under double seats is also awkward, there isn’t any space for a bag when you’ve got raised leg support, so you have to put the same underneath leg support – but it is not possible to reach the bag for removing the same with an extended seat. It also makes up for odd maneuvering, especially while being seated next to a stranger with personal space that you’re respecting.

JetBlue Mint vs Economy

All the JetBlue seats also include built-in screens with tv shows, music, movies, and fight information with in-seat outlets and USB ports. While the coach seats are available with higher legroom than other domestic carriers Mint seats substantially have higher legroom with much more intricate comfort customization levels. The coach seats also include soft drinks and complimentary snacks, and also have alcohol and Eat Up boxes.


The top-notch luxury and comfort attained by passengers in Mint Class rivals with a lot of other major airlines – and for certain areas, they are ahead of the curve. The aforementioned information explains what is Jetblue Mint and the reasons for enriching the Mint Class in JetBlue are plenty with semi-private suites, lie-flat seats, entertainment, free meals, and a speedy boarding and check-in process. When travelers want to get the best money they can, then the Mint experience totally justifies its value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Mint Seats in JetBlue lie flat?

Yes, the JetBlue Mint seats are lie-flat with around 6’8” legroom with a pillow and a blanket for in-flight usage.

How many checked bags are there in JetBlue Mint?

The Mint passengers in JetBlue get around two complimentary checked bags, that weigh more than 70 lbs each, with baggage claim priority delivery.

What Are JetBlue Mint’s Best Seats?

The JetBlue Mint “best” seats can also be different according to the aircraft passengers are in. For A321 aircrafts, the best Mint seats are individual suites with direct aisle access and privacy doors. For A321LR and A321neo planes, the best Mint seats are two Mint Studio seats, costing around $199 up to the Mint suite sets with a buddy seat and a higher room with a second table.

Is JetBlue Mint the same as a business class?

Essentially, Jetblue Mint is the same as business class. Unlike the carriers offering business and first class, Mint class is the only upgrade passage on JetBlue.

Do JetBlue planes have Mint Class?

No, only on certain JetBlue operating routes, do you get the option of Mint seats. They are available typically mostly on coast-to-coast flights, and on flights to the Caribbean and Latin America. Mint Class is available on flights to and from London.

Cost To Upgrade To Mint Class on JetBlue Flights

Unlike other airlines, JetBlue does not provide any discounts for upgrades on the final minute. At the departure desk of the airport, the cost of upgrading to Mint seats is different between the already paid fare and the Mint rack rate. After reaching the gate, the cost would be slightly lesser for a Mint upgrade, when it is available. No bidding programs are available for the Mint seats.

Can You Get JetBlue Mint Upgrade For Free?

JetBlue doesn’t provide complimentary Mint upgrades to Mosaic customers or standard travelers. Passengers qualifying for the Mosaic new 2022 offering, get about 4 same-day Mint upgrades for a year and are placed automatically on the waiting list of Mint for any unsold seats. (Mosaic+ threshold is triple the qualifying points for achieving Mosaic.)

How Much Does It Cost For Mint Upgrade on JetBlue?

Unlike other carriers, JetBlue does not offer any discounts for any final-minute upgrades. At the airport departures desk, the cost of upgrading to Mint seats would be the difference between the already paid fare and the Mint rack rate. After reaching the gate, the cost would be slightly lesser for the Mint upgrade, when the same would be available. No bidding programs are available for Mint seating. 

Are JetBlue Mint tickets refundable?

Yes, JetBlue Mint tickets are refundable and It is possible to cancel Mint fares without a cancellation fee, as long as you’re able to cancel the bookings prior to departure.
You can also make a confirmed same-day switch for around 75 USD for each passenger, but the fee isn’t applicable for Blue Extra and Mosaic members.

Can pets board JetBlue Mint?

Dog, cat, and other pet owners must know whether are pets allowed in Jetblue Mint or not. Passengers are not allowed to carry pets on JetBlue Mint Class. However, according to the pet policy of JetBlue, a service animal is a dog trained for helping people with disabilities (sensory, physical, mental, or psychiatric). Only fully trained service dogs are allowed to travel (dogs currently undergoing training won’t be eligible). For Mint cabins service dogs can travel without bearing any additional charges.
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