How much is Jetblue mint

New as well as frequent JetBlue flyers can easily upgrade their in-flight experience as it is a whole lot sweeter, particularly when you want to avail first-class amenities. However, most new passengers are not familiar with how much is JetBlue Mint upgrade is worth. The class upgrade is possible when you’re adding up to $599 or more for a single-way ticket. While the ticket value is higher than the entire coach, when comparing the seats with other competitor websites, passengers get premium value products. 

JetBlue Mint Ticket Cost

The answer to how much Jetblue mint cost isn’t specific as the JetBlue mint rates can vary significantly and be higher than a single-way $599 base price advertised on the JetBlue website. While the range of Mint seats begins at $599 for a one-way, most sell on previous weeks in advance. As Mint seats are there in the first few plane rows, they quickly fill up. 

Note:  A few routes at JetBlue are available only seasonally or once a week, so you would have to carefully plan the itinerary for minimising the chances of it coinciding with the schedule. 

Charges of JetBlue Mint Studio

The Airbus A321LR flights at JetBlue have 24 seats for business class passengers – two Mint Studios are there in total (the first row seats), and 22 Mint Suites (next 11 business class seat rows). 

The Jetblue Mint Studio isn’t a separate service class, but instead, it is considered a premium option for seating. It is possible to get the Mint Studio upgrade either during the booking process or anytime till the flight departure, which is subject to availability. 

If you try a dummy reservation on the official JetBlue Mint website right now, it would seem that the current cost of the upgrade is $299 per way. However, shortly after the transatlantic flight sale, with a $129 cost, was more reasonable, the prices considerably spiked. 

How To Know Fares in Mint?

When the route doesn’t have the option of JetBlue mint, you’ll book reservations at the usual cost. 

For this reason, it would be good to make a route search and select the preferred fare class at JetBlue. While you’re at the booking window, you’ll toggle between many options like paying in TrueBlue points or dollars or booking non-refundable versus the refundable (generally more expensive ones). 

When you wish to apply points to the fare but enough points aren’t available for covering the entire thing, JetBlue airfares, including the Mind class ones, are paid with TrueBlue points and cash combination. 

While making a class booking for many people, you can’t put a person in Mint and someone else in the lower fare class. Thus, when you want Mint class, but don’t want to leave your friends in Basic, you’ll need to make separate reservations for them. 

Passengers can change their seat class when they want to Mint upgrade later. However, know that on paying with points, you’ll have to use points for upgrading. Likewise, when you’re paying with a card or cash, it would only be possible to upgrade the same through the same method of payment. 

Tips To Avail Best Jetblue Prices

JetBlue mint

Sales at Flash fares: JetBlue often runs flash sales many times annually, where it is possible to avail great ticket prices for many destinations. Compared to the basic tickets the ticket prices in flash fares are lesser than conventional tickets. 

All-around sale: It is also possible to enjoy cheap JetBlue flights in all-around sales launched by JetBlue. 

After they know how much does Jetblue Mint cost passengers can check these tips out for fishing at the best price. A limited period is there for many sales and offers, so to miss it, it is possible to go ahead with other deals. JetBlue also offers many offers and deals that are possible to explore on the official website. For information on any hidden offers and deals, you can speak to representatives at JetBlue. 

Overview of JetBlue Mint

Days When JetBlue Ticket Fares Are The Cheapest

Do you wish to book JetBlue Airways flights and look for flight details on the cheapest days for booking reservations? JetBlue Airways is among the famous airlines that fly to various destinations worldwide. When you wish to book a cheap JetBlue Airways flight, it is possible to make bookings on certain days in a week for lower-priced deals. 

One common query among new JetBlue flyers is what are the cheapest days for flying on JetBlue Mint. The general answer to this query is that the cheapest days are Wednesday, Saturday and Tuesday. These are the cheapest as the crowd is less than on other days. Thus for flying these days, you should book tickets at least prior to a day.

However, there are many other available hacks to use for availing cheap airfares on JetBlue mint. 

Best shopping day: JetBlue generally launches early Tuesday sales or generally in the afternoon. Thus it would always be great to purchase JetBlue ticket prices on all websites and select the best ones. 

Early Booking: After booking early, passengers avail enough free time with higher chances of availing cheap JetBlue tickets. Thus, if you’re aware of the plans in advance, then you must not waste time and look for the offers and deals while booking the cheapest flight ticket. 

To look for great discounts, deals, offers, and sales, passengers can reach the JetBlue customer care team as they’re well aware of all the major ongoing offers. Thus another great idea would be talking with a customer service representative of JetBlue after dialling the official toll-free number of JetBlue. 

JetBlue Points Required For Mint Class

On average JetBlue points, means that you would need to have around 17,000 miles for a free flight, varying according to the flight or whether you selected an international or a domestic flight. With the above-stated guidance, you’ll know the points and fare you can expect to pay for a Mint upgrade, with the policies and procedures of Mint Class on the flight when you want to get the JetBlue points. Further, we understand how to book JetBlue Mint to avail of huge deals and discounts for air travel.

Booking JetBlue With Travel Credits

Besides buying a JetBlue mint ticket at cost, users can book JetBlue flights with travel credits. For this reason, people can visit the official JetBlue website.

  • They must visit the official JetBlue website. 
  • After reaching the payment homepage, passengers must choose travel credit. Then you’ll see the drop-down.
  • It is possible to either log in through TrueBlue account details on the login after providing 10 digits on the page. Members at TrueBlue can use credentials, where the new passengers are using a 10 digit password and ID. 

When you can’t see the certain option of logging in, it applies that you decided to fly with a partner airline. In such a situation it is not possible to use credits. After logging in, you will see the flight credit amount of JetBlue. From here, it is possible to manually feed the value that you wish to take from credits and use the same to make bookings. 

After you make the selection, choose the option “Apply Travel Credits” and then continue. 

When the credits aren’t enough for covering the entire amount, then it is possible to use credit cards for finishing the payment. 

JetBlue Credit Validity

It is also vital to note the JetBlue credit validity. When it is to credits various airlines have various policies. When you’re thinking of booking JetBlue flights with travel credits in the future, note that such credits are valid only for a year. It means, if the refund was on 1st June, then the credit would be valid from the same day till 1st June for the following year. Thus, you get an entire year for deciding what you can do with the credit. 

On Which Day Can You Get the Cheapest Airfare on JetBlue?

To know how much is JetBlue mint upgrade is worth, you must also know that low-cost deals are available for making flight reservations on certain days per week. People who want to know about the cheapest days on flying JetBlue Airways from different locations can look for the details provided below.

JetBlue Airways often limits airfare sales, especially during these days of the week.

Tuesday, Saturday, and Wednesday are the best days in the week when you’re booking JetBlue flights. 

With the availability of lie-flat spacious seats, free entertainment and meals, semi-private suites, and a prompt check-in and boarding process, when you want to pay the price, the Mint experience is most likely worth the investment.  


The mint experience at Jetblue is a unique experience rivaling most of the airlines – and in many areas, it outruns its competitors. The great product of JetBlue has many advantages for flying whenever you want to. Cheapest JetBlue Mint fares are offered generally on Caribbean flights, but when you want to book far enough, it would be good to discover great deals on U.K. and cross-country flights as well. Additionally, passengers must know how to book JetBlue Mint as they’ll be eligible for great deals and discounts. 

Although earlier there haven’t been a lot of great ways of booking Mint awards with points, it isn’t the case longer as Mint redemptions are available for Emirates Skywards miles. With the aforementioned information, you know how much is JetBlue Mint upgrade on low fares is worth. Additionally, redeeming points at a fixed value for the travel portal of a credit card can also be appealing. 

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